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  1. Imho weve got some cracking young players , i would like to see them getting the remainder of the season , were home and dry ,whats not to like

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    Give Collie a pat on the heid for me and let him off the leash every once and awhile so he can come on this blog. Me I’m just chillin’ on the Grand Union Canal lurking most days while trying to keep afloat.



    Rosie & Jim CSC

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    Barca (who we beat) would fall into the expensive category and dortmund(who beat the experienced real team) would fall into the young team category – for me it is about the tempo of play and we are imho usually slow paced. I am not suggesting we have the qualty or experience of bayern but there is no reason we cannot in some way emulate that style. I am also sure that 2 off our players earn more than the whole of the motherwell team -it’s not all about money

  4. Had to rely on radio and updates so it’s difficult to be objective about today’s overall performance – sounds like we were ok 1st half but poor in the 2nd.



    That said – getting a settled (competent) back 4 playing as a unit on a regular basis really needs to be addressed urgently. The use of 2/3 defensive mids in Europe made us difficult to beat given our low % of possession – problem is that our domestic % puts an entirely different complexion on Team set-up.



    When things go wrong during a game – we really seem to struggle to tighten-up or show sufficient; application, resolve or passion to turn things around. It’s become a worrying trend. We have plenty of good/ promising young players but what we appear to lack is a spine – a bit of on-field; guile, experience and leadership.



    No problems with giving Watt and Rogic a start (wish we had given a few other youngsters a go). Don’t blame Paddy – but his time is long past. As for Rogne – too brittle – times up for him.



    We need a no-nonsense CB that doesn’t get bullied and can marshal his defence – preferably one with pace (and it would be a bonus if he could find teammates with a pass). A creative midfielder and a striker with a bit of height and muscle (plus the ability to head a ball) – wouldn’t go amiss either.



    Champions yes – but much work to be done between now and the CL Qualifiers.

  5. I think if we look back to previous seasons when the league has been won early we`ll see similar results. Every one of these disappointing games has been greeted with an identical gnashing of teeth. :-/

  6. Bit disappointing. Never mind the title was already put to bed so maybe it is hard to get motivated especially at that midden.


    Two big positives are Tony Watt and Dylan McGeogh. If Lenny plays those two as starters for remainder it will give them good grounding for next season when I think they should be regulars.


    Bit worried about his negativity for a new roll on contract. Is he in line for the bullet? Can’t see anything better elsewhere on the horizon after the season he has just polished off. What’s going on behind the scenes, or am I having another wee turn?

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    “collie, Is here right beside Me”



    Must be a mirror in the room







  8. Football in Scottisherland is played radically differently from the way it so played in the rest of Europe


    Scottisherland referees allow far more physical contact than referees anywhere else


    We need a squad that can do two different things.


    One win the league in Scottisherland


    Two attempt to qualify for the CL group stages




    We currently have a squad which accomplished both this season


    However we have suffered many displayed like today when an inferior group of players was able to get the better of us


    In the long term over a season no one team is capable of putting together the run of games that it would take to be genuine title challengers


    The cup difficulties we have experienced over the last few years show this weakness that we have domestically


    We have a group of CBs that are quite simply not strong enough for the league that they play in


    Rogne,Wilson,Ambrose and Mulgrew – all lack the physical presence required in Scottisherland


    A competent manager will win the league ever season given the disparity in resources between CFC and the rest


    Even an incompetent one probably would – as we can see with Fat Sally’s performance in the fourth tier of Scottisherland


    Should we be doing better in domestic competition? – without a doubt we should but as posted earlier we lack some basic ingredients to play the basic game in Scottisherland


    In the summer we need at least one – preferably two – CBs – capable of dealing with the Michael Higdons of Scottisherland


    We also need a CF in the mould of Chris Sutton or BBJ – capable of winning the physical battle in our opponents penalty box


    Thos two signings – along with keeping big Victor would see us take a domestic Treble next season


    Would they get us in to the CL group stages?


    Of that I’m not so sure





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    SEASON of mists and mellow fruitfulness!


    Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun;


    Conspiring with him how to load and bless


    With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eaves run;


    To bend with apples the moss’d cottage-trees,


    And fill all fruit with ripeness to the core;


    To swell the gourd, and plump the hazel shells


    With a sweet kernel; to set budding more,


    And still more, later flowers for the bees,


    Until they think warm days will never cease,


    For Summer has o’er-brimm’d their clammy cells.

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    Be still.



    I think they have moaned themselves to a stand-still.

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    “@MaleysBhoys: Granted there was a game today, but it didn’t reflect well on the Club that they were unable to provide a player for the @KanoFoundation dnr”

  12. charles kickham on

    “@MaleysBhoys: The KF are such a fantastic charity, who epitomise the Celtic spirit, and the fact there was no one there representing the Club was a pity.”

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    Harry hoods dug bit



    I listen to Sky with the sound off????? You get ursel on BGT!!!!

  14. be peed off if dont get final tkt. nearly froze to death at arbroath geme wae a few hundred others but its only away game day oot fans that get sorted. and we are moving you tae, so tough. missed two games since north stand went up through bereavement, hame support, thats your crust, & fk sevco, their all thats wrong with this world, despicable c***s.dont know any decent buns, why they all called fkn murray ?