Motivations of Deans, his journo and others


You know what side of society you live in when the print and online media carry claims from former Hearts chairman, Leslie Deans, that a football game should be replayed because a player was hit by a missile.

It is to the credit of the player in question, Barrie McKay, that he made nothing of the cup thrown at him, but when we have seen actual assaults on Celtic players on the field at Ibrox in recent seasons pass with scarcely a mention, you see the context of life in Scotland.

Digging out these relics of a former era to make completely untrue allegations (that Celtic have not issued apologies) is the extent to which some will go to establish an impression that Celtic and their fans are dishonourable beneficiaries of illicit gains.  Before you get into it, all charges against solicitor Deans were dropped five years ago, there are no criminal charges outstanding.  His character remains as it was.

The motivation of Deans, the journalist who quoted him, or the many others who make a living by having a kick at Celtic, are different, but the effect is the same.  To win as we have in recent seasons, Celtic need to be exceptional.

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  1. The offensive behaviour at football act was passed by the Scottish Parliament.


    Do we have detailed evidence of the specific role played by an identifiable senior cop? Hopefully, something more than the role he played when Glasgow City Council employees were ticketing vans collectiong donations last week.


    The GB seem to be a bit scatter gun on occasion.


    I note that their actions are also often in breach of their ticket Ts and Cs and lead to several tens of thousands of £s of fines for the club.


    Let he who hath not sinned……

  2. Gordon was offered a much reduced contract before we signed a replacement, absolutely amateurish stuff yet again, all our eggs in the FF basket

  3. glendalystonsils on

    VALE BHOY on 8TH DECEMBER 2021 2:29 PM





    I heard that St. Mirren offered Craig Gordon more than us.



    The impression one could quite easily come away with is that someone wanted rid of Craig Gordon , and thought that a good way of achieving that would be to make him a derisory offer .

  4. Vale Bhoy



    Amazing. There was something very strange about the way BR dropped him after he had been our only decent player at Ibrox. Perhaps he was using CG as a scapegoat. And then NL waited for ever to get Fraser Forster and ended up paying big money for ….. Barkas!

  5. Maybe I was too hasty advocating going to Mass to tell everyone how good it is to be a Roman Catholic.


    The GB have out-manouvoured many of us with a vow of silence.


    That’s dedication for you



    Seriously, Higgins may be a wretch, but was he ” Only obeying Orders ”


    The obvious target is, who gave the orders.




  6. ERNIE LYNCH @ 2:14



    Spot on! Of course SNPcult doesn’t do apologies.



    In the early 20th century the Nationalists were in league with the Church Of Scotland which espoused that it was impossible for Irish people to assimilate and called for them to be “repatriated” as they were an “undesirable” drain on society, fuelling unemployment, fecklessness and criminality – “What school did you go to” was one of the first question on most job application forms in Scotland up until the 60’s/70s.



    The first version of ‘The Famine Song’, not to the strains of ‘Sloop JohnB’ – possibly ‘Old MacDonald Had A Farm’



    The Church Of Scotland has since recanted & apologised – the SNPcult never have.



    The sentiment is still there engrained like lettering in a stick of SNPcult rock.

  7. FAC Video + 3 stories.


    Interesting stuff — covering a lot of ground though.



    Video — showing a lot of rambo policing by people who are not up to the job.


    Stories — need more publicity and response from the authorities.



    Looking like a lawyer / CAB would have been a good place to start.


    Then comes the MI5 shakedown to get an informer.


    BotP conviction is Plod being ersey with existing laws.



    Very concerning but a mixed bag.

  8. JHB on 8th December 2021 2:42 pm



    From the wretch that voted for Brexit…………….to manage immigration.

  9. JHB (or Ernie as you somethimes call yourself)


    In “the early 20th century” – how early? The SNP was founded in 1934.


    Anyway, which political party ever apologises? Has Labour every apologised for the mass murder it has committed throughout the world?

  10. The SNP want an independent Scoddland with the queen as head of state and keeping the British pound.



    So the monarch of another country is the monarch of an ‘independent’ Scotland. And, the currency of another country is Scoddland’s currency.



    That’s independence, is it?



    Explain that please.

  11. The first silent protest was v Dundee Utd was it not ?



    What a lot of crap Re Craig Gordon. Why do folk want to believe this shit.

  12. 79CAPS on 8TH DECEMBER 2021 2:51 PM


    ‘JHB (or Ernie as you somethimes call yourself)







    You’re just being silly now.

  13. Burnley78


    What is crap about questioning why Craig Gordon was virtually told to leave Celtic and why we chose to pay more than 4 million for Barkas? CG is the best goalkeeper in Scotland, as good as any in Britain.

  14. timmy7_noted on 8th December 2021 2:49 pm



    JHB on 8th December 2021 2:42 pm



    From the wretch that voted for Brexit…………….to manage immigration.






    I voted for Brexit because of the Big Government factor.



    Power and all that.



    Anyway to more important matters. Ange’s team the morra – there needs to be a balance, Callum is an energy bunny but Deserves a rest. Och whit dae I know. Callum is a Fantastic Captain,

  15. Iniquitous @2.17am



    The heady days of our 3:3 draw with Man City (very very close to a 3:4 loss if you recall)??



