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  1. tomtheleedstim on

    @celticfc: #Celtic team to play Motherwell: Forster; Herron, Ambrose, van Dijk, Izaguirre; Brown, Kayal, Johansen, Commons; Samaras, Stokes (MH)

  2. For all you wishing to do a bit of brown nosing with the board next week Living Social are doing seats in the directors box for the Inverness game for £49

  3. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Today is exactly the type of game that Balde should be starting in! :-(



    DBBIA – welcome back. Keep your eye out for St Martins Bhoy, who should be near your manor today, on his walk to Anfield for the 96.



    Big Joe – it’s scorchio here in Scotia….well almost!




  4. a beautiful day in the West of Scotland resembling some of those famous Hampden days in the sun. Let’s hope we scud Motherwell 7-1.






    Neganon 2



    I hear you and share your well founded frustrations mate.

  5. My boss is Peter Principle on




    11:55 on 19 April, 2014



    Glad your feeling better ;- )

  6. 4-1 Hoops today – was I the only person up bright and early this morning, watching the morning news and seeing a miffed Barry Ferguson kicking and throwing tennis balls off of the Blackpool pitch :-)

  7. tommytwiststommyturns on

    PF/Twisty/TTT/SOAL – looked a great card and day out at Musselburgh yesterday. One to consider next year for a CQN punters day oot?!




  8. Good luck to young John Herron making his debut today. Get a few goals up by halftime and then give some of the younger bhoys a run out.



    I am now back playing golf! Had a good round yesterday and my local course is in fantastic condition.



    Can see Fir Park from the house but I don’t intend to give any away venues and teams my money.


    TV and out the back in the great weather for me.




  9. Yeah I couldn’t understand the mad Huns banner in the picture with GGs excellent article. Can anyone explain or do we need a 5 year old to do it?



    Roy if we really think about what our board knew and did or didn’t do it poses a massive threat for celtic. We haven’t even scratched the surface of this and even for me I am pretty scared to do so.



    Mullet have I answered your question?



    Incidentally regarding the Huns response to the GG article it’s lost on them that they actively display racism at every turn.

  10. Nice to see young Herron get a run oot, and Fridjonsen gets very good reports, so be nice to see him as well




  11. my boss is peter principle



    12:01 on 19 April, 2014





    11:55 on 19 April, 2014



    Glad your feeling better ;- )


    _________ still in a wee bit of pain but thanks ;)

  12. Sandman



    12:04 on 19 April, 2014



    Glenn FFin’ Gibbons:



    ” The insidious message is that all our problems can be attributed to “Huns” being thick.”






    As this epiphanic moment strikes that Orc, in my head I’m hearing ‘The Blue Danube’ and seeing a Neanderthal ape raising a weaponised bone above his head as a new age of understanding dawns.



    And much like the ’2001 A Space Odyssey’ apes, it’ll probably be a few million years of evolution until those Huns realise the poingancy of that moment.

  13. If Balde & Pukki can’t get a start in an end of season friendly ahead of a player who is leaving in the summer then they are better off not being there. They obviously have no future at the club. Punt them in the summer, keep Stokes and Griffiths and sign one new striker in the summer.





    11:55 on 19 April, 2014


    For the likes of Gen Gibbons to write a factual story about what is going on here with a football team should not be a big deal, why should it? He’s only telling the truth, this new club has to be told, that, that is what they are a new club, why should anyone be scared to write that, all the guy is doing is drawing attention to thems telling them where they are going wrong, the rest of the SMSM just sit there and let the new club go down the swanny and by doing that are no help to any one, have the SMSM a lot to answer for sure they have, but the fans of the new club also have to put there hands up too, they got an easy ride from the SMSM big time, so many many questions not asked why? Well as I posted through the week, that word INSTITUTION kept on coming up and it scared them,.


