Motherwell inflame and fail to learn lessons


Two games into a three game run against Motherwell I would expect to have a bit of claret and amber fatigue. But frankly, I can’t wait to get stuck into them tomorrow. I know we took the cup on Sunday, and rescued our Invincibility-ness on Wednesday, but their manager’s inappropriate reaction after the final, then the club’s statement, where they assert referee decisions affected both games, whereas “should any evidence exist” that missiles were thrown at Celtic players, they will act.

So evidence might not exist? Maybe Leigh Griffiths brought that bottle onto the field himself and the coins dropped from Mikael Lustig’s waste-band.

Very clever, Motherwell. What actually happened was your manager inflamed your fans ahead of Wednesday, then your stewards failed to even look at the crowd while missiles were raining on Celtic players. Then your subsequent statement assured everyone that you had no evidence of wrongdoing.

You condoned the actions of your players, who learned nothing after Sunday and repeated the same mistakes on Wednesday. You fail to condemn your fans after Wednesday, who will learn only that there are no consequences for their actions.

Can we talk about Celtic for a moment?

If Celtic is your thing, and you will be at tomorrow’s game, you can contribute to the Foundation Bucket Collection. The Foundation feeds the hungry, shelters the homeless and comforts those in deprivation, all in your name.

It is a magnificent gift to us as Celtic supporters. Nowhere else in the football world does an organisation of such scope and action exist.

Bring some cash and join the Movement.




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  1. The Battered Bunnet on




    Due to demand, entry to the gazebo is restricted today. Admission only to accredited pie scoffers on presentation of their credentials.



    The Management

  2. Last nights comedy podcast from our state broadcaster is a bit much even for my propaganda adjusted palette.


    Only 5 minutes in and some guy called chick from paisley is still rewriting history regarding the first penalties of the season awarded to Celtic.


    Despite the now widely accepted view that both were indeed penalties it’s the same old agitators out there throwing shit about until some of it sticks.


    If I was of a paranoid persuasion I might expect some stinking decisions to be heading our way in December.



    Anyway, that’s more than enough negativity for a match day.



    4-0 today has a nice ring to it.



    As our esteemed morning weather reporter has been known say..:….



    It’s doors to automatic.

  3. Good morning Bhoys from a cold central Éire.


    Today is our chance to take our unbeaten run on to the magical number 67


    I can Brendan having us really fired up for this game. A lot of nonsense coming out of the Motherwell camp lets so we owe them another thumping.


    Looking forward to my trip over to Glasgow on Tuesday for the Anderlecht game.



  4. Squad rotation is now an integral feature of most big clubs that have to cope with the rigours of two domestic and one CL game in a week, and it won’t come as a surprise whatever starting eleven BR puts out. He has considered that whatever


    the selection Celtic should win at home or away in the SPL and only Craig Gordon and Scott Brown to a lesser extent don’t rotate.



    That said despite this weeks shenanigans certain Celtic players aren’t playing well consistently and instead are only offering short bursts of form and finishing


    has been a problem while the chances are still being made.



    Eduoard for Griffiths on the bench seems sensible? Ntcham for patchy Armstrong? Erik or Ajer for the fragile Simunovic? Rogic for ‘Diver’ MacGregor, whatever. James Forrest is the one ‘shoe in’ for a start with PR injured, and it would be nice if Jamesie repeated his Hamdump heroics.



    Didn’t think I would be so wound up for a third Motherwell encounter in a row and reaching 67 could be the Celtic icing on the cake but the players have to step up a gear as we won the cup and played in midweek whilst not in top gear, and we need to find it today to pull off the latest mini treble.




  5. Wouldn’t mind seeing both Ntcham and Kouassi in midfield today ?


    Tom Rogic playing the no.10 role

  6. I’d have Simunovic in the team if he’s fit. Lately it seems he’s more likely to get injured in training or getting off the treatment table. Being fit at 5pm today doesn’t mean he’ll be fit at 6.45 on Tuesday evening. Play him whenever we can. He’s our best CH.

  7. 67



    3 from December 67- Aretha / Dave/ Ken









    2 12 67 — 50 years ago — Celtic 1- Dundee United 1 – 2 goals in a minute . Willie Wallace sent off for punching Davy Wilson . Some Celtic supporters had a wee brawl to keep warm . Plod did their usual — let the participants knock hell out of each other and then lift a few in the vicinity of the scene of the crime .