    In 3 years under BR we got to CL group stage twice and finished 4th (3 pts from 3 draws and a 0:11 goal difference from our 3 lost ties). In season 2 we finished 3rd thanks to a one win and 5 defeats record, with an overall GD of 2:18 from those 5 defeats). In his 3rd season he lost a qualifier to an AEK Athens team with our current 3rd choice keepr in their goal so we ended up in the Europa League Group and finished 2nd with a 50% record of 3 wins and 3 losses before being well beaten home and away in EL last 32.



    I don’t know what you read from those figures but this ambitious coach with, at least, initial backing, did not get us on course for regular CL triumphs. Of course, we have experienced even worse since he left but that fits the pattern predicted from my argument better than yours. If BR was the answer then we should have kicked on from the levels being achieved by the “hapless” NFL’s and WGS’s of our past but thay achieved much higher European levels in getting us to CL last 16 (twice in WGS’s reign).



    As I said, your hypothesis of Big Coach +Big Spend = inevitable improvement has never and will never be put to the test. You can go on believing that it would or it were but there is no seed evidence for it.



    I don’t know which Bankier AGM statement you are trying to link me with nut my disdain for the man is long documented and it won’t fly. If you were pairing me with the “We’re in good hands” statement them you have misunderstood my point. to block off any further escape route squirrels, I will state.



    I do not believe we are in good hands


    I do not believe we can’t do better


    I do not believe that a good coach and good transfer activity cannot improve us.



    What I do beieve is :-



    Even with good coaches and good transfer activity (and I have not yet met a manager who has not made duff buys) there is a glass ceiling to what we, as a 3rd tier team can achieve in Europe against clubs with resources that will always dwarf ours under current Big Country/Big League rules.



    That it is getting harder (NB- not impossible) to get regular CL qualification (and to get out of the Group Stages) and that “ambition” (whatever that is) cannot make it so. People misunderstand Positive Thinking. They believe it equates to if I think it possible , it is possible. No rational person can believe that mis-translated precept. Positivity is a virtue but it is not any form of guarantee or insurance.

  16. I’m on the Ange journey. It seems a lonely task for him and Everybody needs a confidant.



    I wonder if Joe Hart is more than a goalkeeper to Ange ?



    HH to all.

  17. MADMITCH on 8TH DECEMBER 2021 2:23 PM


    Silence from the GB.





    Silence from the pensioner battlers.



    Silence from the commando comic readers.



    No more songs about big hats / Dublin green / 60’s fascists / sub machine guns / happy tractor haters …






    Does this mean you will not need to turn your telly down.


    You should go to a game mitchy


    Your doing that new Laboury thing of shouting from the sidelines but doin fook all when active.

  18. BURNLEY78 on 8TH DECEMBER 2021 2:57 PM


    The first silent protest was v Dundee Utd was it not ?


    What a lot of crap Re Craig Gordon. Why do folk want to believe this shit.




    No, I was at the Dun Utd game and talked a load of pish after a weekend on the sauce so definitely not silent!


    Was Livi and we were crap all game whereas the silence was only 30mins

  19. Britnat vermin on along side tonyblair acolytes.


    And using the word cult too.



    Ah bliss smiling


    Ernie you voted for a cult that murdered 250 000 calling anyone as a cult member is funny


    Sad tho

  20. Tomorrow will be cold and wet. To go or not to go. That is the question.



    A cracking wee oasis after the game.pushes up the odds.


    The Drover, lubricating the parts that Celtic and Ange can’t reach.




  21. Coneybhoy, sometimes in life and in Sport , if you get into a rut it can be extremely difficult to dig yourself out,


    Support does drive a team on, there is no doubt about that, playing in a strange atmosphere with a packed but quiet Celtic Park can and in my opinion did affect the team against Livi.


    The team started badly & the resumption of the noise failed to lift them out of the rut.


    I’m genuinely worried this Protest is playing into the hands of our enemies.

  22. GREENPINATA on 8TH DECEMBER 2021 3:22 PM


    Tomorrow will be cold and wet. To go or not to go. That is the question.


    A cracking wee oasis after the game.pushes up the odds.


    The Drover, lubricating the parts that Celtic and Ange can’t reach.






    Go, you know it makes sense. I’ll be in the Drover before and will warm a seat





    Tried to check in online for my return flight (GLA to DUB) on Friday. Won’t let me because i don’t have my antigen test yet – getting it on Thurs 4pm in George Sq (thanks Timm7-Noted).


    Hopefully I can scan that in before i started drinking or it’s an earlier start Fri morning to check in at the airport.



    Bloody Tory Irish government!

  23. Corkcelt



    i know what you mean on the support but i think we were suckered by a brilliant defensive display by Livi.



    i don’t think there is much of an atmosphere at most home league games anyway (even back in the 80s it was quiet-ish outside of the Jungle). Memory is not what i think i remember it was though!!

  24. prestonpans bhoys on

    Against this silent protest, it will impact team performance. How many times have you heard an opposition manager saying play tight for the first half hour to silence the crowd. Job done for them.



    Can be other forms of protest to embark on to make a point. Throw tennis balls at the board if you like, since cricket is in vogue at the moment use cricket balls⚾😱😂😂

  25. I think the GB bring much more to Celtic park than do the Silent Majority ( which includes me). Even so, I think the 30 minutes of silence is a mistake . It may well make a point but cost us points whilst so doing.



    I feel a unified action ( backs to the pitch?) on a selected minute of the game would make the point without affecting our team. Thoughts?

  26. lets all do the huddle on

    it wasnt that long ago i found out what a Drover was, i assume the pub is named after such people



    jeez, they had a hard job!