    It didn’t scare them when we where getting broken crests, and undertakers cars sent to Celtic Park, and for every £5 you spend we will spend £10, awe naw we where care game, there where no threats from us NONE, we rolled our sleeves up a and got on with it, we struggled but we got there owing not one copper penny to any one, our benefactor walked away with what he deserved and left us to get on with it, and we did, we asked for no help from the SFA, SFL , SPL , we took our lumps and defeats, while others where robbing and cheating every club in the league and getting away with it, they are where they are and it’s all self inflicted, and yet they still moan, a wee bit of Contrision at the beginning of all this mess may have helped them but no, not a chance, they blame every one but them selves, thay have marched to Ibrox carrying shoulder high two champions already and all they did was dump on them from a tremendous hight, and robbed them blind of every penny, AND would not listen to any other Scottish fans telling them they where getting shafted, now they have a board of gangsters running the club, and a glib and shameless liar who has been found guilty of no less than 40 charges of non payment of taxes want in on the act and they are giving him money as we speak, ,and it has not even been passed to see if he is a fit and proper person to do this kind of business in this country, and this is just a thought, if both him and Ritchard landed here in this country with a passport not issued by the uk, like the ones you and I have, then when they come through immigration other passports are stamped, “6 month visa, no access to public funds or work” just a thought, lurking Huns GIRUY






    Thought I’d repost that. Take deep breath before reading,then exhale and go…



    Spot on,bud. Nailed.

  15. Huns imploding all over the place, no money, no bank overdraft, in fighting, civil war, spivs running the joint, glib and shameless liars trying to run the club, a manager who is a dud and un sackable, we are all having a ball laughing at them, and what happens? In comes a couple of the resident nut cases, saying Celtic are involved in it, honestly I’ve never heard so much pash in awe my life, where do these nutters comes from?

  16. Bob FTP a coach?



    In other news, Peter Sutcliffe has joined the feminist movement.



    Blackpool are a noble, old club. What have they done to deserve that lot?


    Congratulations to John and ‘GG.



    Both of you must be BURSTING wi pride.



    And so you should be.

  18. There will be one proud US based CQN granda today.



    I was impressed with the game intelligence that John Herron brought to the unfamiliar right back role in the game against the mini-huns. He created a lot of space for Paul McMullen to work his magic.



    Wonder if JH gets that intelligence from his grandma? :-)

  19. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Kayal/J O’N : sadly, you’re right. Balde will be away in the summer.


    I’ve seen glimpses from him and think he could be a talent, particularly in away games where he can have a go at defenders. He would struggle at CP, where most visiting teams have 9 men behind the ball.


    What is he not doing in training?!



    It’s nonsense to start with Sammy, when he’s for the off in the summer!




  20. Balde, Pukki, Samaras, Watt, Griffiths. For various reasons, these players may not be reliable for the campaign in Europe. We better be planning well as the front line is very shaky. Hope I am wrong.

  21. mullet and co 2 on

    Neganon2, you have answered my statement. You think that Celtic were part of an SPL agreement to not punish old Rangers for cheating.



    My answer to that is that the only reason why Celtic would have agreed to that is that they thought that removing titles from Rangers would be detrimental to Celtic. I.e it’s not because they wanted to just be charitable and allow Rangers to keep those 5 titles.



    If you believe Celtic agreed to not punishing Rangers by removal of titles you have to ask why. I can only think I must have related to the longevity or reincarnation event. The only reason I could postulate that Celtic agreed not to punish Rangers was if they had a gun to their heads which was Green saying I am pulling the plug. It is conceivable in those circumstances that Celtic may have said hold on we can’t survive without them. Statements from the board would lead you to think they can survive without a ‘strong’ Rangers but none at all? I refuse to believe that Celtic would have had the final say in this or that they would not have been over ruled by the rest of the scottish league clubs, the SFA, politicians etc….


    All ft his hyperbole could go away if someone asked the circa questions of Celtic.

  22. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    How else could they describe being taken for a ride by SDM , Whyte then Greengo



    The fact that they haven’t realised they’re thick before now just shows how thick they must be



    Only in Scotland will you suffer sectarian abuse for telling the truth



    Mind….the truth , they can’t handle the truth

  23. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Did I ever tell you guys that Glenn Gibbons was in my year at St.Augustine’?




  24. Richard Gordon on Shortbread ,dragging up the LG stuff obviously-” the majority of the off field stuff Neil Lennon was involved in ,wasn’t of his own making…” so the rest he must have brought upon himself?

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