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  1. Thank God real football is back! Hate these International breaks. A cracking performance from Ange’s Bhoys and the Huns slip up too. Brilliant. As someone already pointed out, our players made the ball do the work. We had some really terrific phases of passing today. Motherwell couldn’t cope cope and had the legs run off them. I am so happy tonight. Enjoy your weekend guys and girls.

  2. glendalystonsils on

    Calmac was the standout player on the pitch today , in a class apart . He controls just about everything . Big Tom not far behind and provided a brilliant pass for Jota’s goal . Nobody in hoops disappointed though and Boli looks as if he deserves a wee run at LB .

  3. Ange post match gurffinesses with Chick was quite funny.



    doesnt crack a smile, answers the question in a direct fashion,

  4. I thought Motherwell got their pricing spot on today. Well worth £12 and the commentator was quite even handed. Livingston could learn from them. £20 was disgraceful and I didn’t take them up on it.

  5. Very well done Celtic today.


    I havent read back so my apologises IF someone has already commented on it but…ABADA’s ” Crossing” Today was atrocious.


    I counted at least FOUR occasions when he vastly overhit his crosses in the 1st half alone. This isnt counting times when he didnt get the cross by the 1st defender. I didnt bother to count any more errors in the 2nd half.



    Overall, a very professional display by the Celts. It could have been tighter IF Motherwell had got that penalty decision, which to me was a “Stonewaller” ,


    I just love wee KYOGO’s attitude….You can see his disappointment in the Bhoy when passes/crosses dont reach him for one reason or another…he has tremendous Hunger, and that is great to see.


    This Bhoy is gonna be a Celtic LEGEND …How long is his present contract ?



  6. Abada reminds me very much of Forrest at the same age.



    Moments of brilliance, followed by lots of bad decision making,



    I suppose it takes them sometime to get that good.



    I am looking forward to Jamesie suppliying Kyogo and Jota, i think that is an exciting front 3.

  7. This is the day ?



    Celtic rolled over Motherwell and didn’t break sweat, the choir lapped it up from the moment round the world Rogic’s sublime pass was carefully wispa’d in by Jota for the deserved opener, in a game that we never at any stage looked like not winning. Bolingoli’s seniority and ‘presence’ reminded us that AP knows best, with a steady if not threatened left side of sieve performance, where CCV and Starfelt also strolled it.



    Murder watching Celtic only on screen when Saturday’s arrive, but the shoots of recovery rebuild are there when Celtic score early in the SPL. Seventy two minutes of vintage Tom is worth watching if only on hesgoal, but his partner talented Turnbull needs physique to complement his football, although he still managed that swerving belter.



    Threadbare in midfield? and it only takes us to Tuesday where old foe Ferencvaros lie in wait, having improved no end, since they last turned up in Parkhead. AP can’t expect TR and DT to do it all again, and its astonishing that from the players list at the club including 12 signed players no one other than Biton can bolster the lightweight midfield.



    A good result in the Europa and a win in Edinburgh, will tickle the masonic vice like grip that threatens to go all the way in saving Sevco, because it couldn’t for Rangers.



    M.O.M Tom Rogic

  8. (Waltzing Matilde the Glasgow Celtic way)




    once a gallous greek-australian


    swaggered down the london road


    youll come play football


    the Glasgow Celtic way.



    Ange Postecoglou


    Ange Postecoglou


    youll come play football


    the Glasgow Celtic way



    up jumped Kyogo


    one, two, three


    he put in the onion bag


    youll come play football


    the Glasgow Celtic way



    Ange Postecoglou


    Ange Postecoglou


    youll come play football


    the Glasgow Celtic way



    and his ghost may be heard


    as you pass by the




    ‘my team is deed’ cried he



    Ange Postecoglou


    Ange Postecoglou


    youll come play football


    the Glasgow Celtic way






    youll come play football


    youll come play football


    youll come play football


    the glasgow celtic way








    ( a sacred song for some but hell ive eaten the Coat of Arms, kangeroo and Emu, meh lol)

  9. I think it was a more restrained version of Ange Ball, a little more emphasis on defense.


    No real scary stuff today, apart from Boli sticking his hand out to stroke the ball, apart from that he played well as did all our Defenders, we were much more cohesive and Hart didn’t have a single shot to save.


    Despite scoring a rocket of a goal, I thought, Turnbull, was one of our poorer players, Abada as well & Kyogo had a very quiet performance.


    My MOM Tom Rogic,


    Tiny Tim who in fairness is a good is a good ghuy was saying yesterday we were likely to be 10 behind the Hun by end of November, hope he is recalculating his calculations.

  10. Anyway, never get to low in adversity or too high in victory.



    Tough fixtures ahead. DT and TR combo did OK today but I’m still not convinced by it.



    We also need to find a better way to get the ball to Kyogo.



    The work is still in progress but it is progress and I’m quite happy with it.

