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  1. Leftclictic



    Three things today



    ( 1 )My daughter (the oldest ) was back at her first game today , I was chuffed to say the least :)



    ( 2 ) I was at the end of the banner ,trying to look out from underneath :)



    ( 3 ) the lad that got the selfie with the two players sat beside me for the second half , a lovely boy who did it for a bet with his cousin !!


    All in all an eventful day , where you at the game with the wee man ?

  2. For everyone who contributed to the St Andrews Hospice Appeal Grand Canyon Trek


    And for anyone who would like to assist the Sisters in their efforts to provide palliative end of life care


    Here is a wee update from my sister on the trek




    It does contain a picture of a leg injury.


    They were unable to provide updates after they descended into the canyon.


    The local residents don’t have wifi.

  3. Leftcliktic



    I think someone landed a right hook on the steward who was being protected by the police , it looked like it was going to kick off so I left with my girls .



    Plenty of people with camera phones taking footage , I wouldn’t like to be in the stewards shoes if his face is made public …….I don’t know where his duradiction stops but he was outside the grounds gates when the steward got him…….the boy took a selfie ffks !!!!

  4. BSR,



    Am glad it’s 4 charity….and P67….gets the most out of you….but still, u should b the resident post match poster(not visual poster obviously) ;-))




  5. Green Brigade were out in their numbers today. Seemed to be well behaved and did well with the protest. Good to see.

  6. jude2005 is Neil Lennon @ 7:42 pm



    To be fair, the ref was talking to both captains about the procedures for holding up the “Show Racism the Red Card” banners at the camera line up on the pitch.



    It may have been better to do it earlier but there are a lot of pre-match rigmaroles for players and refs to go through and a last minute short reminder is no biggie. Scott has laser focus anyway and can switch back on in an instant, as his performance showed.

  7. For anyone who is critical of the atmosphere at Celtic Park, they should have a wee listen in to the Watford Arsenal game today from Vicarage Road.


    You could hear a sweetie wrapper rustle.

  8. No1 s mhan was ordered to stop filming plod on his phone while they filmed the Celtic fans with impunity


    “eh naw” was his reply


    Grahame,house and mulhollands stormtroopers don’t like it up em.

  9. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    Sorry been out collecting and delivering the daughter.



    Can’t remember who posted it a couple of pages back but I should point out i don’t know any of the past referees at all well though do know Brain McGinlay best as he used to help organise and compere the Balfron Rovers dinners.



    Brian, in my opinion, is just a football guy who will watch football at any level at the drop of a hat.



    Kenny Clark I only knew from meeting him in the bar common room at Dumbarton Sheriff Court and again he spoke at a couple of Balfron dinners. Lovely guy to speak to, but I rarely, if ever, agree with him on the radio as he always look to protect the refs club in my opinion.



    Willie Young was also a speaker – and to be fair was pretty funny and took the michael out of himself.



    They all take the michael out of McGinlay.



    Over the years we had some great speakers — and it was Brian McGinlay who organised that.



    Separately, there is no excuse for the errors at todays game and if I were at the SFA would be asking a couple of questions:



    Either the officiating at the game today was corrupt or the standard of referee training in this country is absolutely appalling.



    Either the referee should stand down, or whoever is in charge of refereeing should immediately demote him to amateur matches or resign himself.



    I have another friend who was a qualified referee and his complaint was that the whole SFA thing was a clique and a cabal.



    He got no games offered to him other than ones where he was called at 8:00am and asked if he could be in Drumchapel or Saltcoats or somewhere for a kick off at 9:00am or 10:00am.



    Unless you were in the clique you got nothing.



    He is now a Sheriff and occasionally sits on the disciplinary or adjudication committees.



    He is a fair guy – but he has a long memory and calls a spade a spade!




    Hi mhate, I’ve got an idea to coincide with Dublin next year. Still to talk to a couple of bhoys but I’ll let you know when something is firmed up.



    I concur re BSR’s match reports as they actually resemble the game I was at.




  11. To add to earlier comments I’m surprised at the behaviour of the stewards today. It’s a police job to reprimand alleged offenders, not those jobsworths. The supervisor clown with the beard was way out of line, he was a man on a mission to find the boy who took the selfie. The police made no attempt to find him in the crowd from what I could see.

