Motherwell need to get emotions under control rapidly


Meeting a self-proclaimed aggrieved opponent is seldom an appetising prospect, but I would rather have Motherwell away tomorrow than any other opponent.

Our opponents have stoked a sense of injustice brought about when their defender impeded Scott Sinclair, and finished the final as a contest.

What Motherwell manager Steve Robinson should not be doing is polluting his thoughts with what has been and gone. He could find himself two goals down within 15 minutes if his players take to the field with anything more than a desire to stop the champions running amok.

Motherwell can go fourth in the table if they win their game in hand, but the experience of Dundee United in 2015 should caution them. United were flying high before facing Celtic four times in succession. A Scottish Cup draw was followed by defeat in the League Cup final, the Cup replay and the league. That period broke United, who were physically and emotionally wrecked by the experience. They slid down the table and into relegation the next season.

After tomorrow, Motherwell have four consecutive away games, all in the league. If they don’t get their emotions under control rapidly, Celtic will punish them and things could get out of control before Christmas.




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  1. I have one or two pals of the opposite persuasion and one of them has sent me details of the latest wheeze from the PR/Marketing gurus at the other place. She’s fizzing that these clowns are wasting money they don’t have expecting their fans to proudly sit in baltic conditions just to appear in a 360 panorama shot displaying their recently-purchased tops. Do they really expect thousands of gullibears to pay a fortune and then freeze near to death in order to secure a prize? I know most are hard-of-thing but…..




    Anyway, here’s the tempting offer:






    RANGERS fans are encouraged to create a “Blue Sea of Ibrox” for the upcoming match against Aberdeen at Ibrox on Wednesday 29 November with a dedicated Rangers FanPic. A hi res 360’ picture of the stadium will be taken during the first half which will allow supporters to zoom in and find themselves after the match. A number of prizes will be on offer to those that are spotted (dead or alive presumably) wearing the new home kit which is available to purchase online HERE and in the Rangers Megastore at Ibrox. Prizes include VIP hospitality and a training ground tour as well as signed home shirts.







    You almost feel sorry for them. Almost.

  2. Why would you take a 360 panorama shot at half time when many will be on the concourse at food outlets, toilet or getting a heat?

  3. Timgreen


    Presumably they want to take the picture in the first half before the natives get restless and leave the stadium 15 minutes into the second half?

  4. GARY67 on 28TH NOVEMBER 2017 12:11 PM


    Why would you take a 360 panorama shot at half time when many will be on the concourse at food outlets, toilet or getting a heat?




    It to be done during the 1st half. They’re not ENTIRELY stupid. Well……



    So as well as the thick coats rather than tops they will also highlight all the empty seats – ST non-attenders plus all the unsold tickets.





    Ouch. But you’re wasting your time. Your idea is sound but it relies on Robinson being intelligent enough to know this is good advice.

  6. Teuchter ár lá – Lol classic! If it ever comes down to penalties you’d want Scott Sterling in goal!

  7. Barney65 on 28th November 2017 12:20 pm



    A 360 degeree shot of all those ugly mugs!



    The stuff of nightmares surely.







    Yes, Blue Planet has apparently commissioned the footage to use with their ‘Nightmares From The Deep’ episode.

  8. 50 shades of green on

    !BADA BING!! on 28TH NOVEMBER 2017 12:29 PM


    Stupid huns paying for Ashley’s strip deal….






    Could be the most Portsmouth tops ever in the one place……

  9. VFR800 IS NOW A MONSTER 821 on 28TH NOVEMBER 2017 11:53 AM



    You asked for the source.



    I’ve provided it to you and you’ve refused to look at it.



    You’re wrong. You’ve misunderstood the laws of the game and, for whatever reason, you are unable to even consider the possibility that you’ve made a mistake.



    ‘Where ignorance is bliss…’.

  10. Tuesday Afternoon At Arkham Asylum.




    The screwball Huns are taking our rampaging Bhoys’ success well.



    Note the revisionist rhetoric, the delusion and the sheer entitlement; they never did, or will, learn accountability, humility or…sanity.




    “Far fetched? If the outside world knew the true story of the descent of Scottish football into a Faustian hell underpinned by the corruption and subversion of one club and its acolytes. Few would believe what has transpired thus far, refereeing strikes, corrupt hiring of placemen in the bodies that control the National game, state collusion, UEFA collusion and the planned and concerted raping of Rangers FC demoted to the margins of Scottish football after falling victim to a crime.



