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  1. MARSPAPA on 10TH NOVEMBER 2022 11:12 AM


    The ball hit the hun players face ….




    Its perfectly clear to me that the Huns Face was in a UNNATURAL POSITION.



  2. Who’d have thunk that poor, biased on-field refs would become poor, biased off-field refs?



    We all did. VAR was never the problem.



    Score much more than them remains the mantra. Our suits don’t care.




  3. BIG JIMMY on 10TH NOVEMBER 2022 11:21 AM


    MARSPAPA on 10TH NOVEMBER 2022 11:12 AM





    The ball hit the hun players face ….










    Its perfectly clear to me that the Huns Face was in a UNNATURAL POSITION.












  4. GG on 10TH NOVEMBER 2022 11:37 AM


    Last night’s VAR replay of Jota goal came from the same camera used in the 7-1 game.






    But to bring it up to 2022 standard they allowed the artist to colour in the pictures!

  5. Superbru update for Round 15



    Some tricky results led to a closely grouped field with the leaders on 6.5 points and the bottom score of only 1 point.



    We have a 4 way tie for 1st place, a 4 way tie for “2nd” and 10 people sharing “3rd” place.



    1st- Pannysbhoy, 18 yard man, Big Archie and Jobo Baldie- all get yellow caps this week


    2nd- Call me gerry, Celticrollercoaster, Nawlite andHamilton Tim


    3rd- roy crappie, Gene, Bada Bing, Gary Postecoglou, vfr800, Auldheid, Tirconnell, A thing of Beauty, Travelbhoy and that eejit, SFTB



    We had 6 posters on one point. This achievement was reached by Billybhoy 13, Park Road 67, The Lurkin Tim, Craig 76 and Hairlikespaghetti but the computer only awards one wooden spoon and chose Hot Smoked as the Dumpling of all Dumplings this week.



    Overall, the positions are:



    1st- A Thing of Beauty- 93.5 pts


    2nd- Leggy- 91pts


    3rd- Ayrshire Tim- 87.5



    There is a 6 point gap to 4th place so someone needs to get a shift on.



    By the way, I believe our top pundit may be of the female persuasion, so our best hopes for protecting fragile male dignity, when it comes to fit punditry, may be Leggy and Ayrshire Tim. I fear we may be doomed.



    Having announced our £1000 donation last week, we have around £500 to allocate to prizes. I have chosen to set aside £150 of our 3 prizes (1st, 2nd and 3rd on the leaderboard) at the end of the year, leaving £350 for the 4 prizes at the end of the season (1st, 2nd and 3rd plus highest weekly total). Our final 6 fixtures this year are on Wednesday 28th December. After totting up scores we will award :-



    1st- £75


    2nd- £45


    3rd- £30



    The end of season prize pot will be larger and announced later.



    Thanks to all for your continued support. Next deadline is Saturday at 12.30 pm

  6. It certainly looks like VAR will be used with impunity to disadvantage us.


    There are no repercussions against these decisions, no explanations and no consequences against the referee. It’s a great get out of jail card for the officials.


    Maybe their match fee should be withheld?


    The poor wee Huns in black would probably strike again, and we would end up with foreign invited referees who would undoubtedly improve officiating.


    It’s not as if it hasn’t happened previously.

  7. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    Ange looks frustrated since the introduction of VAR possibly confirming what he has been told of the biased refereeing here, his whatever ‘mate’ attitude is on the wane and will this have an effect on his longevity at Celtic if these decisions keep going against us.



    I’m personally scunnered but could never walk away from it all …heart wins every time.




  8. A special Celtic FC evening will be held at St Augustine’s Church & Parish Centre Coatbridge, Friday evening 18th November 2022. Celebrating 135 years of the legacy of Brother Walfrid. Mass at 7pm will be led by Bishop of Paisley, John Keenan, and concelebrated with several other priests, including Parish Priest of St Augustine’s, Fr Michael Kane. Bishop Keenan will reflect on the Catholic faith, charity and mission – especially that of the club’s foremost founder, the Marist Order’s Brother Walfrid – which provided the inspiration for the formation of Celtic Football Club. After Mass, at 8pm in the Parish Centre, Celtic FC and its community of supporters will be explored in religious, historical, sociological and cultural terms. This by Dr Joseph Bradley, lecturer in the Sociology of Sport at the University of Edinburgh, Professor of Catholic Education at the University of Glasgow, Roisin Coll, and Professor of Religious & Cultural Education at Glasgow University, Bob Davis. Thereafter, music & song will be performed by Karl Byrne. Full Bar facilities available on night – cash only. Copies of Celtic Minded 5 available to buy (£15, with CM4 free to buyers of CM5), as also are copies of Dr Michael Connolly’s new biographical study (£20) of Brother Walfrid. Entrance to the Lectures and night of music is £5 at the door. A collection at Mass will be held for the Out Reach Charitable Project of St Augustine’s Parish, while a raffle will take place at the function to raise money for the Celtic FC Foundation & the Kano Foundation.



    Since this promotion was first sent out, and interest has been very significant, it is possible that the talks will be held in the Church immediately after Mass. If this occurs, the music part of the evening in the Church’s Parish Centre will become entry by ticket.



    May be an image of 1 person and text that says “88 CELTIC FOOTBALL CLUB ANNIVERSARY MASS Celebrating 135 years of the Legacy of Brother Walfrid St. Augustine’s Parish, Coatbridge 18th November 7pm Holy Mass with Bishop Keenan. Join us as we celebrate the Catholic inspiration of this club and its specific charitable mission. Talks Music Raffles After Holy Mass, the Parish Centre will host talks, music and raffles to support the work of Celtic FC Foundation and the Kano Foundation. *For Parish Centre events, suggested £5 donation. Payable on the night.”






    Worth a visit if in error