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  1. we are poor bhoys, 1 game world beaters the next this crap. Murderwell are rank then what does that make us.




  2. the long wait is over on

    Again Terrible defending. Izzy sleeping again at the back but not entirely his fault this time.



    Still plenty of time tho.

  3. That is an absolute disgrace by Ambrose (twice in the one attack) and leaden feet by Izzy again. If players so obviously fail to perform the basics, they should not be paid. Simple as.

  4. Efe can go to Liverpool. Not good enough from him again, no fatigue excuses this time. Clumsy to say the least. oh well making it harder for ourselves again.




  5. Shocking defending! Ambrose makes a pig’s ear of it TWICE letting them in. Truly awful.



    Brines doesn’t book murderwell player for same foul as VW. Surprise surprise..