Motherwell v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 19:45 GMT.

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  1. A Ceiler Gonof Rust


    19:24 on


    27 February, 2013


    Cheers Auldheid. Interesting that Ledley is on the bench after his brilliant showing on saturday?




    Was thinking the same and looking at the team I think Lenny might be bloodying the young guys in terms of standing up for themselves.

  2. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Bada Bing 19.21, It would be better if the record showed * with a suitable explanation of how they were removed from a now defunct club because of cheating.



    Not everyone who views these records in future will be fully familiar with the cheating huns and their nefarious ways. It should be made explicitly clear for the avoidance of doubt.

  3. Miki,



    Best wishes mate. If your stamina is as strong as your posts, you’ll have years ahead of you.



    Take care.



    Hail! Hail!

  4. If the price for those cheating b@st@rds getting those titles stripped is us not officially claiming them then I could live with that. Besides, it wouldn’t stop us from unofficially declaring ourselves 13 in a row champions! :-)



    I still remain pessimistic however

  5. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    If their titles are stripped, history will show that only only two world wars could cause the kind of mayhem caused by the buns cheating.

  6. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Miki67, good luck to you in your fight. You put things in perspective.



    Hai Hail Bruv

  7. miki67



    For Celtic fans this is an issue and its been a long battle to get to the truth.



    I wish you similar fortitude in your own personal battle fellow Celt




  8. Not sure if a damp cold night in murderwell is the ideal venue for big Sammi returning from injury, never mind starting the game.



    Sammi sure to score a hat trick now :))

  9. Tanner?!



    I want to punch his feckin’ face!



    Smarmy, talentless, useless hurting hun!




  10. Auldheid.




    Tom Terrific wull soon mak ye furget..aboot.. Joe..







    Still.. Laughin’

  11. I want to see their titles removed, but I don’t want to inherit them. 13 (or however mant it’d be) in a row would mean nothing if it was just suddenly on the books… I’d far rather we won 13 in a row, with or without them.



    4-1 to the CHAMPIONS tonight please!

  12. Miki 67,



    I am more of a lurker than a poster, but i just want to say keep positive and keep the faith. With your positive attitude and fighting spirit, i am sure i will be reading and enjoying your posts for many years



    Loughrea Celt.

  13. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    Remember medical advances in this area are happening every day. Spar for a while until you can give it a knock out punch.


    Hail hail.

  14. Tanner mentioned the huns already!



    Wish Owen Coyle would tell him that they are DEID!




  15. I cannot see them awarding the Titles to us, that would open a can of worms re Prize Money etc. and European Qualifications etc. for 3rd & 4th placed teams. If they strip them of Titles which I fervently hope they do, twill be enough for me. If we do get them it will of course be an incredible bonus. If Nimmo funks it and they get to hold on to their tainted Titles, part of me will switch off Scottish Soccer permanently. However regardless of what they do, if you ask me how long will I keep supporting Celtic, as long as I keep breathing.

  16. Tonight’s team selected with Saturday in mind.



    That’s the big one.



    Wouldn’t put it past Brines to flash a ref card tonight.



    I wonder if Celtic would be consulted re awarding of titles, should the unexpected happen and they have them surgically removed.

  17. miki67



    Posted a link to ur post on twitter to @Wee_Oscar @sknox & @LeonaKnox



    Leona’s reply:



    @MoonbeamsWD @sknox7 @LeonaKnox best wishes to that poster. We’re all in this together #beatcancer #nevergiveup

  18. mccall “we make no apologies for the way we’ll play tonight”



    get ready for a hack fest bhoys

  19. Miki..



    Jist found out.. about your bad news.



    Ah hiv hid Ma troubles.and ..if Worked out swell.



    Ah am confident that Your’s Wull.. Too.




    Keep Strong..




  20. timbhoy in spain on

    I remember in the early 70´s I´d come back to Glasgow from a couple of years in Jersey


    & a neihbour of mine got me a job wi Mackintosh removals in Glasgow.


    didn´t realise it was wee non RC club in there.I was soon given the cold shoulder.


    One day we were sent out on a job to move non other than Willie Waddel down Cardonald way somewhere.He started to talk to me & seemed quite pleasant ´til he asked me what team I supported & everything changed when i said Celtic.


    Couple of minutes later the foreman told me to go out to the van & don´t go back in the house.On the Friday i got laid off.


    Thoughts are with you Miki.


    Old Mungo Bhoy.( 1960-1964 )HH




















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