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  1. Only guid thing Ah kin say aboot this Celtic Attack.



    We didnae Miss any Sitters..




    Stokes and Sammi… No Use..


    as an attacking Duo.




  2. I always thought that Brines was simply incompetent, but tonight we see two teams on the same pitch being refereed in entirely different ways.

  3. Only seen the 2nd half- aside from the goal and some nice play from James Forrest Celtic have been pretty anaemic. Big Efe has looked dire – as he did on Sunday- and as has often been the case I feel too many unnecessary changes.



    Ah well





  4. Motherwell playing out time



    IMO they has two chances …scored both from awful defending



    Until Hooper came on we were disjointed up front …

  5. Another SPL defeat. Won’t lose too much sleep over it. No one will be talking about this match tomorrow night !

  6. Tonight has shown me why so many of the original CQNers no longer post.



    What a shower of a’holes have been posting here tonight.



    Celtic supporters?

  7. Neil Lennon confuses me sometimes. Since when did squad rotation mean playing a key player out of position? So he decides to rest a defender by moving Wanyama into central defence? Absolutely amateurish football management, it has to be said.

  8. Too many not interested for most of the game and I think Neil believes that he can just stick out any eleven and win.


    Hail Hail.

  9. Makes no material difference.



    Some you win, some you lose.



    Better today than against St. Mirren.



    Happy days.

  10. what’s Lennons take tonight …just another we didnt turn up performance.


    I’m loosing count.


    Dont be fooled by the comments that it was Brines who caused this.

  11. You guys can be snide but it still doesn’t make this performance right. Far Too many times we sit here and watch these indifferent performances and the happy clappers clap and defend that guff, The bottom line is we have no consistency from one game to the next in selection,performance or personnel. I expect better and so should the rest of us, we have no rivals and yet we still struggle. Own worst enemy. Off to bed have a good night Bhoys. ; )




  12. Postpones the league title


    Exposes some weaknesses.


    I hope Neil learned which players he can rely on