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  1. park the bus n blootir it on

    If you accept being dumped on then you’ll be dumped on !!


    If you give ticket money to folk who’ll dump on you, you’ll be dumped on !!


    If you just shrug your shoulders and hope things change, you’ll be dumped on !!


    If you protest for 6 months in the car park against “PLC Frauds” as it said on the banners, and then ticket deadline day arrives and you put the banners away, then give the “PLC Frauds” tens of millions £ of your ticket money, and then put out a statement saying “We support Ange, NOT the PLC” after giving PLC tens of millions of your ticket money, then you’ll thoroughly deserve to be dumped on !!


    Buying shares is not the answer against a PLC who’ll rig every rule in the book to ensure that your voice will never be louder than that of a mouse.


    Buying shares in a corrupt to the core company in every way imaginable and unimaginable, is to play the PLC game, on PLC turf.


    Shares PLC boards any boards Stock Exchange Initiatives season tickets all seating….all of these are Tory concepts introduced into a working class concept…. football.


    To take our club back, buying shares to take on a billionaire £ led PLC is the 100% wrong approach !!


    Taking your ticket money out of Celtic for 6 weeks after renewal deadline will call the billionaire £ led PLCs bluff and then they’ll have to play on YOUR turf were YOUR ticket money is all that goes into Celtic fc and then YOU’LL be the ones with YOUR hands on the levers of power at Celtic fc making PLC invest their own vast wealth into Celtic fc or run it into the lower depths of the stinking gutter its already in or they’ll be honourable and move aside and let YOU run Celtic fc with YOUR money like its always been and we all move on !!


    If PLC choose the possible dishonourable route and choose to run Celtic fc into the ground then YOU as the main financial investors through YOUR ticket purchases would be entitled to dishonourably recognise the PLC led £ billionaires as your custodians of Celtic fc and the law of the Jungle would stipulate that YOU would be within YOUR rights to hand the PLC their dishonourable asses on a plate by physically removing them from premises that YOUR share subscriptions paid for the building of to the tune of 75% of stadium rebuild ​!!


    An awful lot of YOUR money built that 75% of Celtic Park. Take back on YOUR terms on YOUR turf !!


    Or continue to be dumped on !!

  2. TURKEYBHOY @ 8:12



    “Everybody like the new CEO ?”



    Equally as mendacious as the old one. Equally as resistant to Res 12 shining a light on what was “In the Company’s best interests” in doing absolutely nothing in response to Hun cheating and ‘imperfect registrations.’ No demonstrated competence as a CEO. If he had, why was he not selected before Dominic McKay? Prone to meaningless promises of ‘evolutionary initiatives’ with nothing to back them up.


    Is that enough for now?

  3. INIQUITOUSIV on 17TH OCTOBER 2021 5:27 PM



    Maybe the BL coach played them some YouTube videos at half time. Bit of Dua Lipa or Coldplay



    In other news Scotland beat Bangladesh in the cricketing worlds cup. The t21 one, or something.



    Unfavorable comparisons with Celtic aside (when was the last time we beat Bangladesh at anything, never mind cricket) we are victories against Papua New Guinea and Oman away from qualifying for the world cup proper. A cricket game between Scotland and Papua New Guinea sounds like end-of-days stuff but here we are.

  4. A Tory but an interesting, very intelligent person, the epitome of democracy at work, he represented the politics of the people who elected him.



    He was a catholic who opposed abortion but also a Tory who was instrumental in bringing in the bill to ban fox-hunting. A great constituency MP. A family man with 5 kids who also was known at Westminster as someone who got stuff done. And loved by his constituency’s



    Pro-brexit, pro animal rights, pro-life.



    Funny, complex world isn’t it

  5. John Higgins on Eurosport, Belfast final v Mark Allen….guessing he’s a hun going by audience

  6. “Equally as mendacious as the old one” should of course have read “Equally as mendacious as the last but one incumbent.”

  7. Has anyone any theories why Cinch continues to sponsor the SPL when the present champions display none of their advertising anywhere in their poxy stadium?

  8. CELTIC40ME @ 9:19 PM,



    Yes, we are sometimes too eager to put people in boxes and judge them.



    Agree with your sympathies towards a man dedicated to his family and civic duties. We need more like him,a sad loss.



    May David Amess R. I. P.



