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  1. see that i’m not the only one ‘questioning’ our new lb or ch , good to know .


    agree that LM had a very good game when he swopped to the right wing.

  2. Delaneys Dunky on



    The wee bhoy next door to me is 7. His two best pals and him go to Clydemuir primary. All 3 are out kicking a ball tonight in Celtic shirts I passed on to them. Their faithers are huns and no happy, but all the rest of their pals go to the Catholic school beside my house. They know who the best team are. Dalmuir is Green and White. Love it. 😊🍀

  3. I would be pleased if we brought Armstrong back (if he could be persuaded). I thought for a good bit of last season we missed him a lot.



    I would be even more pleased if we could get Wanyama back. He, imo, could be the ideal stand-in for our captain.



    5 goals at Fir Park are not to be sniffed at.



    Let’s hope we do the business on Tuesday…..

  4. Fairhill Bhoy 7.56pm



    Just messing :-)



    Fairhill Bhoy 7.58pm



    Likewise … once they walk out the door let us look for new heroes the ones that want to McStay :-)



    Maestro CSC



    Celtic will always be Celtic … players are just luckier than the fans BUT at least us fans have unconditional love of the hoops 💚

  5. Philbhoy



    I dont know that but I think we have other positions more pressing.



    I just mentioned earlier that he wasnt isnt in squad today.




  6. GFTB-think players can have the same unconditional love also.Infact I know they can💚🍀

  7. I thought both goals we lost very poor



    but have to point out that “wee Motherwell player”



    that won aerial duel with Julienne was wee Declan Gallagher listed in wiki



    as a mere 6ft 5

  8. I will be honest and say I’m worried about Boli



    I’m all for giving him time but the thought of him in the CL qualifiers and away at Ibrox is giving me the fear



    Anyone who has seen him so far and isnt worried really needs to take the blinkers off

  9. Fairhill Bhoy 8.20pm



    I wasn’t having a dig at KT… in fact even though you heard “nothing” at the golf 🏌️‍♂️… I read that as you heard a lot at the golf 🏌️‍♂️… I wish the wee mhan all the very best …. but thankfully he won’t break into my top 3 Celts … Maestro, Tommy Burns & Broony …. there a few decades of service in there :-)



    Park Road 67 8.22pm



    Sevconian wife told me to go to Market Inn (4.4 miles from caravan park) Sevconian step daughters willing to drive me …. BUT … MissGFTB pulled rank … after all her promises she hit with the … “is Celtic more important than me” … there aren’t many confrontations I walk away from but .. that is one ! …. Craig Tara was magic, dodgy weather on Tuesday but rest of the week was magic … I will defo get a beer with you if in McHuills in September …. for the Cluj game I was sitting on the decking/balcony looking at the lovely Arran across the water 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🍀

  10. Sculllybhoy



    Anybody who has anything on those Clintons finishes up the same way.



    A litany of death.



    I’m certain that it’s all coincidence though. 🙄

  11. glendalystonsils on




    Just watched that second M’well goal again on Sky news . Julien was at fault for not at least putting in a decent jumping challenge to Gallagher . When the ball was nodded down though Bitton is totally switched off allowing the M’well player to score , so Julien is only partly to blame.

  12. Go tell the Spartim on

    That’s just the sort of encouragement Boli needs, confirmation bias, misplaced passes by others, caught ball watching, shirking tackles etc happen all over the pitch by all the players but rarely gets a mention.



    Do I think he’s raw, yes, has he adapted to our play or how Scottish football is reffed, god no but the last thing he needs is derision from the support, it’s not helping him and it doesn’t help the team. He’s no KT so comparisons are futile.



    If we have a 80% fully fit squad then Snake mountain holds no fear, too many buying into their close season World Cup and Champions League triumphs.

  13. Epstein was on suicide watch, however there was a camera malfunction last night in the jail where he was locked up.



    They’ll probably bury him at sea along with Bin Laden.



    I’m not into conspiracy theories, it’s bizarre though.

