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  1. Jock Brown remains a very good commentator, with more than a bit of retained affection for the Celts.


    Wonder how many dodgy VARs before big Ange has a word with Mr Nicholson or Mr Desmond?




    Is ‘hatate’ Japanese for hot and cold?


    Is Abildgaard the Danish version of our Luke Shaw ?



    3-points. Holding firm. Happy. HH

  2. Sky Sports has this as a controversial win because:



    VAR missed the foul for our first goal



    VAR missed Haksa blocking a quick throw deep in Motherwell’s half while he was off the pitch

  3. A great 3 points, another game towards the title, passing from middle to front was careless,a wee bit more stressful than required….go again on Saturday, and can rest up

  4. That was another shambles for Scottish football.



    The cheats won again as in killing Ange’s beautiful game that has shone a light on scottish football.



    Now it seems that they are contriving every conceivable way to stop Ange ball which improves Scottish football.



    Also can anyone of you rules officiados tell me in Scottish football are you supposed to have ball boys/girls and if yes how many?


    If not is multi ball a rule? Or a fantasy?



    I think teams are not supplying ball boys to slow our game then feigning injury, kicking ball away etc to slow game down and negate Angeball. CNUTS.






    D :)


    Oh and any lurking Huns GIRFUY



    D :)

  5. @Big j…..not been on mate since last week…..I get wed free from weans and schools..


    So sometimes


    I hit the Drambuie……. Anyhoo…The wee one had her 8th bday….so we had a wee a family do for her..


    Her first one….i was scared nobody would turn up…..i waited in hope at the door of lady octavia…


    And one by one the weans appeared….Choc a Bloc………Turns out the mums love Indie…


    and their weans love her as well…She had a great day for one so so shy…And loved her Stich cake…


    Keep well big mhan……..

  6. G’day Quadro



    Hope you’re enjoying our real spring weather up the peninsula


    Adriatic lol, 29 degs yesterday .


    Think a wee bit unfair on Reo, just needs a bit more consistency


    of good games, it will come.


    Hope all good with family.


    H H. Mick

  7. Oh and what about that embarrassing camera angle and line at Jota’s clear on side goal.






    D :)

  8. @M.M great result tonight……….Hope we take ross county on sat…..


    Then bring on xmas……Great to see you on top form..








  9. Called away on a bit of an emergency just after Celtic scored the opener, so can’t comment on game or vote in Jobo Competition,



    Was able to keep abreast of score and that was it, so all I can say is I’m relieved that Celtic won & hopefully I get to watch Ross County game in peace & tranquility.

  10. Difficult night to choose 3 players for Jobo.


    CCV stood head n shoulders above everyone else, but who else impressed?


    Kyogo and Jota if only for their exquisite goal, which WC and VARiously Afflicted Ranger thought was not worthy of goal of the season.


    Or Maeda for his goal and smile?



  11. MELBOURNE MICK on 9TH NOVEMBER 2022 10:54 PM


    G’day Quadro


    Hope you’re enjoying our real spring weather up the peninsula


    Adriatic lol, 29 degs yesterday .


    Think a wee bit unfair on Reo, just needs a bit more consistency…






    Hey Mick. Just back from x2 weeks hols in Asia; high20’s every day. Mrs and me got used to this kinda heat ;)


    Inconsistency is wot I’m saying about Reo. Compared to a CCV or wee Greg, Reo’s simply a hot and cold player.


    I’d put Jura in the same category btw.


    Enjoy the sun; showers rolling up from Adelaide btw :(

  12. Is there a VAR review panel?


    Will there be a reflection & assessment of VARs merits so far when the world cup’s on.


    Serious questions need asking Celtic, if nothing else, this time we do have evidence.

  13. glendalystonsils on

    We were cheated into a 2-1 win tonight . One day we will be cheated into a 2-1 loss .



    VAR is supposed to remove all doubt from important decisions . It has . It has removed all doubt that we are being cheated .

  14. @Corckie…..Hope your emergency was ok????


    And yes the result relieved the nerves …..


    Hope you relax v Ross c…..










    What a kick in the guts for der hun if we take full points from


    RC, as I’m sure thems would have expected VAR and the mibs to


    keep them in the hunt.


    All good here and can’t wait for my cruise up to meet the bhoys


    in Sydney, and also later up in The Gold Coast, and Brisbane lol.


    Loved that wee Indie had a great turn out at her party, been there


    with wee Grace, terrified in case nobody turns up, but that’s just


    being Papa.


    H H. Mick

  16. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    A great win to enjoy, Celtic. I thoroughly enjoyed the pain Radio Scotland commentators endured to the end.



    A completely partial broadcast against the country’s champions – again.



    Celtic forever.

  17. @Mick..your cruise is the Biz…..


    it beats our one on the Waverley…this year…lol..All them Lochs….


    And whisky tasting……..Not for Grandas lol….

