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  1. Whyte, Green & King – Fruit of a poisoned tree.



    The received wisdom in the press is that Whyte borrowed £24m from Octopus Investments plc. However at The High Courts of Justice, they successfully sued Whyte and his British Virgin Islands registered company Liberty Capital for £17.1m and their costs.



    The British Virgin Islands is one of the preferred destinations for tax evasion and money laundering. Mr King had several accounts in The British Virgin Islands.How five of the SFA’s board could pass him fit and proper can only suggest the they have been so compromised by Charles Green,and their input to Lord Nimmo Smith, that they will accept any spiv with a promise to control the press via Level 5.



    The charges also cast an unfavourable light on the actions of Pinsent Smith and a regulatory body that allows any club to conduct an investigation of itself. When I think of the SFA I search my garden for tropical fruit to confirm that I’m not living in a Banana Republic.



    However the charges specify that another company was approached for funding, namely Merchant Turnaround plc. If we deduct the £17.1m as specified in the High Courts of Justice, we arrive at a figure of circa £11.2m. This arrangement was never disclosed by leaks from Charlotte Fakes or any other source. This new development came to light at Friday’s Preliminary Hearing.



    The first charge is that between January 1 2010 and February 16 2012, at various locations in Scotland, England, France and Monaco, Messrs Whyte, Withey, Grier, Whitehouse and Clark indulged in a conspiracy.It is alleged that they conspired to acquire and obtain by fraud a majority and controlling stake in the shareholding of Rangers.It is claimed they obtained £28,262,094 from Ticketus and Merchant Turnaround illegally and that they then used the money to persuade Rangers that they could afford to take the club over.Prosecutors claim that they acted illegally in their dealings with ticket company Ticketus over a deal regarding the sales of Rangers season tickets.Prosecutors allege that they were then able to acquire 85.3 per cent of the issued capital of the club for £1 by fraud and did thus obtain a majority and controlling stake in the shareholding of the club.



    The pecuniary advantage for Whyte and Grier is obvious. The smoking gun for Grier is that he was the second appointee to Whyte’s board of directors. When looking at the dates we note that this includes the appointment of Duff & Phelps. So if proven, not only did they acquire the funds illegally, but there was an intent to enter administration from January 1 2010.



    The fees that came with administration for Duff & Phelps completes the circle. However the biggest question here is who pocketed the the £10.26m after Murray was paid off? It most certainly was not spent on Rangers as we now know that employee PAYE taxes, employer National Insurance and v.a,t. were not paid. Surely a charge could be made that they conspired to defraud HMRC if there was never any intention of paying tax?



    The second charge concerns the conduct of Mr Whyte and Mr Withey and a company called Wavetower Limited. It is with regard to a debt owed by Rangers to the Bank of Scotland plc. Prosecutors allege that they “unlawfully” gave the club “financial assistance” by causing Rangers to enter into a “ticket purchase agreement” with Ticketus.It is claimed that this was done for “the sole or main purpose of facilitating the acquisition of the club by providing finance which was lent by the Club to Wavetower Limited which in turn allowed Wavetower Ltd to repay the club’s debt to the Bank of Scotland plc”. Prosecutors claim that this contravened the Companies Act 2006.



    This is clever.The money is accrued in an account held by Collyer Bristow, where Mr Withey was a former finance partner prior to his resignation. Collyer Bristow provides proof of funds to David Murray, who in turn convinces other members of the board of directors. With the ‘loan’ to Whyte’s company Wavetower, Whyte has a company with a £10.26m cash reserve. It should be noted at this point that Collyer Bristow paid £24m to BDO in an out of court settlement of a £50m suit



    This closely resembles the fraud perpetrated by Dave King and Greg Morris with The Umgeni Water Pension Fund, that ended up being worthless. I despair at the stupidity of my fellow Rangers fans. To accept King after Whyte and Green would suggest we have become so accustomed to liars and fraudsters that we might as well continue in this fashion. Those at the RST and Rangers First should take a long hard look at themselves.Their backing of King is inexcusable.



    The second charge against Whyte and Withey is a contravention of the Companies Act 2006. I doubt either will lose much sleep over this charge. Whyte will no doubt discount the third charge,apropos to his non disclosure of his former disqualification to the SFA on May 20, 2011. This board is willing to overlook 41 criminal charges, so Whyte might as well have disclosed his malfeasance, as it would have been swept under the SFA’s carpets at Hampden Park.



