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  1. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. The Singing Detective.







    Nice , tae greet ye..



    Tony, is A Brammer in Waitin’



    So is..



    Atajic.. this Kid has Improved oota Recognition.



    as far as his Physique , is concerned.




    He always hid.. Awsome Technical Ability..



    But ,he wiz ….as wee bit..as they say aroon the Camfires in the Campsies…




    Awfy Peely Wally!



    He looked like a refugee frum.. Partick.




    Noo , Ah am delighted tae tell ya..



    Atajic,is .. Noo.. Hale and Hearty.. and has pit oan the Muscle..



    Thanks tae oor Crack Physio Dept…and those Extra Large lashin’s o’



    Peasbrose.. at Tea-time In Bhoystown…Dinna Hoit!



    Yep.. .Ah am lookin forward tae Atajic getting a Game , the day.



    Ah am sure that we wull be in fur a Treat..






    Still Laughin

  2. My boss is Peter Principle on





    12:41 on 28 April, 2013






    Can you download radio aaps? Try radio scotland via bbc webpage




    Doesn’t work in France

  3. Gg


    He said lenny should be embarrassed re pfa awards and now says he should be manager of tge year

  4. DeniaBhoy, 12:21


    What happened was that getting rid of Green bought them some time over a debt that he had refused to pay. It hasn’t gone away you know

  5. My boss is Peter Principle on





    12:39 on 28 April, 2013




    Would like to listen to the game, working in France. Any advice?




    You will have to use a VPN. There are free ones available, I used Express VPN when in Paris $99 a year but worth it

  6. “They are going to rush the kick off…” C Young



    Tortured musings from a national broadcaster. I’ve got an image of Neil Cooper assaulting Charlie Nicholas at ko at Pittodrie many years ago.

  7. ‘gg



    12:42 on 28 April, 2013



    Basically called NL and embarresment to himself and Celtic over his POY comments.

  8. barbsbhoy2 – Irish Fiddler or Hoops Bar. Game delayed 15 mins so you’ve got time



    Google their address – enjoy




  9. Kojo…..



    Haven’t Seen Much Of Atajic….



    Hope He Gets Some Time Today…..



    Rather Than Bringin’ On Tired Auld Paddie….



    For Yet Anither….Last Hurrah..



    The Opportunity To Blood Our Promising Youngsters In These Meaningful Competitive Games….



    Should Not Be Squandered…..



    By Giving In To Misguided Sentiment…

  10. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Walker is an embarrassment to himself ……. McAllister is correct……he said it was jealousy, but it was also small-minded bigotry…….



    Guard of honour at Murderwell…… That will hurt them….suppose if they hadn’t they would have found a good excuse, like the PFA awards……LOL

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