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  1. DESSYBHOY on 25TH FEBRUARY 2024 7:49 PM


    Since when is Clement pronounced Claymont we don’t pronounce words that way another way of bumming him up into something, Sutherland thinks Sevco deserve being praised the way they are playing, thats what BR was on about professional coaches know they are getting every break and every help.



    Eh,……… that’s exactly how his name is pronounced. He is not Scoddish.


    Be a bit more European FFS.

  2. o.g.rafferty


    25TH FEBRUARY 2024 12:23 PM


    Elite manager you say



    Yep he is,was he an elite manager winning leagues unbeaten and trebles,probably youll find whats changed is you.




  3. Whoever would have thought GG updates would turn into the Girn Girn updates.those 1st half comments are limited in support.






    FFS he’s lost the plot.



    CCV on for Rocki.



    Disagree there Blogger,Scales naturally left sided.


    CCV for nawrocki correct sub imo




  5. We shouldn’t let any media person near any of our staff . We should have someone capable employed to answer any questions , something that should have happened long long ago .




    Moyes, who has won more European trophies than BR/NL/WGS, is delaying signing his new West Ham contract. Waiting in the wings? Not everyone’s cuppa, and yes he plays boring football, but he is organised, disciplined and prepared. Just what we need at the moment.





    What we need at the moment is support,for our team on the park,not fractious comment wi a bit of idle spec thrown in,No club that D.Moyes has been at would come near the pressures of being Celtic manager he would be the first to tell you




  7. JACKIEMAC on 25TH FEBRUARY 2024 2:13 PM



    GT to Idah – lovely links and crosses- couple coming in from the right to in the second half



    Lols jackiemac just clarifyin GT = Greg Taylor? :-)


    Thought after reading the GirnGirn updates 1st it was Get Tae


    Beautiful cross and i hope he continues to improve after his injury,especially as our back 4 will have a more familiar feel to it with AJ and CCV back






    By the way – time EVERYONE associated with Celtic is 100% behind the players and manager.



    We can still win this league. We should still win this league. If we are united as a fan base, including those who influence the fans, we will be hard to beat.



    Conversely a house divided cannot stand.



    So true Robert 👏👏👏👏👏




  9. BURNLEY78 on 25TH FEBRUARY 2024 6:05 PM



    FF going crazy about Brendan creating a siege mentality thing from his interview with poor dislikable and self promoting Jane Lewis



    Focus on the prize B78 – the title



    Meeja nonsense swatted,kinda akin to walkin past a jobby with flies on it on a summer day.


    The swarm around the main feed(ff) and get excited/all busy(meeja) when their narratives set are disturbed


    Onwards to the title




  10. Tom Mc Laughlin/big Jimmy well done skelpin the bookie.



    I had big jimmy down for 1st announced winner


    Tom you got in 1st


    Maybe why i dont bet


    Mon the Celts




  11. Just catching up on the past few days, and have read the Tillio article. Dear me. If anything the article shows how little Paul and friends know and understand about real football. Paul did you notice the management team celebrate the 2nd goal today? Do you honestly think that between them they watched Tillio up close for months and thought he was anywhere close to good enough for the first team but decided not to give him a chance. It was an absurd and desperate article.

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Jane Lewis has previous.



    She was disrespectful to Ange after we beat Hearts 1-0 at Celtic Park and never interviewed him again. (I assume Ange made sure of that).

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Delighted with the gradual building of the siege mentality by Brendan.



    Remember Sergei Bubka – don’t show the world everything you’ve got in one go.



    Spread it around to maximum advantage.

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    The siege mentality is one of way of unifying the supporters.



    And it’s totally justified – the blatant bias of the media is palpable.



    They need that well crafted mix of the blue pound (all in, swallowing anything) …


    … plus a sprinkling of feart Celts


    … to maximise revenue.

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    The points made earlier about Sevco fans reactions to our late victory were very interesting.



    They project unshakeable confidence but they’re trembling inside.



    They need a procession.



    They will not have the stomach for a contest.



    We keep applying pressure, they’ll fold.

  16. JIMTIM


    We shouldn’t let any media person near any of our staff . We should have someone capable employed to answer any questions , something that should have happened long long ago



    So not only do we have a squad of crap footballers, they’re not intelligent enough to handle media questions and need a clever person to speak on their behalf?



    My god it’s worse than I thought, said a spokesman.

  17. Good morning all from a still happy Garngad.



    I will watch the game back tonight as there was alcohol involved yesterday.



    But a great 3 points.



    Idah done brilliant when he came on.



    Keep on winning Celtic and let’s see if Huns can handle the pressure.



    Onto Wednesday we go.



    D. :)

  18. Good Morning Timland…



    Great win yesterday, embdee tell you We Never Stop.!?



    My prediction was a we bit wayward(1-3).



    In my defence, I’d assumed Idah would start… he will now:))



    We are sometimes telt that our players are x10 better than other players in the SPL.



    Well Motherwell’s application in the first half and technically excellent goal disperses that myth – again.



    The second half saw Idah transform the attack and the team locked better balanced and much more focused.



    Yang was much more purposeful down the right, than Kuhn, who is still finding his feet (either that or he has two left ones), and overall from the first half our movement up front and finishing was night and day.



    Joe Hart couldn’t do much about their goal, but pulled out magnificent saves to keep us in with a chance of all three points.



    So winging it’s way to SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM



    1. Idah



    2. Hart



    3. Yang



    When you got a moment…



    …we have to talk about Kyogo!?