    Hail Hail

  9. HOT SMOKED on 17TH OCTOBER 2021 9:28 PM






    For those who like a comparison Ange is the same age and has more of a pedigree than the manager of the team-du-jour fc Sheriff

  10. Iniquitous……………..



    Top of mind. The Car Dealer probably knows that to come out against the Huns would be to invite the lowest common denominator of scoddland down upon them



    Nobody seems to be asking intrusive questions of the currants, and nowt seems to be done about their stance.



    If it was us, wee chic an’ co would be turning up at Celtic Park in clown cars pumpin’ horns and doin’ red-hand-brake turns in front of statues.



    In scoddland ye don’t get to embarrass the huns.






    I’m sure you are right, but Cinch has a contract. They are paying out and the SPL is reneging on its part of the deal. 12 teams but the advertising loss ( in terms of viewers ) is much greater than one twelfth. Unless it has happened behind the scenes, I can’t understand why Cinch continues to pay, and has not demanded either a 100% return, or a pro rata return based on lack of advertising.


    Regardless, I can’t see them renewing next season, so Doncaster is going to have his work cut out for him, if bookies, alcohol and tobacco firms, and now car dealers, are all excluded.

  12. I’d agree – and the blame lies


    fair and square at the door o’ The Toilet Block.



    A permanent embarrassment.

  13. CELTIC40ME



    For those who like a comparison Ange is the same age and has more of a pedigree than the manager of the team-du-jour fc Sheriff.



    It’s maybe apples and oranges, but the Tiraspol guy 2 years ago:


    Won the Belarussian League at his first attempt.


    Last year won the Moldovan League at his first attempt.


    Lost 1 of his first 38 games between Dec 2020 and Sep 2021.


    Got his team into the Champions League Group Stage for the first time ever for any Moldovan side.


    Beat Real Madrid in Madrid. ( No Celtic team has ever won any competitive game in Spain ). And yes, I remember Jinky and Lemon at Di Stefano’s testimonial.


    The equivalent of this for Ange and the Hoops will do me just nicely.

  14. park the bus n blootir it on

    The Tory MP who was slaughtered might still be alive along with Jo Cox MP of Labour Party, if these two and all of the 650 MP’s in Parliament, all of their staff, 100% of swamp-fake-MSM, and other establishment apparatus, hadn’t covered up the attempted murder of George Galloway MP.


    At the time of return to work after his attack, GG MP asked then HoC speaker John Bercow for protection to carry out his work as an MP. Bercow said no. GG MP asked if he could protect himself ? Again Bercow said no.


    And in terms of the longevity of the issue, it disappeared as it was dismissed by 100% of swamp-fake-MSM.


    As I’ve said, the swamp-fake-MSM dismissed the story. Well they all did. Apart from a now former BBC journalist who broke rank, his name Peter Oborne, and reported “George Galloway MP lies in hospital after attempted murder assault, and there’s no news coverage? What will you all report if it happens to someone that you journalist’s like?”


    Well, Peter Oborne was soon dismissed from BBC maybe even after doing his paid job and reporting on this.


    The very same GG stood for election in Scotland in May. He received 3 death threats from a former member of the armed forces. The would be assassin was given community service by a Scottish court, probably with an Edinburgh jury.


    Scots Tory leader Douglas Ross was also on receipt of one death threat during Scottish election in May 2021.


    Not a single word has been uttered by Scottish version of swamp-fake-MSM in all of that time !!!


    You might not like someone’s politics, but that doesn’t mean we should want them murdered.


    If we do want them murdered, what does that say about us ?


    If we have a swamp-fake-MSM who are cowed to the effect that they won’t report on any of the above, or Ibrox corruption, and we as Celtic fans vote for a ScottishGovt who enshrines theses structures to make themselves untouchable, and we do so knowingly, and with ignorance, and a self preservation mind set, and kidding ourselves on that we’re rebelling against facism, whilst actually voting for it, don’t you think you should be claiming your monies ££££ back from whichever university has twisted your mind with piles of ineffective guff materials ?

  15. Hahahahahahahahaha George galloway and Douglas Ross in the one post Hahahahahahahahaha not here for Celtic.



    Be serious ffs

  16. Hello again all you young rebels.



    I need some of what he’s drinking 🥳


    H.H. Mick

  17. Even though he’ll deny it, it is obviously Kev posting.


    I wish Paul would just let him back under his original Moniker & we can all get back to where we started.