    And all that followed our demotion right up until today’s two tier refereeing and rules regimen designed to keep us struggling whilst allowing them to thrive. Yes as some will maintain we haven’t helped ourselves when it has come to our choice of managers, from the over indulgence of the hapless McCoist to the installation of the ‘unknown’ Pedro.



    But that doesn’t disguise the fact that the decks are significantly loaded against us, contrast the refereeing performance in our semi v Motherwell where there should have been two players red carded, one twice for 3 different offences. It’s hard enough when your struggling to make your way back to your rightful place in Scottish football from where we were without corrupt officials who blatantly cheat in favour of a club for whom all advantages are afforded. “

  11. Bloody Hell, Just reading about a school that has taken Sleeping Beauty off their curriculum.


    Apparently as her Ladyship was sleeping when the Prince kissed her, the kiss was non consensual.


    The Prince is in fact a sex pest taking advantage of a sleeping helpless maiden, & now likely to serve time in the pokey & have his name on the sex offenders list.

  12. Has Kipre been cited by the compliance officer for his unpunished leg breaker on Dembele?


    If not Celtic should should asking why not.

  13. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Good luck to Will Hughes tonight. It may happen that Will Young appears at halftime to sing a duet with Elton though, should he not, don’t blame me I’m not even the piano player.

  14. Well I suppose if ‘Celtic fans’ think it’s OK to malign Chris Sutton and Neil Lennon for calling it as they see it I don’t suppose I can object.





    They’re not being maligned. They’re being told they’re wrong.



    So are you.




    The question turns on whether or not there was sufficient contact to impede Scott Sinclair’s progress.



    With all due respect to the posters on here, I think Neil Lennon and Chris Sutton are in a better position to answer that question than any of them.

  17. “Rangers are competing in the market place with Manchester United and Arsenal, so I can’t afford to concern myself with profit and loss.”



    Sir David Minty Moonbeams

  18. Ah remember when, in March 1984, SLCSF 2nd leg{0-0} the deadlock was broke when, Tommy Burns went doon as if he’d been shot, in the Aberdeen penalty box, penalty tae us, Mark Reid scored and we won 1-0.


    Ah know that we won but, it didny feel right.


    Then, in the final against the huns, McSleekit went doon twice as if he’d been shot, 3-2 tae the huns.


    Karma ?


    Hmmmmm ?


    Should’ve lit Aberdeen win the LCSF, they had better players than us and would probably have skelped the huns in the final and, would’ve spared us the psychological scar of being mibberied in the LCF.


    Point is…..the Cellic guilt trip can work in mysterious ways.


    Thing is, when James Forrest scored his Cellicness goal on Sunday, the feeling was, we’d win by three or, four.


    But, SS going doon like Andy Walker, left a, hunnish, back handed favor sort of taste in the mooth.


    Its better when Cellic win things, in the face of adversity, we were formed in the face of adversity, sticking it up the establishment in the face of adversity, leaves a better taste but, thems the rules, hun rules, made by huns, for huns.




    Cellic winning any cup final in Mississippi / Scoatlind…..is magical. GIRFUT!


    Tony Donnelly 67 Auld Fenian Eeeedjit CSC ;







    Really? I’ve been watching football longer than either. Does that make me unqualified to comment-watching,not playing?



    Didn’t think you would have joined that wee cabal.

  20. “I feel very sorry for Airdrie and their supporters but we’re running a business. We have given them repeated warnings and felt they were playing on our good nature.”



    Sir David Minty Moonbeams

  21. SOUTHSIDE on 28TH NOVEMBER 2017 1:04 PM


    ‘Has Kipre been cited by the compliance officer for his unpunished leg breaker on Dembele?’






    Good question. I suspect if he had appealed his red card he would have been cited.



    The refereeing was a shambles, which is hardly a surprise, this is Scotland after all. I doubt the SFA really want to pick over the bones of it.




    It makes their opinion more persuasive.

  23. Ernie


    next you will be telling us that everything swally of craigan says is right for the same reasons – the great thing about football is opinions – not always right not always wrong.

  24. Lord Sugar missing a trick with the genius money making schemes down Govan way, an Apprentice Boy or 2 have big futures in front of them….;)

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