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  1. glendalystonsils on

    Fantastic second half . Quality way above anything else in Scotland , including Sevco. The only fear should be coming from them.


    We must keep our best players together for as long as possible , including Eddy if we can .


    Refreshing to listen to the pundit chat without fat sally there to spoil it and WGS rightly waxing lyrical about this Celtic team.

  2. Hagi,the 50 million pound superstar,on loan from Genk.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


    WTF are they thinking?Can’t wait for this Slabbering,”Why are you so good,Hagi”from the Traynor boys.


    If he is half as good as Calmac,he will do well.

  3. glendalystonsils on




    Yep . WGS loves and appreciates us. With all the venom that’s directed at us from the jealous haters , it’s refreshing to have someone so knowledgeable speak up for us.

  4. The way this top 6 is going,the Huns will be going to,Celtic,Dons,Well,away,while we will have these 3 at home.


    Which is nice


    Fast show CSC.

  5. Just got back after my regular wednesday evening class and watched the full game on recording, flashing through it at twice the speed. The same crisp passing was evident as with last Wednesday but this time I could see a determined and harryig opposition tema- fair play to Stephen Robinson and his lads.



    N’tcham really suits this style but he was outshone by Eddie and Calmac. great performances too from Griff, Forrest (latterly), Simunovic and big FF, when we needed him.



    As Sevco also huffed their way to 3 points, it is still all to play for. The Clyde game should see some new faces, then we have a desperate Hearts to contend with and a glut of games, including Europe.



    Well done bhoys!

  6. I bet the scum blogs are delighted with the Dons score tonight.Another chapter of”The Banter Years.”

  7. with the 2nd rangers game just blew for time up there, i really think Celtic need to waken up.



    thats them closed the points gap and narrowed the goal difference, right on our heels , breathing down our necks, one slip on our part, and well thats the league over.



    our own performance against the leagues bottom side and on their plastic pitch, well shambolic, lennnon, you cant pick that team and that formation, you dont learn, you cant go 2 up front and only 3 at the back, and no midfeileders, and 5 wingers, picking favourites, i tell you invisible forrest will cost him his job,



    to the game itself, we struggled from the kick off. a breakaway goal, edourd lucky with the deflection, griff lucky not to be booked when he fouled the well player to get the ball,



    well had 7 chances, caused by celtic players giving the ball away, you cant have forrest and griff in the box blocking things and clearing things, that is a defensive failure, are you listening mister kenneddy. what do you do all week at training ? better put the cones on the park than your clipboard junkies.



    and having limped to haltime, what does lennon do ? aye thats right nothing , mister big baws i won leagues , cups, trebles, and have the best win percentage of any manager ever well he does nothing, takes a winning position, doesnt bring on defenders, and riks the lot, bad bad management.



    second half, where was james forrest, seriously, were was he ? was he even on the pitch, man down, empty jersey, if he wasnt invisble i would have subbed him/



    that free kick from french teddy, why oh why is he allowed just to be so greedy ? a better goalkeepr than that shit well keeper would have saved that. it wont work all the time.



    but then, just to show the managers ineptitude, he takes off the guy that is on a hat-trick, you could see the disappointment on his face, he is being forced out the club,



    another close lucky win. management team not good enough.



    we cant go on like this.



    clean sheets, goals and just winning games doesnt mean you will win the league, lessons learned celtic, come on get the fingers out.

  8. fecks sake Sevco were after him for left midfield…..



    smiley a wee bit of luck there then thing



    we are all Spartacus…







  9. Turkeybhoy



    How ye? What is the banter ? In the banter years?



    Been a bit cranky and with a wee bit o knowledge I don’t buy that term banter.


    They were cheating,fraud on an industrial scale.no banter,no funny.shatoot publically


    With a 9 min loo swirl.





  10. watching the goals again, mcgregor said,


    you watch james, his first touch and second tough let him down, he has to control the ball with his shoulder, then his chest, and the defenders are fooled by his poor control, like ted mcminn, but when he hits and hopes it hail mary style into the box, well i just used my own abilities to sit the ball up and volley it away.


    you cant call it a forrest assist, i did all the hard work.

  11. and he did that whilst the bus was in motion ….what a lazy passenger….tut tut tut ..




    smiley though he was a wee bit bandaged up first half thing








  12. ‘GG on 6TH FEBRUARY 2020 12:21 AM







    SPFL highlights






    highlights obviously doctored.


    someone is at it , cutting out all celtic bad bits.



    sky maybe, hijacking the real bt abomination that we saw live on our screens.



    right bed, allthough i doubt i will get much sleep as i go over every missed chance and poor decison making from all concerned tonight,



    and spare a thought for those in australia waking up tomorrow and then having to watch that shambles.




  13. St Stivs


    “highlights obviously doctored.


    someone is at it , cutting out all celtic bad bits.”


