Motherwell may hold casting vote


St Johnstone (through manager Steve Lomas) and Kilmarnock, through Rangers supporter (literal sense) Michael Johnston, have both declared their vote to allow a Newco to take Rangers place in the SPL next season.  Celtic will vote against and Dundee United appear open to persuasion.  The next most important team in the country is Motherwell.

Motherwell, alongside Celtic, Dundee United and St Johnstone have a place on the SPL board.  They are migrating towards ownership and control by a large number of small supporter-shareholders, they’ve benefited from Rangers demise and in July will feature in the Champions League qualification draw, broadcast live from Monaco.

On the downside, despite their on-field success this season, the club will have to trim football budget for the coming season as Champions League qualifying money does not make up for earning less from cup runs this season and inflation pushing costs up.

Motherwell fans seemed to enjoy their visit to Ibrox on Saturday but does anyone expect them to vote against Rangers?

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  1. Awe_Naw / Celtic First



    Well I’m off for the day after being hounded out of the house by two daughters who want an empty.



    I’ll be frightened to look at the ole internet tonight.



    Pit of the stomach CSC

  2. Celtic’s strategy was correct, and remains successful, even if Frankenstein FC is allowed into the league sanction free.



    The league, the media and Oldco fans can argue forever and a day that newco=oldco. They can make up all the rules they like about transferring honours won by oldco to Frankenstein FC. But we’ll know. And they’ll know. And they’ll know we know, that it is all a sham.



    They borrowed, spent, and failed to remit everything they could get their hands on trying to keep pace with the Immigrant Club. And went bust doing it. Our own history is far too valuable to be bismirched by bankruptcy and naked shicanery. That they feel their’s isn’t is up to them.

  3. Celtic have history in taking a stand against wrongdoing.



    Bob Kelly – 1952 and 1968.



    In both cases, integrity won out.



    We cannot condone remaining in a crooked game.



    A tough decision awaits.



    We have to make a stand.



    Notice of resignation will take the story to the World stage, where it can’t be ignored.



    I agree with the point that Ernie has been making for months, I.e., as soon as you admit them back into the SPL, because they are “needed”, then they hold all the aces and any so called penalties will be merely cosmetic.



    It is still, as it has been from day one, Belfast Celtic or Derry City.



    Otherwise, we will be complicit in the corruption.



    share on F’book or Twitter



  4. Newco will be oldco because thats what the peepil want and we knoe they always get their way. So the history arguement is a moot point.

  5. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    macjay1 for Neil Lennon on 7 May, 2012 at 11:46 said:



    I’ve been screaming for a Bhoycott for 3 years….

  6. If the Motherwell chairman is the same as their manager, you can expect him to roll over and get his tummy tickled by newco

  7. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    James Forrest. …… Spot on, as ever

  8. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    In some ways it will be a release for me.



    Confirmation of what I have suspected for some time that we are indeed an Old Firm club and we are the submissive partner in the relationship and that as long as we are making more money being part of the Old Firm then that is the clincher.



    Anybody that tells you that Celtic is voting for not going out of business is lying. Bare faced lying of the most despicable kind I may add.



    I wonder what is in it for them by doing so.



    Hail Hail

  9. I agree they get voted in we should resign. Gives us two years to find a league to play in or work to create. We should adopt the old its ma baw attitude see who they need most.

  10. emusanorphan on

    Stuart McCall will threaten to “walk away”, if Motherwell don’t support Frankenstein FC. He has done everything else to support them since his arrival in Scoddland.

  11. Chairbhoy – who on this site advocated matching Rangers spending?



    As for Motherwell………



    I hope that we get to know who voted for what?

  12. Celtic_First on

    I expect them all to vote against Newco sashaying its way straight into the SPL. Nothing else makes sense. Nothing else is fair.



    There is no coherent argument in favour of a newly created outfit gaining direct admittance to the top league in any country, let alone in a country that takes pride in its role in establishing in the nineteenth century football as a sport that has become a global phenomenon, the people’s game sans pareil. Ours is a country that still has an inordinate amount of influence over the running of the game owing to the anachronism of the Home Nations each occupying a seat on the International Football Association Board.



    If the IFAB members like having that level of influence, they need to go further than anyone else in setting an example and upholding what is good and fair about the game. Set yourself up as one of the top dogs and you have to make sure you can live up to the highest standards.



    This IFAB aspect to the No To Newco argument is one that has only recently occurred to me, for which I feel ashamed of myself, but I cannot remember seeing it on CQN, on RTC or on Twitter. And I think it’s massive.



    How could the SFA expect to sit in on any discussion on the rules of the global game when it cannot even see through its own local rules in its own top league? The hypocrisy would be staggering.

  13. Celtic_First on 7 May, 2012 at 12:27 said:


    ”Ernie, it’s an interesting prospect, but can you clarify what would happen when Celtic climbed through the leagues and got back into the SPL? Would we just resign again?”



    No. We would go into the SPL with our integrity intact.



    And every other club in the SPL would know it.



    As would the entire football world.



    You imagine that happening as Platini is implementing his FFP policy on European football.



    Think what that would do for our reputation.



    We like to think that we as a Club, and as a support, are something special. Who could then deny it?

  14. Would it be credible for someone to serve as Chairman of a sports league which was planning to overturn normal sporting merit access to the league for one team and then negotiate a TV contract, the terms of which could make it financially beneficial for many teams in that league to lose games to that new team, if that person was also Chief Executive of a bookmakers which intended to take bets on those same games on the basis that there was sporting integrity?

  15. SonsOfErin on 7 May, 2012 at 12:21 said:



    Totally agree mate, that is one of the reasons why the board will not make a statement until things become factual.

  16. Hoop hoop Hooray on

    The new Greek Government have announced that they will hive off the country’s assets into a virtual, incubator country leaving only some money to pay off their debts at a few cents in the euro. Once that’s done they will merge the newco(untry) with the old, now debt-free, Greece. They will thus retain the country’s history and their place in the EU.





    Simple. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?





    Analysts are warning that other debt-ridden countries will be queuing up to follow suit, while countries owed vast sums by Greece plan to boycott trade with the newco Greece

  17. derbyshirebhoy on

    timbhoy2 on 7 May, 2012 at 12:37 said:



    I’m coming up on the Saturday and staying over so guess I can be at the park any time I choose on Sunday. Why?

  18. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    I’m off out now, and hope to return to see that Scottish Football has decided to uphold the integrity of the game …….. If they do not, they will reap what they sow, from Global derision and sanctions……..




  19. Celtic_First on




    Thanks for your answer. Not wishing to start an argument with you, but I would strongly contend that Celtic’s reputation, not least with Michel Platini and all supporters of financial fair play, is entirely intact at the moment, and rightly so. We are not the ones that need to worry about restoring our reputation.

  20. sixtaeseven: No NewCo in SPL and it's Non-Negotiable! on




    I hope Platini has his beady eye on what’s going on, and has plans to intervene when things start to get out of hand.


    The majority of clubs have forgotten that football is first and foremost a sport, and that without the fans it is nothing.

  21. The proof whether Celtic wanted the newco in will not be whether they vote yes or no it’ll be in the Sky contract.



    Neil Doncaster’s remit that the new Sky deal is predicated on 4 Celtic v Admin FC (or that Admin FC + Celtic can never finish outside the top 6) games requires the approval of Celtic and Admin FC.



    The very fact he was allowed to state that point forever and a day required Celtic’s approval.



    Without Celtic’s approval, Doncaster would have to have resigned for stating any of those points.

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