  18. Quadro



    Jock Brown was the first person to arrive at CP every morning and the last person to leave at night.


    He gave 100% to the role and was hounded by a ravenous and jealous media.


    He beat Hugh Dallas to the job, which is something the club has been, and is still, punished for and as we saw tonight is still ongoing!



    He was a victim of his time. It wouldn’t have been as easy in today’s more open climate.

  19. Jock Brown ffs,the most arrogant man who ever entered Celtic Park, an absolute arsehole of a man……was he still mentioning a ‘roving commission ‘ tonight, geez peace

  20. @young Mick…..Your energy and youthful vibes ..hit pauls blog..everyday……


    Keep flying the flag…..And big loves to grace…..I told wee Indie about her and she says


    Does she know …..H20..just add water lol……

  21. WHAT IS THE STARZ on 9TH NOVEMBER 2022 9:44 PM



    VAR is hilarious



    At least the Scottish VARiety is



    or should that be the Lanarkshire Referee Association VARiety.





    It is WITS,



    The perspective is comical,is that a cam shot from a chap fixing streetlights in a Motherwell housing scheme?:-))))



    It’s shining a light on it



    Hope the grand tours going well




  22. Bada Bing



    Jock Brown is ” the most arrogant man who ever entered Celtic Park ”



    Can you justify this comment?



    I’ve been in his company, I have a family member who knows him well – what’s your justification for this remark?

  23. BILLYBHOY and BADABING…interesting perspectives!



    Seems the jury’s sorta still out on Mr Brown’s legendary Celt status 🤣



    My point was he did a fair and insightful commentary job for Motherwell Telly tonight. And spoke with affection when mentioning us.



    Intrigued BILLYBHOY if he pipped Dallas for our Gen Manager job; WTAF !!

  24. Quadro



    Yes mate i thought that was a pretty well known fact. If not, I’m sure it will be by the morning.



    JB was made into a bogeyman. The SMSM assumed that, as an ex colleague, they would get lots of leaks and juicy gossip, but when he failed to deliver they went for him. Of course, it resulted in a pile in!

  25. If we played the way we can,no amount of their cheating would have affected us.Thats what makes me .No coverage of the tackle on Carl.Joke.angry.We know what we have to overcome,playing crap makes it doubly hard to win.


    Sportscene an absolute joke.Not unusual,but they surpassed themselves tonight.Stewart has taken a nosedive,and Mc Fud thinking Jota was probably offside.On no evidence whatsoever.Joking about it.Debate about the Well shy instead

  26. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Sportscene highlights package tonight included 3 replays of incidents from the very camera which would have presented the best angle for the Jota VAR incident.



    Yet, for some reason, the official VAR still frame is from a camera in the other half of the pitch which must have been at least 50° off from the parallel.



    At best? Absolutely bizarre.

  27. Bilkybhoy1967



    I assume all football journalists, commentators etc. grew up loving football , and as kids probably dreamed of scoring winners for their team.


    Those (who were not ex players) are getting as close to football as they ever dreamt possible.


    Jock Brown was in their camp, he was a commentator.


    However as a solicitor, he also had professional skills that meant he looked like a good fit for his role at Celtic.



    I imagine there was a huge level of jealousy amongst the press , seeing someone from their camp getting such a post. As we know the sports journalists in this country are your friend…. until they aren’t.


    When they aren’t your friend they bring out their poison pen, and they go to work.


    The fact that Jock Brown was at Celtic made for an easy target.



    The Onlooker

  28. Going by the Camera angle we were shown tonight it looks like Brian Mcinally’s conspiracy theory about the VAR operators being cheating Hun Bees is spot on. For me Var should be scrapped immediately as it is just an excuse to pay more Huns for the privilege of cheating Celtic ,

  29. “In the case of a close offside call, the assistant referee will delay his/her flag. If a goal is scored and the assistant believes there was an offside offence, he/she will only raise the offside flag after the goal has been scored. Using the virtual offside technology, the VAR will place a line on the second last defender and the attacking player who potentially committed the offside offence. If the lines do not overlap or touch and show the player was offside, the on-field decision to disallow the goal will stand. If the lines do not overlap or touch, showing the attacker was either behind or in line with the defender, and show that the player was onside, or if the two lines do overlap, the on-field decision will be overturned and the goal will stand.”



    This is from the SFA website.



    The use of a virtual line is the deciding factor in offside decisions, not the referee as in other decisions. But for the sake of credibility the fans in the stadium and at home need to see the line. Whose decision is it not to show it? It can’t be economics. Will protests help – letters galore to SFA?

  30. THE EXILED TIM on 9TH NOVEMBER 2022 10:33 PM


    Sleep well Timland





    A decent end to a sad day for me, buried my favorite dog today.





    HH and KTF




    Horrible News TET.


    Its exactly a year ago this Month that I lost my BEST PAL…” The ROCKY BHOY”, because he became so unwell.


    Hopefully TIME will ease your pain, but it aint easy.