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  1. Alasdair MacLean on 11th August 2019 1:25 pm



    Ad blocker advice please for a Samsung A3 phone….


    Pop ups which disable the phone have been making reading this site impossible since yesterday.




    Are you using Google Chrome? If so go to Settings, then Site Settings, then JavaScript, then click the off button



    Reload/Refresh site, should make CQN usable

  2. There is a long and quite touching account of the Royal Black Institution in “Slugger O’Toole” just now.






    Like the Orange Order, to which it is connected, it’s in steep decline. None the less, know your enemy and all that, the whole article is very interesting.



    It includes the following text:


    ‘the Royal Arch Purple (RAP) degree which is linked to Orangeism but is not recognised by the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland. … The process of completing the RAP is known affectionately within the Institution as “riding the goat” or as we say in Fermanagh “riding the buck” (no animals are harmed when completing the initiation).’



    And you thought it was just vulgar abuse.



    Have been having the same problem on safari.


    Congratulations, you have won…..pop up appearing constantly. The site is unusable.


    Have tried using Firefox as a browser with success but it’s a total chore.

  4. Turning JavaScript off does the business but you need it to run other sites , – so you either have to keep turning on and off or add a list of site exceptions – either way a pain in the neck

  5. Some very expensive players missing tackles, misplacing passes and missing half decent chances in the EPL game


    Who would have thunk

  6. Yesterday some pundit said we had £18m on the bench – well today newco has £30m+ with more or less

  7. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Southside / Alasdair MacLean


    If you can blacklist Web Address on your blocking software the URL causing the trouble is




    I am on iPad and use Ad-Blocker Pro.



  8. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    Not sure. The site certainly seems prone to excessive advertising, not just the ones Paul has knowledge of.


    The lack of functionality of this blog is why I don’t subscribe to the idea that it’ll PL’s official mouthpiece. It’s a hard site to get a message out on. I think if I was wanting to get my propaganda out there, I would use a better (technically and in a design sense) than CQN



  9. Soup takers are a disgrace to The Faith. 2-0 down already. Last good thing to come out of Edinburgh was James Connolly.

  10. I would say that every other team in the SPL has got weaker – time will tell whether that applies to us or newco

  11. Anybody notice that Slavia Prague won 1-0 yesterday, and their scorer was Masopust, the same name as the legendary captain of the Czech team that lost the 1962 World Cup Final 3-1 to Brazil, with Masopust scoring?



    Old timers will remember a superb Scottish team defeating the same team 3-2 at Hampden in 1961, with Denis Law notching a hat trick in front of over 100,000. These were the days!




  12. Could have been so much more comfortable for der Hun had the Ref awarded a penalty for a foul outside the box.

  13. That Newcastle v Arsenal game was dire , as GENE said it’s going to be a long season for the Geordies !

  14. prestonpans bhoys on

    Wonder if the bookies allow a bet for estimating the number of penalties they’ll get or players sent off against them😱

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