  14. Fairhill bhoy 8.39pm



    Talk about confrontational …



    At least MissGFTB is 10 !!!



    Thankfully is my view



    Unfortunately doesn’t work … there is nothing “unfortunate” about KTs decision …. Kieran choose to leave (which in a football sense I sort of understand) … Paul didn’t, Tommy didn’t and Broony has gave us all of his best years … draw your neck in and remember Kieran “choose” to leave it is that simple

  15. Quick Celtic quiz question



    What Celtic legend joined Celtic for less money ?



    Sometimes money isn’t the be all and end all



    Neil Francis CSC



    Choose your legendary status wisely

  16. GFTB on 10th August 2019 8:45 pm





    Every player in our squad would leave us for Arsenal or the like. Stupid discussion.

  17. Conspiracy theory.. Suicide.. 2 bullet wounds to the head.


    Conspiracy fact… Millionaire pimp for the establishment

  18. 16 Roads



    Ah the Bin Laden buried at sea story



    I still cant believe people fell for that

  19. I think Boli and Chris may have been taking our game a bit lightly up until today, teeth cut in Lanarkshire and lets see them both find their feet, btw good to see Sinky showing a bit of aggression, Top pro but too nice I fear.











  20. GFTB-confrontational 🤔


    None of the players you mentioned had the offer that KT had🤔


    So it’s all hypothetical on your part😉

  21. GFTB


    I’ll be in Lanzarote so won’t make next Hoot but maybe the next mini hoot after that ?




    Good result for Cumbernauld today against St Roch’s , Girvan were down at Kircudbright in Scottish Cup they beat St Cuthbert’s 7-1 , at home to Broxburn in next round , will be a tougher game !

  22. Henry Joy 8.54pm



    Stupid discussion ???



    I have them hourly in my life, I don’t even think I mentioned our players leaving for Arsenal … but guess what knock yourself out and pick wee bits n pieces of posters posts if you think it makes your post make sense … I can assure you I won’t pick any words of your posts …

  23. GFTB on 10th August 2019 9:09 pm





    You’re having a laugh if you think any player you mentioned or didn’t care to mention would have turned down Tierney’s offer from Arsenal.

  24. FB 9.08pm



    At what point did I say they had the same option ?



    If want a barney batter in but please at least stick to what I have posted



    KT left … I think you knew he was leaving … a lot of us hoped he wouldn’t …. I haven’t slagged the “boy” for leaving but the reality is he left …. some players have joined Celtic from the English top division for less money … but again distort my post to your wee heart is content … :-)

  25. Henry Joy 9.16pm



    Am always having a laugh



    I usually try and base my opinions on real life and not hypotheticals…



    Again … am not slagging KT but he is no longer a Celtic player so don’t understand why some are more interested in Arsenal’s number 3 than any actual Celtic player

  26. Gftb-no barny here just asking you what Celtic player in your lifetime knocked back £75grand to move away,take your time :-))))

  27. PR67 9.07pm



    Enjoy lanzarote



    Fellow Celts



    13 goals in a week … 12 in the Spl, hope this Neil Lennon character knows what he is doing ….



    Cluj will be dangerous but our away goal over there could be vital



    Good night n god bless

  28. FB 9.23pm



    None …. and I understand that



    Hence no legendary status



    Hope you understand that as well

  29. Had a good afternoon at Fir park. Mrs Jullien was stood in front of me with her young child, she is a beautiful young woman and seemed to be enjoying her day. Ironically enough the kid spat the dummy (like her daddy at FT) and i had to go and collect it from the stairs. The Edoaurds were in the row behind, their faces when Eddy’s song rang around were a picture. Also behind me was one Tosh McKinley wearing a not so dapper pin stripe suit. During the second half young Lewis Morgan tripped over himself trying to cross the ball and i turned to Tosh and asked who scouted him (knowing the answer), he said with laughter ‘Me!’.

  30. David 17 9.26pm



    Hope you & the wee yin didn’t get your dummies mixed up :-)



    (a poor attempt at a joke but good to see you enjoying the hoops :-)



    Night Night CQN

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