    Hail Hail




    ‘Celts close gap on Gers ‘ headline you won’t see



    You don’t become a bad manager because you leave Celtic suddenly, or gradually, and if Brendan Rodgers ever gets ‘emptied’ more than his head should roll. There’s only so many changes he can make with the players that are there, and if ironies were ever a thing, then it’s ironic that a definite Brendan signing, prolonged our season today.



    Here’s what BR said of Adam Idah before he’d played a game for us,



    ““ Adam, I’m really excited about. Like I said before, having seen him play and now seeing him for a few days and working and speaking with him, the ability that he has is incredible. He has every tool that you want to play at the very highest level and he’s doing that internationally and there has been a bit of hit-and-miss form at Norwich. When I assess him and we see him in training and we see the finishing, the speed, the touch – I’m excited about what he can bring over the next couple of months .”



    The desperation to tell a story of Sevco title triumph hasn’t been lost on BR, his impeccable after match interview explained exactly how the game, we’d just watched, unfolded and why.



    In the first half just folded would have been more appropriate, Celtic were as slow as the interim reports, too many players in the side couldn’t get going. Maik Nawrocki kept CCV’s jersey a degree or two warmer than Stephen Welsh did previously, Taylor and Johnston struggled in assistance till both laid on goals later in the game when fitness and gaps told.



    Wee Greg finally found a target to hit somewhere above ground level, and the big Irishman was already revealed in Brendan Rodger’s preview. A cattled in, and cattled out £33 a pop Celtic support, finally got the money’s worth, late winners usually keep us ahead. Adam iDah’s classy finish for the second and Luis Palma’s ‘nearly offside’ but not finish, kept the Brendan voyage afloat.



    MOM Adam Idah”



    Excellent piece, agree with the MOtM and all the rest.



    As BR stated, we will write our own story…



    Hail Hail

  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good morning CQN



    Beautiful morning.



    Late footnote to my boring musings last night if I may.



    Attention Sly Sports lurkers …..



    Stick your “Motherwell don’t lose when they score first” stat up your blue bahooky



    BTW – another gem from the commentary yesterday.



    Kettlewell has had a successful time as Motherwell manager apart from a 15 game sequence where they did not win a game.



    (26 league games played before yesterday)



    Pray allow me to translate –



    “he’s a success, apart from 58% of the time”



    Just more inane bumming up of whoever we are competing against.



    Not to be swallowed at risk of harm.

  21. I think BR ‘good girl’ comment was more of a dig at her for following her paymasters and her agenda rather than anything sexist. Have always found BR to be very respectful. He also called Luke Stanley a good man after the interview with Sky.

  22. Majestic Hartson on




    I’m curious how you are pronouncing his name. Are you going for Cle – meant (sp)?

  23. DAVID17 @ 8:50 AM,



    Exactly… it was pulling her up for the belligerent, obsequious questioning…



    Hail Hail

  24. DAVID17 on 26TH FEBRUARY 2024 8:50 AM


    I think BR ‘good girl’ comment was more of a dig at her for following her paymasters and her agenda rather than anything sexist. Have always found BR to be very respectful. He also called Luke Stanley a good man after the interview with Sky.




    I AGREE Mate.



    Brendan DID say ” GOOD MAN” at the end of the interview with Skys Luke Stanley.



  25. big jimmy



    Maybe Brendan should have ended the interview with;


    “Fine Girl You Are”




  26. CELTIC MAC on 26TH FEBRUARY 2024 9:29 AM


    big jimmy







    Maybe Brendan should have ended the interview with;





    “Fine Girl You Are”











    AYE…That would have been magic !





    Brendan is now being branded a ” Dinosaur” in the media and by some womans group.


    Even that CHUMP ” jeff Sterling” has got involved ….Mr Sterling should stick to HANGING Monkeys.



    I dont remember Jeff Sterling saying too much against his former Sky colleagues….” RICHARD KEYS and ANDY GRAY” ?



    ” SHOCK….HORROR”…..Brendan Rodgers calls a FEMALE……..” A GIRL” ! and several media scum come out greetin…




  27. Weebobbycollins on

    Jack Butland’s love affair with huns….





    Celtic fans smash seats at Motherwell…



  28. Wow, what an end. What a roller coaster.


    From being ready to head home after the game, celebrations went on until mad o’clock.



    I just wish we had Ideh on a loan to buy deal.



    Re Brendan’s comments. Collectively we have all bought into this woke nonsense and we are reaping what we sew. The fact that it is even a talking point is a sad reflection on society. That is my opinion.



    HH, the journey continues.



    PS : I hope everyone who has the means and ability to attend on Wednesday makes the effort. Your team needs you.

  29. Noticed on bbc a headline and article about Butland and his love affair with rangers released 2 hours ago.



    Editor Richard Wilson is playing a blinder for them this season as he did feeding our negatrons back in autumn of 2020.



    His divide and conquer strategy is working with so many Celtic fans turning on themselves and sabotaging.



    Good to see Brendan standing up to it. Good to see many on the blog seeing the real enemy now.


    As encouraging as the win was on Sunday the seige mentality, circle the wagons and fight back approach was the best of all.



    I just hope we have 60000 galvanised like yesterdays support and not 60000 live we saw on here in the first half or like we had in the second half v Killie. Folk cannot he so thick as to not sense that by sharing their tension with the players by shouting abuse rather than supporting them it does not help a team trying to secure a result.



    Celtic needs support for the next 11 games. Especially the 6 at home. After hearts next Sunday our UNITED support can play a massive part in our success or failure imo.