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  1. Motherwell have the cup tie football they wanted.



    Stokes and Matthews having a nightmare.



    We need big Vic in midfield but will Lenny trust Ambrose.



    2-1 Celtic Hooper to come on and score both.

  2. A game like this big Vic should be in the middle of the park. We all know what to expect from their manager. And not surprising that we will receive no protection from the ref.



    Will be disappointed if Lenny does not move Vic to midfield in the second half. I would bring on Ambrose, take off Stokes who has been poor and apart from being caught offside a couple of times have contributed little.



    Sammy needs match fitness, so would take him off about the hour mark.

  3. Despite an awful first half …we have created more chances than Motherwell …they aren’t very good

  4. Now we know why we left out players.



    They are a disgrace to football, aided by a clown of a ref.



    Nothing happening up front for us. The top three not combining.



    Rogic learning about the SPL and Kayal carrying the midfield.



    Back line doesn’t look too cute,either.



    We have to play smart inthe second half and try and avoid injury and reds.



    In the scheme of things, this is a nothing game,but I expect a harder attitude inthe second half.

  5. Dire stuff. Totally wrong attitude again from some of our players. Stokes looks bored, Commons going through the motions.



    Predictably, Murderwell steaming into challenges unpunished, and showing the kind of determination they have never once shown against the Hun under McCall’s reign.

  6. the long wait is over on

    Genes a boy



    Correct. No need to embarrass a player by doing so.



    10 mins in to the second half , however…

  7. knoxy2000… please support the oscar knox appeal:20:03 on 27 February, 2013




    I feel humbled by your words thoughts and deeds.


    May the road rise with you all.


    Hail ! Hail !

  8. Rogic is a proper player. Games like this will make him realise what Scottish football is like.



    A wee bit more composure and he’ll be fine.

  9. KC has been bullied, pushed and tripped out this game.


    We miss Brown and VW in the middle to intimidate and win balls.


    I think we will win this with 3 goals this half

  10. Jamesie is oor Matchwinner.




    He kin turn this aroon..



    Bring oan… Ambrose… fur Kayal.




    Bring oan.. Lassad..



    Drap Stokes and Sammi.. bring oan Hoops.






    Dae that.. Neil.. and we wull .. save this Yin . fur You.




  11. As things stand, it would be hook Sammi, Commons & Rogic for me & replace with Hooper, Ambrose & Ledley with Big Vic moving into his best position in midfield. I know you can’t make them all together but I would have Efe & Hooper on & Big Vic into midfield bloody soon.

  12. This is on sky sports 1. Biggest possible sky crowd and some of the players are absolute pash. They are doing nothing for either the league’s reputation or their own.



    Forrest playing well. Vic in cruise control. Stokes dire. Commons poor. Samaras AWOL.



    Just watched goal again. Deary me, Emilio… How on earth could he NOT have been alive to the man behind?? He’d run back with the guy, then looked left to the next Well attacker. The scorer could only have been to right of late runner (ie behind Izzy).

  13. McCall said before the game he would “make no apologies about how we will play”.



    A cheat of a manger, plain and simple.

  14. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    We are only behind because of Izzy ballwatching at their goal. They are a poor bunch of cluggers who need taught a footballing lesson in the second half.

  15. Jonny the Tim



    You know aloater.. pal..



    Rogic is pure Class.. He wull Dae.





  16. Emails to studio looking for Paddy in 2nd half


    Don’t think so. We need an enforcer. VW to move forward.

  17. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    20:33 on


    27 February, 2013



    Fud McCall mentions Auld Firm shocker!






    They’re determined to keep the zombies alive, if only in their warped dreams…….



    Hope we start playing soon….LOL

  18. Game of 2 halves Bhoys


    Didn’t someone earlier ,after using the available stats, predict a 3-1 win for us after we had went 1-0 down.


    Hope you put money on it as you are halfway there

  19. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    And that Neil McCann…..a gloating hun who turns my stomach.

  20. A lot of us might not be very good supporters when things are difficult, but My Ghod we have some amount of would be managers.



    Me ?



    I leave it to Neil.

  21. Murderhell : aptly named. Huns nouveaux.


    Lumpen blooterers.


    Mibbery supreme.


    On toast.


    Nae wonder Lennie’s ragin’.



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