    Whomever it was needs to go back and edit out some more from first half. We had a few scares that were luckily unpunished.



    Second half performance means that we forget the first….. I had forgotten also, until I watched those highlights.


    Incredible that we win 4:0 and I still think we could have done better😀.



    James Forrest is an enigma .


    Long high clearances from 40 yards are often killed stone dead in his stride…however, when he receives short sharp passes to his feet the ball jumps up causing him to chase after it.



    Players form can dip and rise, we can not expect perfection always.


    If we ever had all 11 playing at their best for the entire game we might break the Arbroath v Bon Accord record.



    The Onlooker

  14. WilliamKentigern67 on

    James Forrest. 10 goals. 12 assists. 70% of shots on target. The best assists and shots on target in the League, by far. James is a Celtic great and the stats prove it.

  15. AIPPLE on 5TH FEBRUARY 2020 11:57 PM


    If I live to 103 I will see us do 67 in a row.


    “What a nice thought.”



    :))))) por cierto

  16. WilliamKentigern67 on

    Thanks for the link SydneyTim. It is now 16 goals and 19 assists for the season. Even better for James.




    Once frimpong get back from injury the position is his


    Forrest will be unable to get the 2nd strikers role as Griffiths has that number



    So it’s irrelevant

  18. The above post by SYDNEYTIM has our very own French Eddie scoring first for “Tottenham”…..so I take the above link with a pinch of salt…maybe employ a proof reader for correct info..

  19. Burgas Hoops …..?



    is this the new twat stuff ?



    hahahahahhaha….I know you are oot there …



    get them off ….



    kissy kissy









    4 away league games in the league since the break. Max points. Loads of goals. Players hitting form. Extended lead in the league. Goal difference looking much healthier.




    That’s how to respond to a bad day at the office against the zombies.






    When I read this I was reminded of a good quote I heard recently…



    ‘ Every adversity carries the seed of an equivalent advantage ‘




  21. Good morning CQN from a delighted Garngad



    No – I’m Spartacus – RIP Kirk Douglas



    What a result and good performance.. Eddie is just sublime, Cal Mac played probably his best game for a while IMO



    That referee is a feckin joke, he must have warned every Motherwell player before only booking the defender for a tackle that should have been a straight Red.



    We move onto the SC and Clyde, Lenny should be able to rest 1 or 2.






    D. :)

  22. Good early morning from an insomniac on an icy eastern seaboard.


    The joy of a sensational second half display has NOT been tempered by a lucky win for the Govan thugs.


    Is there a player in Scotland who can lace McGregor’s boots?


    Metronomic. And his runs forward were compelling.


    Neil has the side ticking over like a well oiled machine.

  23. Magic Celtic and Neil Lennon.



    Calmac was just a joy to watch, his 1st touch was superb as was his driving forward at every opportunity.


    Oh my days…his goal wasnt too shabby either !



    Leigh and Eddy linked very well…with Eddie reminding me at times of Big Yogi Hughes running riot when the opposition just couldnt get the ball off him.


    Although Big Yogi could do it on a Pitch that was like an Ice rink….and wearing 3 Bob Sannies !



    I wonder if French Eddy will ever try that…just for a laugh….although its doubtful if we will ever play on an Icy Pitch ever again…unless its maybe an artifical surfece……and I dont think you can buy Sannies for 3 Bob any more ?



    For younger Bhoys….Sannies were cheap trainers without any real grip….and 3 Bob was roughly around 15 pence in Todays money ?



    The Celts march on.



  24. RIP Kirk Douglas.


    One of my all time movie heroes.



    There was a movie that Kirk starred in alongside Robert Mitchum in black and white I think. In the movie they were scripted to have a Punch up with each other…..apparently they didnt really get on with each other off screen…and the punches being thrown in the movie were REAL as they attempted to get the better of each other…for Real ?



    I think Kirk was the “method” actor as he had received training etc, whereas Robert Mitchum just literally played himself in movies and had never had any acting lessons ? Both of them just never got on…allegedly ?


    Kirk enjoyed the Hollywood Party Set and the Ladies….but Bob Mitchum tended to shy away from it…alllegedly ?



    I loved watching them both in movies.


    Thank God that the great actor ” Woody Strode” in Spartacus decided NOT to murder Kirk with that Trident in the Arena….LOL !



  25. Good morning, friends, from a dry but chilly East Kilbride. Now, believe me please when I say that I haven’t yet opened any of the MOTM emails yet (that joy awaits me this evening after work) but I’ll be astonished if it’s not a 2 horse race ;-) Folks’ third vote will, as always, be crucial. So please, join in the fun by sending an email with your 3 choices to CQNPOTY@GMAIL.COM . Doesn’t matter if you’ve never voted before, it’s a survey Open to All! ;-)