  12. Roy Croppie,



    Is cool, if it’s a limited edition….you may find it easier ;-))




  13. I missed the game today but i read about the blatant penalty denied my beloved team-


    can someone tell me if it was that bad a decision?

  14. ‘GG on 17TH OCTOBER 2015 8:02 PM


    I can’t help Broony would suit the Haka





    He scares me as it is.






    i never really understand why the team stabds and faces up while the haka or the other islanders are doing their war dance.



    run aboot and ignore it.



    having said that, i bet broony would unnerve them just standing there

  15. the refs cabal, the lanarkshire association,



    wait till Paul Larkins next book



    Anyone But Celtic

  16. Bhrutus, both were incredible, jaw dropping decisions.


    There was nothing dubious, or open for discussion.


    Stonewall variety. Both. The Motherell must be gutted he didn’t hold onto the ball.



    Stephen Pearson also tried to chop Efe in two, no card, Izzy had one of those tackles committed on him, high feet, studs showing, nothing.



    Mibbery at its worst today.

  17. Brian McGinlay refereed a few games I played in, he was very good I have to say. Talked to the players all the way through and treated you like an adult, unlike some.

  18. On the same night that the Blue Jays were playing their “riot” game, around 2 miles away Toronto FC (TFC) were lining up against the New York Red Bulls (former Sporting Director Andy Roxburgh and Head of Global Soccer Gerard Houllier), with the home side requiring a point to make the playoffs for the 1st time in their 8 year existence, while the opposition Red Bulls also require a point to lock up the top spot in the Eastern Conference of the MLS.



    TFC have a healthy and vociferous fan base but some of their acquisitions have left a lot to be desired including a former Harry Wragg trackie seller as coach/general manager.



    Last season the owners Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment who also own Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors made several high profile moves including US international Michael Bradley from Roma as well as a deal which was called “a bloody great deal” bringing in Jermaine Defoe from Spurs on a 4 year contract.



    Unfortunately, the latter never settled and spent a considerable time on the treatment table, he did though score 11 goals in only 19 games before being sold to Sunderland 10 months later.



    Not put off by this TFC crossed the pond again bringing back diminutive Italian international forward Sebastian Giovinco (aka Atomic Ant) from Juve.



    The Ant was an immediate success and broke the MLS single-season points record for combined goals and assists in this his first season.



    In October he was named to the Italian national team for the UEFA Euro 2016 qualifiers against Azerbaijan and Norway on 10 and 13 October.



    He made a substitute appearance in Italy’s 3–1 away win over Azerbaijan, which guaranteed the Italians a place at Euro 2016; he came on in the 79th minute and later hit the cross-bar from a free-kick after being fouled by Badavi Guseynov who was subsequently sent off by eyes in the back of his heid collum.



    On 13 October, he came off of the bench once again and was involved in both goals as Italy came from behind to defeat Norway 2–1 in Rome, and top their group.



    On 14 October, after coming off the bench, he scored the decisive goal in a 2–1 home win over the Red Bulls after a dribbling run past several players on the left flank, which culminated in a left-footed strike just inside the area (Henrik Larsonnesqe); the win allowed Toronto FC to qualify for the MLS playoffs for the first time in their history.



    Several pundits praised his performances, expressing the opinion that this goal was the best goal of the season, and the greatest in TFC’s club history. The pundits also praised Giovinco as arguably not only one of the top players of the current MLS season, but also already as one of the greatest players in MLS history. The Ant had just returned from international duty earlier that day, having appeared for Italy the day before.



    The last sentence is so important here; he was in Leonardo da Vinci International Airport that morning and approx 11 hours later, a distance of 4400 miles and 6 hour time distance, landed at Toronto Pearson International Airport.



    This wee player is the organisation franchise and yet was only on the bench for this huge game.



    After the final whistle the coach Greg Vanney was asked if he had 2nd thoughts in only using him as a sub, his answer was an emphatic no as the wee man had went from TO to Baku and then back to Rome before returning to TO.



    Sports teams in the US are used to traveling and different time zones so GV would have no problem in making such a crucial decision.



    Compare that with our big ANC winner who travelled from Johannesburg to Glasgow via Heathrow, approx 15 hours, albeit in the same time zone and when asked by his manager if he was ok to play said what any other player would say.



    It’s not Efe’s fault that he messed up that night but the man who picked him.

  19. Neymar clear through on goal, on a hat trick and squares to a team mate. Great to watch even though he messed it up.

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