Motherwell inflame and fail to learn lessons


Two games into a three game run against Motherwell I would expect to have a bit of claret and amber fatigue. But frankly, I can’t wait to get stuck into them tomorrow. I know we took the cup on Sunday, and rescued our Invincibility-ness on Wednesday, but their manager’s inappropriate reaction after the final, then the club’s statement, where they assert referee decisions affected both games, whereas “should any evidence exist” that missiles were thrown at Celtic players, they will act.

So evidence might not exist? Maybe Leigh Griffiths brought that bottle onto the field himself and the coins dropped from Mikael Lustig’s waste-band.

Very clever, Motherwell. What actually happened was your manager inflamed your fans ahead of Wednesday, then your stewards failed to even look at the crowd while missiles were raining on Celtic players. Then your subsequent statement assured everyone that you had no evidence of wrongdoing.

You condoned the actions of your players, who learned nothing after Sunday and repeated the same mistakes on Wednesday. You fail to condemn your fans after Wednesday, who will learn only that there are no consequences for their actions.

Can we talk about Celtic for a moment?

If Celtic is your thing, and you will be at tomorrow’s game, you can contribute to the Foundation Bucket Collection. The Foundation feeds the hungry, shelters the homeless and comforts those in deprivation, all in your name.

It is a magnificent gift to us as Celtic supporters. Nowhere else in the football world does an organisation of such scope and action exist.

Bring some cash and join the Movement.




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  1. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Cheers Melbourne Mick


    Tell him to get his Ozzie Ass back on CQN





    Feck that , where did u eat

  2. GORDON64 on 1ST DECEMBER 2017 10:33 PM


    Is it just me or is everyone else desperate to play any other team on the planet that is not from Motherwell. Hh






    On a different theme,SSN,just reporting,”Could this be Graham Murtys last game in charge,as Dave King hints at a new manager”All together now,



  3. I said a couple of weeks back that mcsleekit was a stick on for. the sevco job based on the chairman needing planning permission for the new stadium and. his ongoing concerns over his construction business. The ludge works in mysterious ways.



    Of more concern is the prospect of Mrs. Robison going the the pen and taking the likes of farmer moult with him.

  4. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Depending on where u are tomorrow, no.2 bus next to the Forge will get you into town but best to walk along the gallowgate rather than London Road

  5. LB-Jobo


    I did send my pick earlier, but having serious probs with my interweb, it obviuosly went down as I hit the send key, new provider, on 3G and it’s total garbage, but it’s a take it or leave it scenario, my other provider has gone bust and there is virtually nobody where I am that provides a service.


    Anyways, I sent it :-)

  6. Hope we do get a penalty tomorrow.



    Playing The Squealmen (well done whoever came up with that) 3 times in a week is boring, but the fallout from the penalties awarded has made it entertaining. Nothing cheers me up more than a pure ragin’ hun…

  7. Snecker



    Unless you’re in a hurry, my experience has always been to hang back, wait for the crowd to thin out then you can usually get a taxi.



    Good Luck & HH






    Get him a Mac?



    Haven’t read forward yet.



    Did anyone suggest a light brown overcoat?

  9. Jimmynotpaul, hope your mrs recovers quickly.



    TSOAL- purl the other one.



    Scoddish fitba, whit is it like?


    Are people so stupid that they believe everything they read/hear despite the evidence their eyes project to their tiny angst ridden skull cavity?



    To deny what you witness with your own peepers surely means that your version of reality will collapse in on itself, creating a logic vacuum where you can’t even hear yourself scream. Bedlam. And tragic.



    You then find yourself faced with a (good looking) and knowledgeable Tim who tries to enlighten your fevered and addled brain but your ignorance of facts/roolz/reality won’t let the light in. You are trapped in a cage of your own making.



    You regurgitate the shite you been fed by SMSM. Most successful club. Same club. The tainted 9 in-a-row. Won on the pitch. The titles that shouldnt be stripped. Everybody hates us but we don’t care. 500 million fans.



    You have never seen a dodgy decision, particularly against Celtic, or Dundee Utd in a final. Your thuggery on the park and off it goes unremarked by all. But YOU know it’s there but it’s your birthright. So its OK.



    You have just had an AGM- the picture i saw was like a scene from the Last Supper – and a man who a SA judge called a “glib and shameless liar” has just rolled you for a third/fourth time.



    Jam tommorow.



    You hate the SFA and are too stupid to see they are protecting you. Technically you are operating whilst insolvent. No bank facility or feck all as you just can’t be trusted. Your chairman has admiitted you need regular- and successful Euro football – to challenge Celtic.



    I don’t think it will happen for the remainder of my time on this lovely green planet.



    This won’t end well.



    You know it.



    I know it.

  10. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Lady Gaga is having therapy for her gambling addiction, she has admitted it’s a “Poker Phase

  11. Aberdeen could strengthen their position as Scotland’s second club by “trading” McIness for Tommy Wright.


    Regardless of any £1m compensation package.

  12. If you beat/bare with me for a minute, believing the smsm/ politicians, or anybody in any sort of power, then your just looking to be hoodwinked lied to or fed a pile of horse crap. The irony is, that your most prominent, trustworthy red bell, common sense ring a ding alert sense is overpowered by the simple fact that goering was right, he who controls the media controls the masses. Simple but true. I suppose it’s been said so many times on here, one loud repetitive voice will always divide the masses. Be a conspiracy theorist, there’s always one in a village ;) but you always need one, believe what the mainstream say and you really are just a sheep.

  13. Snecker



    It was Jospeh Goebbels who was in charge of Propaganda.



    Like Traynor except a quarter of his girth.



    Herman Goering was in charge of the Luftwaffe.



    Another gem from Goebbels though.


    “It is the absolute right of the State to supervize the formation of public opinion.”

  14. “If you tell a lie big enough, and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”



    Not David Murray, not Jim Traynor, not Stewart Regan, not Dave King, not even Craig Whyte.



    Joseph Goebbels, Minister for Propaganda, Third Reich.

  15. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    Sorry for the late notice chaps – but is anyone going to the Man Utd v Celtic Under23 game tomorrow? Nearest public transport is a place called Atherston station which is still a distance away from the ground. Any chance of a lift from there would be appreciated.

  16. G6r- last time i looked forward to playing Murderwell was in the Cup Final, they have had 15 mins of fame, get out tomorrow and pump them

  17. Murderwell – Hold Up……



    The Last Episode is about to happen.



    Horrible team to play against.



    There are controlling Masons in every Boardroom, I said it years ago.



    Celtic score the 7 tomorrow and make it such a Perfect day.



    CELTIC – Glasgow Belfast

  18. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on




    And it was Fabbbbbb – u – loooooous darling!








  19. Dessybhoy 8.06



    Apparently Phil’s rugger accountant chap think anonymous donations are not unusual and are kept anonymous at donors request.