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  1. thought young Greg John Taylor played very well tonight , and rightly first choice for that position before Jonny and boli boli

  2. I’ve just noticed that if the current top six teams were to remain the same at the break we would be due to play all of the other 5 teams at home as we will already have played each of them twice away from home. I know that this won’t happen and that we would have to play two of the games away from home but how would this be decided?

  3. Ron67



    Greg looks a good defender but we are not as potent going forward with him in the team – no pace or invention and plays the safe backward pass too much.



    Not a huge problem while everyone else is in top form attacking and appreciate that is a bit half-empty from me on such a great 2nd half performance.

  4. So that’s a nasty 4 game block of away games negotiated with max points and a stack of goal and soaring form. The next block of 5 games takes in Hearts(H), Aberdeen(A) and Killie (H), Livi (A) and St.mirren (H) before we take on Sevco. So that next block of 5 will throw up 3 home games, but overall the opposition will be slightly better than these past 5 games in 2020. I could see us rack up 15 points in that next block, and I suspect that if we do achieve that then we will be well set up for the Ipox game.

  5. well well well well…..



    here is the plan …give Eddie all the fans money…… Wits in (Dublin or other exotic locations) ……



    proviso we get the brawest party the fitba world has ever seen …10 in a row …..then bon voyage mon ami ..Celtic Legend….



    tak that dosh and all the add ons and start a wee braw digital clock …..for the next Ten …



    smiley I am in a decadent mood THING




  6. I thought that Celtic were absolutely sublime tonight. It is a privilege to be able to watch Odsonne Edouard in a Celtic jersey. We should treasure these days. N’tcham, McGregor, Taylor, Jozo and Foster (that save) we’re fantastic as well. The rest played very, very well. Fantastic days.



    Congratulations to the players and to Neil and his staff.

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Typical Sky bias.



    Even after their blatant lies about Celtic fans, Sevco win the apologies 2-1.



    Can’t help themselves.



    Can sleep comfortably knowing I don’t give these charlatans a penny.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  8. Great 2nd half Eddie immense. Ncham unlucky with his shot as ball bobbled as he shot. Was a bit nervy at HT as they crested too many chances. Brilliant result . Saw highlights at Greskull and Hibs defence poor at both goals

  9. Go tell the Spartim on

    Excellent 2nd half and we have some sublime footballers



    Well played Celtic 🍀🍀🍀🍀

  10. What is the Stars on

    Excellent performance tonight.


    Difficult away fixture and without Jonny Hayes.


    Great stuff

  11. Great second half, Wells brave and risky formation led to a great watch.



    Celtic must beg Edouard to sign 1 year extension on better terms to stay for hopefully the 10, give us one more year big man, sheer class an absolute joy to watch.

  12. What is the Stars on

    Eddie is really good.


    Just love him with the ball at his feet.


    So unselfish when in the zone.


    Team player.No ego


    What a find

  13. What is the Stars on

    One more thing about Eddy


    The Failed Bean Counter authorised a 9 million payment for an untried youngster with a bad boy reputation.


    Lawwell must Go

  14. I’m beginning to get spooked talking about ten before we get nine. In my heart I can’t help looking forward to it but my head days ‘focus’ – every game is the most important game of the season so far, don’t stop bursting a gut till your chest bust through the tape on the finishing line.

  15. Strange game in many ways. They saw the 3-5-2 coming and went man for man playing 3 up top. It was a risky game and any time we turned them they were wide open. In the first half we did not turn them enough and lost too many balls in midfield. The game was so wide open i can’t honestly see how Robinson thought they would get something. As the game wore on the gaps got wider and we tore them to shreds.



    Eddy was simply unplayable as was Calum McGregor. For me the two best players on the pitch by a long way. Ntcham was good i thought, he has so much in his locker, at times a touch frustrating but he is working hard for the team too. I though we were sloppy a times and Ajer and Jullien you feel have a mistake in them every game. Brown i thought looked a bit leggy again. Jozo put in a good shift for the team.



