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  1. Today’s starting line up v Motherwell via @CelticFC twitter …



    Bain; Frimpong, Ajer, Bitton, Laxalt, Brown, McGregor, Christie, Rogic, Elyounoussi, Ajeti



    Subs: Barkas, Taylor, Duffy, ElHamed, Ntcham, Turnbull, Griffiths, Klimala, Edouard

  2. A wee bit concerned that neither of our 2 centre backs are that commanding in the air. Just win today, Celtic.




    Lost my mum over 30 yrs ago, far too young. The pain still hurts, but, the memories get better and better. Take care, thoughts are with you and your family.

  4. St Tams –


    What would your own staring line up be, from the players we currently have available?

  5. As we approach the 3rd international break after today’s game, some stats …


    After 1st international break …


    P 7 W 7 D 0 L 0 F 17 A 3 – clean sheets 5


    After 2nd international break (Motherwell to come) …


    P 6 W 1 D 2 L 3 F 9 A 14 – clean sheets 1


    o All 4 of our defeats have been at home


    o 10 games away from home – 7 wins and 3 draws

  6. Glad to see Ajer back but we’ll always be vulnerable while Julien’s out.



    If Celtic drop points, will Lennon be sacked in the shower?

  7. Wishaw Tim: condolences to you and yours on the loss of your mum, Ellen.



    Ar dheis lámh Dhé go raibh a hanam uasal.

  8. JERSEYBHOYS on 8TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:07 AM


    Shocker – nwe manager tomorrow




    You are now also on The CHUMP List…Get yersel onto FF…Hun.

  9. JOBO BALDIE on 8TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:08 AM



    It’s a reasonable question but if there’s an attitude problem among the players, why not give the likes of Klimala, Soro, Turnbull a run-out?



    Not saying they’re as good as those in the team but they’ll give us effort, running, energy – something we really seem to lack.

  10. I realise that many will claim that they are just offering entitled opinions but I find it arrogant in the extreme the manner in which some posters tell us how right they are and how wrong the professioanls are.


    Sometimes, a change which supporters have been asking for is eventually made and proves successful. I would suggest that there are many more occasions when the expert fans` views would weaken the team.





    Are we missing James Forrest?

  11. We don’t have a proper / mature defensive midfield player in the squad at the moment we have a VW sized hole in the squad.



    SB has filled in for a few seasons — but his legs have gone and he is struggling to control our shape.


    In his pomp he could busk it but now we are like jelly through the middle.



    EK was brought in but not given a real opportunity by both BR and NL.


    IS has been brought in but has not been given any sort of opportunity.


    He does however have an agent who PL has on speed dial.





    The issue has been 3 years in the making.

  12. Deepest condolences to Wishaw Tim and indeed all of the Tims here and elsewhere that have faced a loss in the family recently. Take good care of yourselves.




  13. lets all do the huddle on

    no idea any more whether that is the right line up or not



    or what type of tactics we might play



    so if a tactical genius like me doesnt know then NL wont have any idea either as by his own admission he doesnt bother about tactics too much



    so no point in bothering about it too much and just get behind them from the couch

  14. JB 11.07am



    Non shocker … going for quadruple manager still in place … hope your looking forward to 20th December fellow Celtic fan :-)

  15. In light of our Manager`s comments mid-week about players not trying , can we assume anything from today`s selection about who those players might have been? Or, is it Last Chance Saloon ?

  16. lets all do the huddle on

    though he has shown 1 bit of tactical genuissness – take Turnbull from them – their best player – which means he isnt playing against us



    but cunningly dont play him in our team today either so motherwell cant work out our system



    clever, very clever

  17. Tin foil hat rumours with a little bit of credibility — right up to the very posh hospitality level.



    Certain players are scunnered at a total lack of football professionalism — one name surprises me but now the last 10 minutes of the Sheep SPL match start to make sense.



    Coaching and set up is courtesy of B+Q — that is DIY.


    Plus no leadership from the top.


    Very sloppy habits to the fore.


    Very sloppy.



    BR left some level of expectation regarding engagement and analysis and we are nowhere near it at the moment — cheap is the best way of describing it.

  18. After that performance on Thursday and he only makes 2 changes.


    Keeps Frimpong at right back , when we all know he can’t defend. Elhammed sitting on the bench.



    But there’s no more mister nice guy from the manager. I wonder if he’s managed to change the culture in the last 3 days

  19. HOT SMOKED on 8TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:14 AM



    Or with the players that he said didn’t want to be here and should maybe just leave.



    These kinds of comments can go one of two ways…..thus far, they don’t seem to be going the right way.

  20. HS @ 11.12



    We are not missing the version of JF that was playing for months with a damaged / weak ankle.



    It was all so obvious in regular play that he was not trying to stretch the game / work anything difficult.



    However when the adrenaline kicked in he could still pull of the incredible.



    All now makes sense — he was trying to protect his injury but still wanted to deliver the exceptional.

  21. onenightinlisbon on

    100% behind the manager and the team as I always am – want us to win every game.



    Not sure that team will be up to it to be honest and the “culture change”?

  22. `so if a tactical genius like me doesnt know then NL wont have any idea either as by his own admission he doesnt bother about tactics too much`



    If he did say that, he was not necessarily saying that tactis were not important but that different members of the backroom staff have different strengths and tactics are not his forte.


    Personally, I don`t know who does what behind the scenes. I am sure, though, that at big Clubs, the Manager cannot and does not do everything.

  23. @HOT SMOKED on 8TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:12 AM



    We are missing JF but his absence is exacerbated by the fact he is the only right winger at the club. RC is a stop gap option.

  24. Bada & Yogihughes



    I realise you both have Skybet .. but if any of you (or any other posters) have a Paddy Power account … totally free £5 bet on Man City v Liverpool today … no betting requirements just a “free” fiver on any bet you want



    Bet responsibly :-)

  25. We are missing JF but his absence is exacerbated by the fact he is the only right winger at the club. RC is a stop gap option.



    – Karamoko Dembele plays on the right. Another not trusted.

  26. Well, the vultures are circling before the ball is kicked and, if we lose or draw, they will likely have their way.



    Personally, I think it is ok to let the players who disappointed so much on Thursday another go. I would not even have dropped Duffy- now that Ajer is back, there is a bit of pace to cover for him. We might miss his aerial ability given that M/Well use 3 agricultural Strikers called Long, Lang and White to pair with their main scorer Tony Watt who is quite direct too, so we are not facing tricky ball players there.



    Anyway, while a loss or a draw ends things, a win is what is needed. Unless you are in that strange camp that thinks it is worth dropping points to get a change of manager (to whatever pig in a poke we get- tell you this- it won’t be Pocchetino).



    3 or 4 nil to the Celtic- there you are!

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