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  1. Another ferocious contest going on here as Ireland battle back against the Argies.


    Should we be surprised that Argentina are good at a ball sport where you are allowed to main your opponents , in fact encouraged to do so?


    They are ferocious in the tackle probably even more so than the Irish boys. Listen to me talking as if I know all about Rugby.


    I do know that this is a great match and Ireland will do well to get through, very well. I do enjoy the refereeing….all open and upfront with the benefit of TV ? That would never be allowed by the HSFA.

  2. My friends in Celtic,



    While watching the Dundee Utd v Hearts game the abundance of empty seats was very clear. This game, with favourable weather and a time that is not too bad should attract a much bigger crowd. It is obvious that even a new manager has not galvanised the home support.



    I think that many of our “top” teams will be part-time in the next few years. DD is absolutely correct to persue a league more suited to our status.



    It is the only logical way forward or we will continue to downsize.




  3. Jmccormick



    Last night The All-Blacks played the game at as high a level as the sport has probably ever been played. You didn’t need to know much about the game to enjoy watching that combination of pace, power and skill. And fair refereeing.

  4. Gerryfaethe brig



    Today it’s all gone domestic, roast chicken, roast tattles and salad, will be ready in about an hour. Am not on cooks duty today, the good lady is obliging. Yesterday she fecked off to Pavone ‘s with daughter and nieces in tow, left me to fend for myself.


    I duly made myself a tapas feast and had a proper tea to myself. When life deals you lemons…..

  5. Beat hoy, I watched a fair bit of that, truly scary performance from the Kiwis . I used to watch the tri nations stuff on Sky and saw the gap , now that Argentina are playing in that tournament they can only improve…..as we have just seen.

  6. South Of Tunis on

    Half time at the Stadio San Paolo.



    Napoli 0 Fiorentina 0.



    Big cheer and a round of applause to mark the news of an Argentina victory.

  7. Looks that there will be no northern hemisphere teams in the Rugby WC semi finals. The Kiwis for me.

  8. Gerryfaethebrig on




    I think United fans are a bit scunnered not sure Mixu is the name they would have been hoping for, they have lost a fair few players lately so must be pretty soul destroying to keep paying to watch a team decline….



    Jmccormick enjoy your grub

  9. Call_of_Juarez on

    No segregation at the Rugby. Everyone having a good time cheering on their team. No trouble. Why can’t we have it that way?

  10. Big-Cup winners



    Yeah, I know. It wasn’t a question, just an add-on to the end of your post, unnecessary though, as it was clear what you thought about AR1’s role in the cheating.



    I just wanted to use the term ‘armball’, why not use the whole limb if you can get away with it?



    What next, will the MIBs let our next outfield opponents get away with catching the ball in the box?



    Oh, wait a minute! Michael Duberry?



    Warning. . The odd ‘flamin’, ‘flippin’ and ‘bounder’ used by a riled support!




  11. Cathedral View on

    Congratulations to Scotland who through a combination of hard work and fortuitous fixture scheduling have become the sole representatives from the northern hemisphere to remain in the World Cup.




  12. Sloth took over from good intent this afternoon.


    Instead of taking the brisk walk in the Autumn sunshine with the neighbour’s wee dug, as I had promised, I took to the couch to watch yesterday’s UK match highlights followed by the “offering” from Tannadice. That’s a few hours of my life I will never get back!


    It has been said on CQN today that DUFC are dire – and indeed they are – however, despite comments to the contrary from the soup-taking duo on Sky Sports, on today’s evidence the “Minis”, who prevailed thanks to a soft penalty to zero, are not much better.


    The match as a whole was enough to get football stopped!


    Just as embarrassing however is having to watch a re-run “highlights” of the SPFL on national TV to a backdrop of stadia occupied by a few men and another dug.


    Anyone who thinks that it is in our interests to stay in the prevailing football set up has, I fear, truly resigned themselves to the steady decline of our great club.