  8. I am sure that the video of peas and barley celebrating and.battering on the studio windae when Celtic score is still a CQN favourite

  9. Aulldheid


    Thanks for your reply in the early hours just saw it there reading back, I would have thought Hearts with all the financialstuff that happened with the previous owner, the sub commander that they would have been clear about the sources of money rather than keeping it secret, I smell something not right in this.Time will tell watch out for adverising hoardings which appear out of the norm for their stadium, minimum.



    I come in from the other side so will miss out on the mince pies but I will make my donation to the Foundation.


    Good luck to you mate, here’s to a speedy recovery. Will light a candle at Mass tomorrow.


    I’ll hear how you go through BSR.


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  11. corkybhoy



    Has Lynchiebhoy got A loan of Mr Desmond’s Lear Jet only way I can see him making the BV today judging by his post from central Eire

  12. CRICKET .



    Ashes -Second Test -Day one .



    Australia 209 -4 . Pink ball , swing and moisture in the air and on the track . England should have done better — . Very bad tempered — sooner or later someone is going to have a flakey .



    Yer lunchtime choon .




    Off oot — !!!

  13. Hayes or Johnstone could replace Forrest today. JF required for Tuesday so may be saved for that game.

  14. Or Hendry who has been playing on the right side of the three behind the striker for development team

  15. Thousands of Sevc’s change the channel away from BBC One Football Focus featuring “ Hereford who were wound up and had to start over again as Hereford FC “



    Scotlands shame CSC

  16. Free pies in the lounges today if you can get in before the Greenock Emerald member takes enough pies to feed the whole bus on the long journey home

  17. BSR – saw something on Twitter earlier along the lines of “Celtic are so good that they can sign the best player in Scotland last season just to turn on the Christmas lights”

  18. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Rain still battering down here on the rebel peninsula flooding


    everywhere looks like a sail down to our CSC tomorrow.




    Spoke to PADDYMAC on the phone regarding SUMMA OF SAMMI


    and the last time he was in his company was at a do in Melbourne


    No1 club and Paddy decided he would do a flying Gambini down


    the stairs of the club and broke three ribs, nothing to do with Owen


    but a lot to do with the Guinness :-))


    Hope Summa comes back on the blog it’s lonely being the sole Oz




    The Celtic Academy


    The EPL fud… maybe i should use BIG JIMMYS word chump, phoned


    last night ” I think i should register my kids for the academy now


    before you lot take up all the places ” he’s heard there are a lot of


    enquiries and we’ve not even put out our fliers or publicised it yet


    but i believe it’s on Facebook.


    ” Good decision, you know your weans are going to be Celtic fans lol ”




    If your back from Adelaide and coming down to the rebel town we’re


    meeting in the Bay 2.30 and heading to the new pub THE DUBLINER


    wonder why they called it that, it’s across main st and on the road


    behind the cafe’s and bars in front of the Bay, see you there.


    H.H Mick




  19. How much might one manage to raise for Mary’s Meals and the Celtic Foundation if one,



    offered a South Stand seat for the match v



    a) Hamilton


    b) Partick Thistle


    c) Aberdeen


    d) Sevco. .??



    Individual or package deal.



    Just wondering of course




  20. How on earth can Charlie be defined as a person because he voted for M Thatcher in 1983.



    He was on the verge of a mega bucks transfer to the bright lights and he was probably advised that to retain most of his salary and maximise his new found spending power: this was his best option.



    The Labour Party had just written “ The longest sucide note in history” according to their own people and the SDP were in their prime. He and his advisors probably viewed Thatcher as his best option.



    All footballers do what is best for their own finances. Tax avoidance schemes or simply the best taxation accountants money can buy. Same as many wealth creators on here I would wager.



    By all means slag Charlie if you must , but make it football related.






    Ps : poor manifesto maybe, but the 1983 Labour vision for the North Sea was spot on.

  21. Mickbhoy, My post to Lynchiebhoy referred to next Tuesday. He is a ghuy I know and we are both heading over on Tuesday albeit he is going from Dublin and I’m going from Cork, so only one of us can borrow Desmond’s jet.

  22. !! BADA BING !! @ 3.49 1 12 17 .



    Just seen that .



    Mrs S of T has a Lenovo Idea Centre A10 310 .. She likes it — she has liked it even more since geek son doubled the RAM .



    Me – I like Macs .

  23. Corkybhoy



    Pity I was heading down that way in the hope of a Coca Cola and a packet of plain

  24. South Of Tunis on

    !! BADA BING !!.



    Yes — I’m well . Hope you can say the same .



    Had the anti flu vac recently — my left bicep was sore for days . Tiny little needle -too .