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    Rangers ask for Defoes 3rd goal to be chalked off as they cant afford to give him the match ball

  2. Actually Rangers flashing their new knickers before the transfer window shuts might just clarify minds in the boardroom at Celtic Park.


    Whilst I support our CEO and Manager 100% and admire them both.


    It is hard to see how either could survive the title going to Ibrox this season.


    A wee blast of early 2000s O’neill style spending might be in order here just to insure the next two seasons go smoothly for all.

  3. A note of caution for those that think we have a plethora of young development players ready to make the step up to the first team.



    I laugh everytime i hear Oko Flex being mentioned.


    I posted as much about a month ago, since then we have seen him go to Austria then disappear, maybe a wee clue there for those that think he is a first team contender.



    Anyway, Robbie Deas made his debut for Alloa, yesterday, let’s just say it didn’t go well. Alloa also had Aitchison, who scored 1 goal in 4 months and Liam Burt who they deemed not good enough.


    Our development team this year lost 1-0 to Arbroath and drew 2-2 with Queens Park.



    This should give you an idea of the level their playing at and mile’s away from being good enough for the first team.



    I exclude Henderson and Dembele from that, who i think have a real chance to make the step up.

  4. Sid 5.32pm



    It’s a long old season, especially if we reach the CL (or EL) group stages, I think Scott S will yer again reach double figures … but am usually incorrect with predictions :-)

  5. Go tell the Spartim on




    Could you not have kept that till Monday as Monday is generally a crappy day anyway

  6. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Celtic have scored 12 goals in 2 games with 7 different goal scorers. If this trend continues throughout the season it will not matter what cheating referee’s do in the monkey matches.



    As for “cheating refs”, I would hope those making that accusation today actually watched the game &, witnessed with their own eyes that that is what actually happened, Otherwise it is nothing but more fear mongering paranoid pish.



    Stop looking over your shoulder & worrying about what the tramps on the Southside have got & begin appreciating what we have. Come September the 4th we can view & judge for ourselves, in our own back yard, whether the Zombies really are a threat or not.

  7. I saw the Rangers match [part of it] on youtube live stream.


    I thought it was a handball therefore second yellow was fair enough.


    Seemed deliberate.


    Sorry but that’s my view.

  8. The first Rangers game is at Ibrox not our place.



    We should always keep a close eye on our closest challengers.


    Like or not it is clearly what they are.


    The beat us twice last season and finished in second place.


    They appear to have improved their league form but thankfully so have we.


    Game on

  9. bluegrass celt on

    We got pumped twice at Ipox last season cause we got outmuscled by their midfield against our wee fragiles. Our same lightweight midfield that will probably play there again in a couple of weeks unless we either bring big Victor back on loan or miraculously find another like him to shore up that said midfield. Unfortunately, Broony cannae do it on his own. I’m astonished that anyone here would dismiss this mob to put up a challenge for our NIAR. Stevie G has definitely done a no bad job of putting a team together on the never never. Get the dosh spent tight arse……..and do it pronto!

  10. I agree


    BLUEGRASS CELT on 11TH AUGUST 2019 6:20 PM




    Going to take a real team performance this season as we have a genuine challenge on our hands.


    At other parts in the season Scott Bains sloppy goalkeeping and the defence sloppy injury time concession could prove costly.


    We simply have to be better than the last two seasons where we have just done enough league wise.


    We need ‘invincibles ‘ season type form because ‘they’ are not going to drop many points this season.


    Thankfully we have the right manager in place and he appears to be already aware of what he expects from his team.


    I would like him to be backed big style in the next two weeks however with the KT dosh

  11. Firstly , glad to see an old milton tim on …Bluegrass Celt .






    I never take much interest in other leagues , today i was just really bored.



    watching how the other spfl teams are playing i don’t hold out much hope of any team doing us favours by taking points off Rangers.


    This year unlike previous years i dont think well be able to take the foot off the gas .


    Time will tell,

  12. Saturday:


    Once we got the first twenty minutes out of our system, we were fine,but do appear a bit fragile where Bain,Boli,and Jullien are concerned.



    I think Bain should be replaced by Gordon,poor at Cluj and poor yesterday for first goal,plus seems to take this entire scenario lightly with delayed clearances and Cruyff turns.



    Boli looks average,might improve but with a Killie full back apparently lined up,does not look good.



    Jullien,not impressed,getting outjumped by ex Boys Club Declan Gallagher was poor but Boli should have stopped cross.



    Need more like Ajer,confident and tough, or a few battle hardened Serbs.



    Watched Sevco game,we should not treat them lightly as they all appear motivated,for whatever reason,and if they need a hand they will get it.

  13. bluegrass celt on



    Yeah deffo. Certainly wasn’t in favour of NL returning but he has improved the forward formation although against weak opposition in Scotland. Just don’t see us getting to play like that against thems with the same MF at Snake Mountain and the four “officials” to boot. That along with a new back four who are still on trial ( well two of them certainly).


    I await getting telt I’m a hun in disguise!

  14. bluegrass celt on



    Coocaddens and Springburn buddy but most of my family are Milton




  15. Marspapa



    We should never take our foot of the gas.



    Nae panty wetting for me but time to invest in the team and put any doubts to bed.



    For me we need a keeper, a left back to challenge Boli or straight in as number 1, a tough nut ball playing midfielder. £25m should sort that.



    and get rid of the chaff.

  16. GFTB @ 4:58


    “If the Sevs do manage to win the first Derby of the season, Peter may give Neal a big signing…”



    Sorry, afraid that will be far too late. Transfer window closes the next day. We have already dicked around far too long already. (To quote BOURNESOUPRECIPE😊)




  17. EXCATHEDRA44 on 11TH AUGUST 2019 6:34 PM



    don’t be as critical of boli boli and julien as i am ( i only call it as i see it ) as you will get a reputation the same as mine, oh and by the way the left back from killie , not for me nowhere near good enough.

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