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  1. I’ve made a right bo^^ix of the crumble for apple crumble – it looks like lorne meat. But I feel great – amazing what two great goals can do for you.

  2. For all you anoraks out there.


    Which is the smallest country, by population, to have won the european cup/ champions league?

  3. NORRIEM on 17TH OCTOBER 2021 1:40 PM


    How did the ref miss this handball 🤔














    Directly before the alleged Motherwell penalty claim







    I heard David Currie on Shortbread earlier saying that he thought the Motherwell player had handled the ball first.



    SAINT STIVS on 17TH OCTOBER 2021 1:01 PM





    sacked in the morning













    craig levein biography, on shortie earlier, so i just used it to get logged in.

  5. 8 players were on the ball for Turnbulls goal, waht a really good demonstration of football, and running into spce, and give and go, and making your self available, very very good.

  6. SS- It was a great team goal, i heard a lassie on Shortbread describe it yesterday, it sounded like a death in the family

  7. I have a random question – is there a winter break this season ?



    and should the team go warm weather training ?



    thoughts ?

  8. SAINT STIVS on 17TH OCTOBER 2021 4:09 PM


    I have a random question – is there a winter break this season



    Yes I think there is. We play on January 2nd and then on the 26th. If travel etc is OK then, if the manager thinks a winter camp is best, then of course do it. If Dubai is the best, then that’ll do.

  9. Jackie Mac



    The Scottish Beach Volleyball Championships started off on Balmedie Beach but I think Portobello gets used now. Some team mates of mine played when it was at Balmedie.



    A more obscure and ridiculous fact is that a lassie from Whitburn played for GB at the Olympics in Beach Volleyball without ever honing her skills on the beaches where she grew up

  10. With many surprising results this weekend, it was a low scoring week on the Superbru Predictor with 6 people (Park Road67, Friesdorfer, Pannysbhoy, SFTB, St. Tams and Greenpinata) sharing the top spot with 6 points. In a week when very few got any results right, Marspapa beat all comers for the wooden spoon by getting all 6 results wrong. I’m sure he is delighted that his Well:Celtic draw and Sevco to win predictions went down though.



    At the Top of the overall leaderboard, last week’s leader- Call me Gerry, is joined by long time leader Hopeful Hoops and both are 5 points clear of the chasing pack led by Bateen Bhoy, St Tams and 18 yard man. Propping up the table is Leggy who is half a point only behind wee BGFC.



    First set of prize money will pay out at end December and the next deadline is 3 pm on Saturday 23rd October

  11. Re . CoP 26:



    Why is our game at 3:30pm tomorrow but the Huns game on Thursday is at 8:00pm ?

  12. Eric Dier👏👏guy in the crowd collapsed,he went to the bench and got the physio to attend to him

  13. Leverkusen down 0-5 at home to Bayern at halftime. Munich take the foot off the pedal in the second half and game finishes 1-5. Indicates what a massive upgrade we would need if we win the league and don’t want to be on the wrong end of some cricket scores.

  14. For anyone else who is interested, I found it:




  15. SFTB



    “Nothing new- these results have already happened with PSG and Bayern and Barca, when we had a, supposed top class coach”



    I might add, “A supposedly top class coach who did not get the support and upgrades he wanted from a bean counting CEO.”



    Reminds me of the old saying, “The beatings will continue until morale improves.”😊. The fact that these results have already happened is surely no reason for us to be masochists and fatalistically accept that they will recur? Yes, they may well do, but we ought to do everything physically and financially possible in our power to prevent these humiliations. Our defensive performances in the Europa League last season are very close to the very worst ever recorded by any team from any country, even the so called minnows. This season, we have started out as if to emulate that record. We are not going to win the Europa League, but that we now constitute cannon fodder is down to the ineptitude and neglect of the Celtic Board. Simply inexcusable.


    Always good to chat.



  16. Hot smoked.


    I think original switch was due to 2 ties in one city .


    So we switched to a CL night.


    Switch to 3.30 k.o time so no CL clash.


    Hopefully see you Tuesday..





  17. SFtBs @ 5:45 PM,



    Still want to debate the qualities of Brendan Rodgers and his merry men.



    You don’t like being wrong do you:))))



    Interestingly we were talkin’bout Gordon Strachan’s European record. Following on from MO’Neil’s excellent Celtic Park record against Europe’s finest, Gordon had a great record at “fortress Celtic Park”.



    It is a great pity we lost that mystique, even if we improved our home record in Europe our success and standing in European competitions would be so much better.



    Will those days return?



    Hail Hail

  18. park the bus n blootir it on

    Ange could take us a long way in EL if he disentangled himself from his rigid idealistic thinking, and learned how to “Park The Bus N Blootir It” which isn’t anti Celtic, but pro streetwise.


    If MON had did the same in Seville, as he did at Ibrox a few weeks earlier in our 1-2 victory with MONs team playing 4 at the back for the first time, then MON might’ve collected the trophy in Seville, and he’d walk on water with big Jock for evermore.


    But if you do not realise that, you might just be wrong ?


    As seems to be the case with Ange, then being handed your ass on a plate will be the likely outcome.


    I hope I’m wrong.

  19. Why now,is anything some want to moan about,”The Celtic Boards” fault,when before,it was just PL that seemed to catch all the abuse.


    Everybody like the new CEO ?




    Ange is slowly getting his squad available and seems to be more pragmatic in his approach.



    The Ferencvaros game will be very interesting to see where we are in developmental terms.



    TURKEYBHOY @ 8:12 PM,



    We don’t seem to have replaced PL as of yet.



    Still, things are looking brighter and we are saving a Million ++ pound per year without him.



    Hail Hail

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