    However if we ever needed another reason to consider a sharp exit from our present environment let’s not forget the performance of “Gripper Muir” yesterday. I was at Fir Park where I watched a competent first half passing performance, during which we totally dominated, grind into a lacklustre second half where it appeared that we ran out of steam – perhaps due to the strains which the recent internationals have imposed on some of our key players. Naturally I exclude Broonie from this because, as usual, he gave his all and never once showed any hangover from the Scotland episode.


    It is no wonder however that the talk today is all about Brother Muir. Quite apart from the double penalty debacle, why incidents such as Pearson’s tackle on Efe did not even draw a yellow card frankly defy belief.


    Whilst I agree with many of today’s contributors that we need to do something about this in our hearts we all know that complaining to Hampden is pointless.


    Like Greenpinta, earlier today, I am convinced that what we need is to get out of the SPFL and ASAP. I am not claiming that I know how we achieve this however I do know that this is where the efforts of the present board should be focussed.


    Call of juarez



    It’s a blight on the Beautiful Game no doubt.



    Wonderf the violent idiots realise just how much damage they do. I’d love to travel with my son to see Celtic in Turkiye, the San Siro, Ajax, Rome etc. But the threat of aggression from these numpties means it’s a non-starter.



    Really unfathomable that the contrast with other cities eg barcelona is so noticeable.


    Right enough the biggest contrast in Europe has to be that between our club and the Huns.

  15. quonno on 18th October 2015 9:08 am
















    *hmmm not sure were your going with this but the only Tontine I know is the one where, much to our benefit, James Kelly and Neilly McCallum honed their skills.



    Also, there is a Tontine pub or hotel across the Clyde where St Stivs resides. Could be a connection, when I was a lhad, Greenock had the highest wine drinking population per head in the country, the Renton was second.



    I take it you don’t like the wee village, Mrs. TT who is Brucehill born and Castlehill bred isnae that fond of it either




    Many thanks for the clarification, I seemed to remember Craig Whyte hired the guys as MCR originally, so thought maybe that was something to do with D&P not picking up the Costs, however what you have said makes perfect sense as usual.



    And now that I think about it MCR was bought by D&P anyway.






    Hail Hail

  17. Cathedral View on

    Yesterdays attendance was given as 8,888.



    Of that number we brought a full allocation of 5,800.



    So, only 3,088 Motherwell fans turned up to support their new manager in his first match.




  18. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Stephen Pearsons “tackle” was a shocker, it was on his standing leg, Efe to his credit didn’t make a deal of it, but that was as close to a broken leg as could be, not sure about Pearsons intent but thankfully Efe was able to continue, I grimaced watching it and still shudder at how serious it could have been

  19. glendalystonsils on

    The commentator on BT reckoned the ref was right not to book Pearson for the tackle on Efe because Pearson


    is ‘not that type of player’ !!



    Didn’t know character references came into it!



    Re the ads on the site, I have Chrome and have installed adblock and adblock plus (both free).


    No ads or popups, but both showing 13 ads being blocked.

  20. Hi Gerry!



    Notwithstanding his intent, Pearson’s tackle was a straight red and had real career finishing potential in my view!



    It has all been said about the other decisions however it would be hard to find more blatant examples of incompetence at best, bias at worst.




  21. glendalystonsils on 18th October 2015 4:32 pm




    You should only need adblock or adblock plus installed, not both. They are 2 different apps that do the same thing.

  22. As ever, I have been a proper shitebag , not white bag as spell predictor said, a and turned off rugby. All because I believe I will jinx our bold Presbyterian brothers….daft I know but that’s the way it is..

  23. Gerryfaethebrig on

    TerrYk. Totally agree Scott Brown would never get a way with mistiming a tackle like that



    Jmccormick am no fan of rugby or Scotland but like yourself I turned the TV over to the Stuutgart game as I felt I was jinxing Ecosse, by the way I would prefer Scotland to win than get beat

  24. Good afternoon


    Scotland doing really well I hope they can do likewise in be second half.



    Any Kodi users around looking for some advise as I no longer have any add ons available ?