  18. Again the Mike and Bernie Winters crack springs to mind.


    “Awe FFS,there’s two of them”


    What’s happening .

  19. Good Mick, Just watching a bit of Golf, Mcilroy in pole position but 5 holes to play so still plenty of time to mess it up.


    Playing myself in the morning so need to switch it off & hit the Hay.

  20. Chairbhoy @ 7:40 pm



    “Still want to debate the qualities of Brendan Rodgers and his merry men.



    You don’t like being wrong do you:)))) ”





    Och! I’ve been wrong hunners o times in the past and I hope to be wrong again thousands of times in the future.



    What I do have a wee aversion to is people declaring themselves the winner and closing a debate.



    Brendan Rodgers was a good manager for us and is still a good manager but that wasn’t the debate.



    He used Celtic to get a better job- that’s a win:win for both parties but he was never going to stay with us even if his wages were doubled here and his transfer funds tripled; he can better those ratios at any diddy club in any TV money financially enhanced league.



    He created a good Celtic team for domestic competitions but never came near to matching the European achievements of MON, WGS or NFL.




  21. I think Cinch are happy with the massive publicity Sevco have created for them not wearing their badge or displaying their signage, and all the other press coverage about it too, couldn’t buy that amount of media coverage, por cierto.

  22. Good Morning, Grand Week To Kick Start Our European campaign…



    SFtBs @ 1:47 AM,



    It’s not a matter of being wrong or not. It is a matter of being in error and continuing to repeating it.



    As far as Brendan Rodgers goes, there is no supposedly in it, he’s a top manager who has put together quality backroom staff. He has proven that.



    Hunting BR and replacing him with Lenny was a disgrace.



    While we debated BR’s qualities or lack off, you brought up the notorious China lie.



    We now have DD on record as saying it was BR who approached him and told him about the Chinese approach – they debated it. Quite a normal process, quite a normal outcome.



    Very different from the story circulated as part of the smear campaign when BR left. A story you bought into, if you remember.



    You are still at the selective amnesia – in your last paragraph, sneaking Lenny in with MO’N and GS.



    Lenny’s record in Europe is poor, he was schooled by some very average European sides.



    To compare Martin and Gordon’s fortress Celtic Park and let’s face it, it is their home record that shines through, with Lenny’s is completely wrong. They have a much better record against better teams.



    Even then, we are to forgive Gordon for Bratislava.



    Too many ready to remember Lenny’s great historic win against Barcelona and fail to put it in context with his Nou Camp thrashing.



    On that basis Tony Watt is a Celtic legend.



    Brendan Rodgers got us into the Champions league regularly and would have done so in his last season had it not been for Board interference and incompetence.



    They pulled the rug from under him.



    This month BR was in the frame for Newcastle job Lenny was no where near it, no one that understands football at a reasonable level would be surprised at that.



    BR dismissed the notion of him and his staff going to St James’ Park and disproved the lies that he is only motivated by greed and is disloyal.



    Through the last decade there were many debates on here, often creating more heat than light – that’s the nature of the blog, right.



    Yet we now have the benefit of hindsight, we can put Peter Lawwell’s tenure and Lenny’s coaching and man management under review and both are found wanting.



    Those who attempted to trash Brendan Rodgers reputation have to put that in the context of what he has done at Leicester City and Peter Lawwell’s running of Celtic.



    Peter and Lenny left Celtic in a complete and utter mess (unlike BR). Ange has picked up the baton and is running forward with it, we have a new era to enjoy.



    Let’s do that.



    Have a great day Celts.



    Hail Hail

  23. Good morning all from a dark and damp Garngad



    Back to the grind this morning after a wee week with family….booooooo



    Isn’t it amazing how the spotlight shines on referees ineptitude when we win, but nothing when we are hard done by by a referee.



    Horrible Scotland’s MSM at play again.



    D :)

  24. CELTIC40ME on 17TH OCTOBER 2021 9:19 PM


    ‘A Tory but an interesting, very intelligent person, the epitome of democracy at work, he represented the politics of the people who elected him.







    He was a catholic who opposed abortion but also a Tory who was instrumental in bringing in the bill to ban fox-hunting. A great constituency MP. A family man with 5 kids who also was known at Westminster as someone who got stuff done. And loved by his constituency’s







    Pro-brexit, pro animal rights, pro-life.







    Funny, complex world isn’t it’






    Did he not also support the death penalty and offer to act as executioner if it was ever reintroduced?

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