Motherwell v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 12:15.

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  1. 31003 on 3RD DECEMBER 2016 11:18 AM



    What’s the team news? Anyone….anyone……Buellar…..anyone?




    The team is….Celtic!! All you need to know! :-))

  2. 31003 –



    If you’re looking for a place to celebrate after we win today, try La Xampanyeria (Can Paixano) – pleanty of fizzy bubbles…

  3. Good morning bhoys



    No mercy to-day – take nothing for granted and keep 11 on the park (watch out there’s a MIB about)



    Graham Spiers ripped The Tragic Hat a new one in the Times this morning.

  4. embramike supporting Res 12 on

    Celtic starting line up v Motherwell ko 12;15 pm SkySports 5



    Gordon; Lustig, Toure, Simunovic, Izaguirre; Brown, Armstrong; Roberts, Rogic, Forrest; Dembele;



    Subs: De Vries, Gamboa, Christie, Mackay-Stevens, Bitton, McGregor, Boyata

  5. I have thanked ALL the cqnrs that I met with yesterday in the previous thread, so hoping that no one feels left out ?


    Great crowd, a great afternoon.




    Jist dae it Bhoys………….with another clean sheet. No pressure then ?



  6. 50 shades of green on

    Mon the hoops.



    4 nil today please.



    Armstrong Rogic and a double for the Moose.

  7. LENNYBHOY on 3RD DECEMBER 2016 11:28 AM






    “Did OldTim get home Kay?




    Keep the Faith!




    Hail Hail!”






    Just goes to show, you should never make assumptions!

  8. We are bit short I’m the striking department. Hoping Roberts turns on the magic and will be interested to see if GMS gets a wee run out.

  9. Brendan fair likes his wingers, with GMS pushing for some game time? – maybe a player on the move in January.




    Erik rested for Tuesday, whereas Leigh Griffith’s omission is an odd one, must be injured…… Shirley




    Very attacking team again always mindful of the sftb posts, but play to form, avoiding mibbery and we’ll win.

  10. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    Why no Griff ?









    That Ferguson letter to cantona was a very open and human thing to do.

  11. Good day CQNers



    I’ve thought for last couple of weeks all was not well with Griff. I think today it’s confirmed that somehow he has blotted his copybook.



    He’s obviously been cheesed off at missing game time but unfathomable why he would be left out of squad for today’s game.



    I hope I’m wrong but I think the wee guy might be off in January.



    Anyway Celts let’s have the 3 points today and keep the pressure on the chasers.



    Hail Hail

  12. Why on earth is this game on SS5, when we’ve all ditched that Sky thing



    MMX8 box time



    Hail Hail

  13. Pre game pitch





    ****CQN Bonus Christmas Caustic Competition****





    Good evening fholks and thanks for the entrants so far. We will respond soon.





    As a wee added interest before LMS9 or maybe a “brand new soon to be announced” competition gets underway we are announcing a quick fire December competition to add to the funds for Shay,





    Very simple competition.





    Before Saturday at 3:00pm we want you to email us and predict Sevco’s December points total.





    The cost is £10 per entry and the correct answer will receive 50% of the paypot.





    If there are multiple correct entries the prize money will be split equally amongst the winners





    If no one has the correct answer then the prize money will be shared between the nearest entries.





    Sevco have the following games in the month of December.






    Dec 03 HOME v Aberdeen





    Dec 10 HOME v Hearts





    Dec 16 AWAY V Ham Accies





    Dec 24 HOME v ICT





    Dec 28 AWAY v St Johnstone











    Simply confirm your entry to cqnpredictor@gmail.com and highlight the number of points you expect them to secure, by hook or by crook.





    Payment details will follow in due course, once you have been registered.





    Entrants predicting 18 points will be placed in stocks and beaten with a soft cushion.






    Remember A Sevco European challenge is not just for Christmas…but then again…













  14. In the BR doc about him taking over the reins at Liverpool, Sterling behaves petulantly at a training camp in America, and is told in no uncertain terms in front of the players that he’ll be on the next flight home if there’s any repeat.



    He wasn’t an established player then, unlike Griff, but if he’s not injured, something’s up!



    Brendan also talked about himself in the third person in that doc, but hopefully he’s over that!



    Farce time, got to run, returning an instrument borrowed from a friend, (bass), tardy.

  15. Good morning from a chilly eastern seaboard.


    Celtic TV pictures from Dir Park look excellent.


    Great service great stream great team.

  16. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    kill ultra on 3rd December 2016 11:14 am






    Listening to Tim Vickery during the night.



    I believe he had a close friend on board the plane that came down and knew a few others who lost their lives.



    It would appear that the company which ran the plane was cutting corners on the fuel and that one of the company owners was the pilot who flew the plane at the very edge of the fuel range.



    Very sad and an utter disgrace










    BRTH. Aside from your high moral tone, the very grave charges you’re making here are seriously misplaced. Even if there is some truth in what you say, it’s hardly the time to be airing what is, at best, conjecture.



    I’m sure you wouldn’t want anyone ‘sticking you in’ about past or present misdemeanours without the evidence to back it up.






    Kill Ultra,



    I have no idea what that post was about or to what you are referring, or are trying to get at or what you are saying at all!



    I haven’t been on the blog for about a fortnight and have had no time to follow your posts, but when I walked into the BV yesterday I was hit with tales of supposed secret meetings and all sorts of other things which, to be honest, I had no answer to because I basically don’t understand what on earth was being talked about.



    Now, if you have something to say, for God’s sake come out and say it. Make your point. Say your piece and state why you think whatever it is you think so that it can be understood and if necessary answered.



    Many years ago when I was just a nipper in the law, my then boss asked me to find out just who was on the other side of a case. When I discovered it was a QC he said “Good. Hopefully it will be someone good and clever!”



    “Why would you want that? I asked



    “Because they will be succinct and to the point. They will know their case, know their argument, and that leads to clarity about what the issue is. If you get a dummy on the other side all you get is confusion, mist, fog, and rubbish – and it is very hard for a judge to make a clear and concise decision based on confusion, fog and rubbish.”



    That was a great lesson to learn.



    I have no wish to offend you but for months you have hinted, teased, suggested, implied and kind of said that something is up with Res 12 and the way it was handled etc but you refuse to say what. You suggest that you have written here, there and everywhere and that you have asked about shareholdings and other information.



    You wrongly stated that I worked for Celtic Football Club or Celtic PLC and have implied that I have some kind of motive in derailing RES 12 – all of which, with respect, is complete balderdash.



    I repeat if you have something to say, then say it. I have invited you to e-mail me and I will answer in a civil fashion and as fully as possible. To date you have failed to do so.



    However, from what I have seen thus far your posts are worthy of inclusion in the scripted parts for Isa from Still Game.



    Unfinished stories, implied innuendo, blatant gossip, and a sweety wife’s whispers.



    The ramblings of Navid’s wife are more intelligible.



    Are you asking if the four representatives of the requisitioners were or are shareholders?



    And to make things simple for you are you asking if those same people have since acquired more shares?

  17. embramike supporting Res 12 on

    BR says Griff and Erik ill but should be ok for Tuesday.


    We should have more than enough total 3 pts today but it might not be pretty. COYBIG

  18. Pitch at Fir Park in fine condition at least from TV.


    Now Tom Boyd has also commented on it, so it must be good.

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