    Overall a brilliant 3 points and 5 straight league wins from the break, now 22 wins from 25 overall. It’s time to put some respect on Neil Lennon name, he is doing a brilliant job. Quite pleasing also to have such firepower in reserve. This cup tie comes at a good time for us as we can take a mental rest and use the squad.



    A final word for Edouard, i can honestly say i am finding it hard to put into words how much i enjoy seeing him in a Celtic shirt. He is such a special player and already one of my favourite ever Celts.

  16. DAVID17 on 5TH FEBRUARY 2020 10:43 PM



    I agree with most of that.



    However tonight I though Julien was outstanding.


    It was Ncham who had the mistake in him.

  17. We have cash in the bank, and money in reserve for players as we did not spend on deadline day. That money should be used and every attempt made to add another year on Eddy’s deal. Whether he will stay i don’t know but if we do 9 it would be a huge blow to lose him for next season. He is an iconic player and a talisman. This is not just about money. He could be brought up to £37k a week, the same whack as Pedro :))

  18. DAVID17 on 5TH FEBRUARY 2020 10:43 PM



    agree re ayer and Julien both don’t install a lot of confidence

  19. Honestly can’t remember the last time I saw someone as big as Eddie with such amazing close control of the ball. Must be a mare to play against.



    However, my plaudits go to Calmac, his best game in a while. Fantastic vision.



    Wee Gordon agrees.



    Happy, happy Tim tonight.

  20. No reason why we can’t keep Eddy for another year.Give 60 grand a week,he will still be young,and when he runs riot next year,again,his price will be lot higher.At least enough to cover his years wages.CL ,again on the cards,a club immortal.Not rocket science from our Board.

  21. Ron67, Ajer & Julien are the best in Scotland.



    Otherwise, if they were better….they wouldn’t be here.

  22. RON67 on 5TH FEBRUARY 2020 10:53 PM


    DAVID17 on 5TH FEBRUARY 2020 10:43 PM




    agree re ayer and Julien both don’t install a lot of confidence






    Ajer made two bad mistakes in the first half but had a good second half. Julien was overall decent wth the exception of one really slack back pass. They are very good players and have formed a good partnership, i just worry that there is a mistake in there waiting to come out.

  23. Great performance tonight.



    Eddie was fooking unplayable.



    One thing, taylor is getting kicked off the park.



    The first tackle was in the first few mins and the attacker cleaned him out as he cleared the ball.



    In any league outside Scotland that is a yellow card.



    Has he been marked as the wee guy so he should be kicked.



    Close to the end of the game he got smashed against the advertising boards.



    Its not till you saw the close up that you realised how much of a snide push it was.



    Our players need to stand up for him or he will get crippled

  24. glendalystonsils on



    Its not till you saw the close up that you realised how much of a snide push it was



    The linesman had an excellent close up view of it and apparently ‘never saw it’.

  25. Not a time for slagging any player or indeed slagging each other.


    Just be happy& enjoy.


    I know it won’t be easy but we should do everthing possible to keep Eddie for the ten.

  26. Give the defenders a fekin rest.We get a clean sheet,and still they moan.”A bad pass here,a missed header there”.After half time did anyone see Well threaten?.The midfield were shabby after 15 mins.Puts pressure on a back 3.Lenny sorted that out,and Calmac ran the show ,second half.


    Can we never get a game when we can all say,brilliant,the team.






    Its not till you saw the close up that you realised how much of a snide push it was



    The linesman had an excellent close up view of it and apparently ‘never saw it’.






    That’s unfortunately to be expected.



    I still can’t believe there was only one booking in that game.






    Maybe craigy shyte will have a cheating chapter in his new book next week.




  28. As BSR might say,



    Who would win in a battle of 1st half Celtic vs STJ or 2nd half Celtic vs Murderwell?



    Answers on a postcard to hypothetical drivel CSC.