  11. Delighted with today’s results >:)


    Didn’t see all of the game today, visitors, saw the goals and about 30 mins, played some great stuff from what I saw, the pass from the wizard was superb.


    For anyone who wants to deposit a tenner with say Bet365, all our away games are on there, no sound, thankfully.


    Their away games are on as well.

  12. Good result and it sounds like a good performance as well 👍


    BIG JIMMY-good to see you on 😉👍

  13. I KNOW that Abada was poor today, but to those Posters wanting him Subbed and wanting wee Kyogo to play wide right hasnt worked in the past for Celtic or for Japan.


    Big Ange almost apologised for playing Kyoge out wide in the game against the Huns at Ipox.


    He MUST play at a centre forward every time.



  14. :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))



    thankfully had my swim earlier.



    Still floatin’ CSC

  15. Good win and decent display. We were a good shape without the ball, ergo the back four were not ever exposed – that’s down to good coaching and work on the training ground.



    We need a new Scott Brown for both playing and captaining skills – Calmac, for all his attributes, is not a natural captain. We were bullied at times by a physical Motherwell. Thought EPL-hardened McCarthy could slot in to the Brown role, but not in the group today……wonder why?



    Look forward to Jamsie returning…..Jullien?, I am not too sure he has the stomach for it – pretty sure he won’t be here next season anyway.



    Now more confident of retaining second place – anything better is still a big ‘IF’ – results against TRFC obviously crucial. There probably won’t be a 20pts plus surrender this season – our attitude seems better, although the jury is still out on our form and consistency. We will be better placed to judge at the year-end. The sooner the EL is out of the way, the better for us.

  16. you have to be happy with that, solid defense, big Tam was solid out the blocks and a lot off players to pick for MoM but the defence gets it for me. Ralston gets better and better, Boli is a good player, maybe he deserves a bit of luck or maybe not but he got it anyway. I think if Starfelt gets few more solid performances under his belt he may move forward a bit more, he finds the space. The defense got it right today, made good decisions when to play it out and when to just clear your lines.



    Glasgow is green and white




  17. How much for Morellos now in January? Sevco board seriously over played there hand with this one, could have bagged 8-10m at one point



    Be lucky yo get a Ryan Christie type move now

  18. A few more days like today will do fine, and will be required.


    Unrest across town will help greatly. Gerrard is increasingly scunnered but big Dougie needs to keep the lights on first and foremost.


    January will be interesting.

  19. well done celtic. clean sheet was massive. 2 wins in a row is priceless. loved the way the crosses were better in the second half. Also the mothers did come at us late in the game and we kept them out- stupid boli.

  20. I notice that between 15th and 26th December Rangers have three SPFL games in succession at Ibrox. They play St. Johnstone, Dundee United and St. Mirren. Surely this is just plain wrong? This fixture list has been hand picked for them and clearly designed to give them a confidence boost. On these same dates, we have three away games in succession against Ross County, St. Mirren and St. Johnstone. This is outrageous cheating. Why the hell are our Board not challenging this? There can be no justifiable explanation for this surely.

  21. That’s two difficult away games successfully negotiated.


    Looking a couple of weeks ago at the Dons and Well fixtures I for one wasn’t relishing them.


    Positives today was Boli who I would like to think could hold that position down for the foreseeable.


    TR looked a real handful and was a standout.


    The bench looked stronger as well so that’s a good sign.


    I think Lial needs rested as he’s not contributing enough for me right now.


    Forrest coming back should help that.


    Good day all round especially with the Huns dropping points late on at the Bigotdome.

  22. Language Lhads…………………..!



    thems would love if This Dear Green Place descended to the realms of the beery big mooth sites.



    We used to say that the young team read these blessed pages.




  23. FAIRHILL BHOY on 16TH OCTOBER 2021 5:40 PM


    Good result and it sounds like a good performance as well 👍





    BIG JIMMY-good to see you on 😉👍




    Thanks mate. I have only been out ONCE in nearly 10 weeks for a few Beers, cos of my health, so its such a joy to see the Celts beating teams, and in good fashion to !


    two cracking goals Toady but our ” Crossing” needs to improve..big time. Wee Kyogo was getting very frustrated by our poor crossing, especially from young Abada.


    Stay safe and well FB.


    HH mate.

  24. fourstonecoppi on

    JHB on 16TH OCTOBER 2021 5:53 PM


    Now more confident of retaining second place – anything better is still a big ‘IF’ –



    ‘Sake man wit u on……never think like that, thot u wer a tim!

  25. DAVID66….


    I hope that you and the family enjoyed your wee holiday.


    Ive only had some Beers ONCE in about 10 weeks, but I may have a few Beers after I attend the hospital twice next week for Blood tests etc.


    We WILL get that good Bevvy real soon….


    Stay safe mate.



  26. The motherboard ppv at £12 was very good. The commentator was unbiased plus there wasn’t the usual sidekick talking shite.