    The fourth charge alleges that between December 13 2010 and January 31 2012, at Ibrox stadium and various locations in Scotland, England and continental Europe, Whyte, Withey, Grier, Whitehouse and Clark also acted illegally again. It is alleged that they contravened section 28 of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010.



    The fifth charge alleges that on July 16 2012 at the premises of Duff & Phelps and at various locations in Scotland and England, Mr Whitehouse, Mr Clark and Mr Grier, attempted to pervert the course of justice.



    Prosecutors claim that this happened after being requested by Court of Session judge Lord Hodge to provide a report to him following an allegation of conflict involving Duff and Phelps. The company were appointed administrators to Rangers.



    The Crown claims that in the report, the claim is made that “prior to the acquisition of Rangers on May 6 2011, Duff and Phelps were never made aware of the terms surrounding the financing of the transaction through Ticketus.”



    It is claimed that they knew this statement was false and that Whitehouse, Clark, and Grier were aware of the terms surrounding the financing of the transaction through Ticketus.



    Prosecutors claim that they did this “to avoid detection, arrest and prosecution in respect of the crime libelled in charge 1 hereof and with intent to pervert the course of justice.”



    I discussed a tape that exists in regard to this in a previous article. I’m fairly certain that Police Scotland will have this tape and other incriminating evidence.



    The sixth charge alleges that between February 1 2012 and June 14 2012, at various locations in Scotland, Whyte, Whitehouse, Clark and Green conspired together to acquire through the administration of Rangers, “de facto control and ownership of the business and assets of the club.”



    The seventh charge alleges that between February 1 2012 and and December 31 2012 at Ibrox and other locations throughout Europe, Whyte, Whitehouse, Clark and Green acted illegally.



    Prosecutors claim they conspired to acquire Rangers “for a sum considerably below the market value.”



    The eighth charge alleges that between March 1 2012 and December 30 2013, at Ibrox, Green obtained “material benefit and a quantity of shares and money by fraud.”



    On the balance of probability, the charges against the six defendants are likely to result in convictions. It took two years to gather the evidence, which included four interviews of Green prior to his arrest and detention at Livingston police station.



    It will take a minimum of two years to convince a jury that they are guilty. I realize that we should presume innocence during their trial. However, if I were that gullible I might as well accept that King, who borrowed extensively from members of his golf club to pay his court fines, has £30m tucked away that The Scorpions and the UK’s Serious Fraud Office could not find.



    It is interesting to note that having paid himself a handsome dividend from his latest corporate scam, King has not shown face in his former golf club to pay his personal debts.



    Ps… Met Dallas as he was coming out of skaters this afternoon… Don’t think he appreciated my e-mail comment :)

  2. Gerryfaethebrig



    Still bottttling out of watching our rugby team, but am genuinely want us to win..



    Just watched the ” highlights ” from the EPL ….hilarious that they call this Super Sunday..


    Defending at this level would get you a kicking from your mates after the game in Lanarkshire.

  3. Maestro on 18th October 2015 4:57 pm



    Any Kodi users around looking for some advise as I no longer have any add ons available ?




    I’m not a big kodi user though have installed it to play around, I beileve the most popular addon Genesis was recently upgraded and quite a few users are suffering issues.



    Don’t know what laptop/box you are using but on PC you can install the addons yourself.

  4. Open honest refereeing, not something we see in Scotland very often,


    A knock on against Australia stops a try counting,

  5. The Huddle cheers for that I am just back my hols and wondered were all my add ons had went.



    Come on Scotland

  6. Sipsini, cracking game of egg chasing.


    Started watching in home rather than expectation.


    Now we have a wee chance.

  7. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    Good Afternoon All.



    Hopefully Scotland can see off the Aussies in the quarter final.



    In the interim, here is a link to a wee Strandsky Tale with a purpose.



    If you can find the time to read it and pass it on that would be great.









    Frankie’s Story




  8. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory

  9. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on




    Muir would never have given that penalty -)







  10. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Unlucky Scotland, but in my opinion it’s a sport for the middle to upper class, we never played rugby in our scheme…..



    Newcastle 6-2, I bet them with both teams scoring but Stuttgart are jinxing that line, 27th August 2000 6-2….. Martin O’Neills first game against Rangers (they were called that back then) Sutton, Petrov and Lambert before 20mins, who knows what Martin said in that dressing room that day but must be one of my favourite games, by the way Klos actually had a good game and stopped Henrik a few times before Henrik eventually gave him the eyes and dinged one of my favourite ever goals, still watch the wee ball Bhoy he jumps off the ground before most in the stands draw breath