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  1. BSR,


    No doubting your quote but it looks like a manager might be getting reprimanded by the SFA

  2. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on 17th October 2015 6:15 pm



    *Once read that after Tony Cascarino scored against the deid team he ran tae the crowd and MGinlay went after him. When TC was asked if he had been cautioned he replied naw McG just told him tae hurry up as he wanted tae get hame tae tell his that he had reffed in a game where he scored.



    Saw Clarke one day while I was sitting in a bistro Dumbarton, actually it was a café at the corner of Church Street and the High Street. Skinny pasty faced wee guy.

  3. Can someone please explain RDs decision to substitute Ciftci for LG when Rogic hadn’t kicked a ball. I just don’t get it.

  4. Canamalar



    Sorry, that was an awe_naw – should have made it clear but I thought it was funny









    Your’e welcome it’s my duty




  5. Gordon64


    suppose he wanted to keep the same shape / formation – but i agree that Rogic had a poor game.



    I must admit that i thought overall mcginlay wasn’t a bad ref and a lot better than the wharton, syme, davidson etc

  6. Bsr,


    The next time I’m looking for an apology from you will be the first, you just got my hopes up :)

  7. BRTH



    Different folk have different impressions – indeed.



    There are some folk who adjust their behaviour to the company they’re in.



    At work in front of the lads or lassies you can talk mince to gain some dodgy status boost..



    Whilst talking the same mince in a different circle will just get you ripped apart and then ignored as a moron..



    Plausibility CSC

  8. gordon64


    we have a handful of options in midfield for Thurs & the Molde Game,



    but very few up front give them both a wee run out

  9. I watched Jose going tonto last week at a couple of iffy non decisions. Would love to have seen his reaction if he had suffered similar to us today. They would be carrying him oot in a straight jacket.

  10. prestonpans bhoys on

    Well that was my first away game this season, first half was great and the atmosphere between us and the Motherwell fans great, pity we downed tools in the second half though

  11. After the expiration of rfc we kind of hoped the anti Celtic bias by our esteemed sfa officials would decline. If anything it has got even worse. Truly scunnered by it all.

  12. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Alan Muir was a disgrace today …dishonest or incompetent ..either way he can’t be allowed to ref another CFC game



    IMO he’s dishonest



    However …our custodians seem happy for us to be cheated …the MIB do so with impunity



    Poor game today against an appalling Motherwell side …



    Top of the league …obviously happy …but much improvement needed at CFC

  13. TheLurkinTim



    Watch this space.






    I’d like to see RWE’s ‘juxtapose’ go viral I’ve helped it on twitter, because somebody made the vital point that Celtic got cheated, and still won.



    Tackle it head on as ‘incompetence’ csc

  14. Regarding the young boy who came on the park at ht for a selfie with Leigh. The stewards were watchin for him on the stairs on the way out and one of them chased him outside and eventually caught him. He was then arrested. The stewards and police focusing all their energies chasing a young laddie who ran on for a HT selfie.


    Stewards are supposed to control the crowd and stop trouble. These eejits today nearly caused a riot with their behaviour.

  15. With Sevco and the dead club, we need to do some ‘big data’ analytics.



    We started being competitive with Tommy Burns in 95.



    Go through each match for both teams and see how many penalties and red cards are given for either side when the score is +1, even, -1 or -2.



    A penalty being given at 3-0 up wouldn’t count.



    I’m surprised somebody hasn’t done it.



    People always get turned off by numbers. It’s the complete opposite – often they have a big story to tell.

  16. Saddo of the year must go to the Steward (fkn arsehole) who nearly caused a riot chasing the young fan out the gates , just to get his man !!!



    honestly I hope he gets the sack for giving the Celtic fans the fingers (whilst taking stick I may add )


    Running into a crowd of Celtic fans put him , and the police in a very awkward position , obviously risk assessments don’t come under his remit .



    The game had everything for me , nice passing and movement ,to poor passing and lack of movement and the usual refereeing decisions …. why do we feel the need to take an extra touch or walk the ball into the net it frustrates the hell out of me



    What’s not to like ..top of the league and Sipsini’s back with all the gory stories from his hols …..


    Go on ,go on , go on , ye know ye want to :))



    Ps …. I hope the guy who looked in a bad way ( heart attack maybe) after the game is recovering well , a wee prayer said .

  17. 30 years ago Davie Hay said we need to leave this league in order to get an even break. Has anything changed ? We had a summit on the back of a load of nonsense. Now is the time to say enough is enough. It ain’t going to get any better.

  18. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Ciftci being subbed – In RD defence (and Im a critic) I think he was protecting Ciftci – his first start in a while



    Muir the most consistent Ref in Scotland – if you know what I mean




  19. Marspapa


    No1 daughters man said the young boy got chased out the gate then back in by the clown steward

  20. Gordon64,



    The SFA are responsible for our decline at International level. It is miraculous that Celtic still perform as well as we do.



    The SFA are parochial and that is me being kind, it is disturbing that there is a route to the top of the Euro and World Bodies from this place.



    Some Radiohead

  21. BSR @ 7:21



    How long do I hav to watch?….it keeps on saying watch this space ;-))




  22. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on


  23. Halfway through my wee “stoptober” type thing. Will see that the Kano foundation get their £40, that is a given.


    Have lost a whole 1lb in two weeks, so will need to get a move on as I was hoping to do 4 lbs in the month. I will need to cut out the non chocolate biscuits I think.

  24. Football is a game played by two teams of eleven players officiated by an impartial refereee (except in Scotland). Should a team play in green and white hoops the referee can allow the opposing player to foul at will with no sanction and should the opposing team handle the ball to prevent a goal no penalty shall be given for they are tims. SFA regulation 1690.

  25. First time I’ve heard the New Zealand anthem.


    I have heard the French one often as Mr McGowan our French teacher at St Pats had us sing it from time to time. Then we had to translate it.

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