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  1. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Win for us, Hibs beat and huns sharing points must make the league table look a bit better.

  2. Nice start to the weekend from a pleasant autumn day in Louisville.


    Off to happily do some chores with a wee spring in my step.

  3. and onto the novelty of a midweek 3:30pm kick off, i am away to sort of the passport thingy, you know it makes sense.



    i enjoyed that very much, looking like a bit of team spirit there.

  4. Commentator final word is that VAR would have awarded Steelmen a penalty. Hurtin’ bassas.

  5. Prediction.



    Quieter the nicht……………….



    Some brief “appearances” of the gritted teeth variety………….from the downbeat multi’s………..



    Looking forward to it.



    OpenFridge CSC..



    HH to all Tims, genuinely.

  6. Lots to say about that but most significantly our back 4 looked like a proper back 4. Starfelts best game yet.



    Boli looked good.



    Cal Mac is a class above his contemporaries.



    Sevvies dropping points has been on the cards for a while. A carlsberg weekend we used to call it.

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    A very well executed game.



    We’re any of our goalie / back four on international duty last week?



    They looked like they’d been drilling solidly for a fortnight.

  8. Enjoyed that. Some real nice interplay between the players against a bunch of cloggers.



    Well done Celtic. We won and won the Celtic Way.



    Oh and eff the huns.




  9. Superb by Celtic today.All stars.Big Tony had a rousing second half,Boli came right into it.2CHs superb.So much for the game that was giving many the jitters.Takes time to form partnerships,style of play.


    Try and be patient..


    I did mention earlier,Huns might draw.For once,I have had a win at the Bookies.My mate put the Tenner on the draw.No idea,the price,but Idont give a monkeys.


    Great day.

  10. Any ugly scenes at The Toilet Block?



    Has the Ned gone native yet?



    Any “tough” * smiles*………..questions to the rookie frontman?







  11. onenightinlisbon on

    Excellent performance today. As I have been saying, give the manager the time he needs. Well done Ange and the team.

  12. glendalystonsils on

    Well worth the £12 for Motherwell tv . Comfortably negotiated a tricky away fixture . 2-0 didn’t reflect our superiority . Sevvies dropping points a wee bonus!

  13. Braw pass from Tommy ..great hit from Jota…And a braw strike from Turnbull…



    smiley lets no play them the gither again thing






    FT ..our new Orthodox Celt blesses himself twice….nice one.



    DUSHANBE, In fact he completed the ‘Trinity’. Not that it matters either way, just thought it was funny.



    My apols to the ref who I suggested at half-time was one to watch. Obviously he wasn’t ‘watching’ Boli’s handball (which, to be fair, you could not have complained about if it had been given). However, that is another argument for VAR which, IF used appropriately (I know, I know), would hurt the Huns more than the rest of the league put together!

  15. Only Dundee United have conceded fewer goals than our truly dreadful defence. Hearts and us the same and, obviously, all the other teams have conceded more.

  16. 24 folk picked 1:1 as the ibrox score and a further 6 had it as 2:2 but only 4 of us got the correct Celtic score, with 3 of that 4 getting both results exact. The other scores were unpredictable. Nobody predicted any sort of win for United or Livi but 15 had Saint Mirren winning though no exact scores, Stiill time to get the Dundee v Dons game in (BGFC and McCaff)

  17. Sevco total competative season –



    Lost – 5.


    Drew – 3.


    wins – 9



    Celtic all season –



    Lost – 7


    Drew – 2.


    wins – 10



    our first back to bacl away league wins, a clean sheet, and 2 good goals, its coming together,



    a win in europe on wednesday, that for me will show momentum, and intent, and improvement.

  18. *grittted teeth”














  19. HOT SMOKED on 16TH OCTOBER 2021 5:15 PM


    Sain Stivs











    am goin on wednesday, so there.