Motivations of Deans, his journo and others


You know what side of society you live in when the print and online media carry claims from former Hearts chairman, Leslie Deans, that a football game should be replayed because a player was hit by a missile.

It is to the credit of the player in question, Barrie McKay, that he made nothing of the cup thrown at him, but when we have seen actual assaults on Celtic players on the field at Ibrox in recent seasons pass with scarcely a mention, you see the context of life in Scotland.

Digging out these relics of a former era to make completely untrue allegations (that Celtic have not issued apologies) is the extent to which some will go to establish an impression that Celtic and their fans are dishonourable beneficiaries of illicit gains.  Before you get into it, all charges against solicitor Deans were dropped five years ago, there are no criminal charges outstanding.  His character remains as it was.

The motivation of Deans, the journalist who quoted him, or the many others who make a living by having a kick at Celtic, are different, but the effect is the same.  To win as we have in recent seasons, Celtic need to be exceptional.

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  1. Back to Basics – Glass Half Full on 8th December 2021 11:48 pm



    Enjoy listening to Ange at media conferences but (shakes head) the simple art of asking a clear, concise question seems to be dying…






    Thought exactly the same thing on the freshest meeja dump; some were culpable of forgetting the first rule of interviewing, namely, construct a useful ‘open-ended’ question then shut-it while allowing the ‘star turn’ to hold court.



    Too many seize their Warhol 15 opportunity to demonstrate their own insight and opinion, which they then may want to galvanise with the manager’s endorsement.






    Back to Basics – Glass Half Full on 8th December 2021 11:48 pm”



    Agreed. The first question in particular took an age to ask and lost any significance it may have had.


    Ange, with his `warriors` comment was brilliant. Even the Ibrox sycophants in the Scottish Media must feel some embarrassment listening to his responses and knowing he is talking about them.

  3. Toaty Trumper @ well past my bedtime



    I think you have more than one spare going at the moment …


    Nobody want’s to listen to your mutterings / moon howling at any price.



    Even your political buddies at SV have given up on your frontier gibberish.


    Less caffeine and more sleep would be a good place to start.



    Regarding what you missed when you were counting beans in the City:


    Post SH vs SH in power — discuss.



    Kurdish civilians gassed in their beds?


    Iranian civilians gassed in their beds?


    Chemical weapons used on the battlefield vs Iranian Army?


    Marsh Arabs subjected to environmental terrorism?


    Various Shia groups given a regular kicking?



    SH had to go.



    We should never have supported him in the 80’s.


    We should have gotten rid of him in 90/91.



    We should have followed through in 98 rather than admit political defeat when the French and Russians decided that doing nothing was the way forward — his name was on the debt and any successor state would probably default / SH was giving back-handers to people in power to say no to everything at the UN — take your pick.



    We should have had a plan in 2003 to rebuild Iraq after the fighting stopped — we did not and everybody specifically the Iraqi people have paid a heavy price for that laziness.



    Sloganeering / quick solutions to complex problems don’t work.



    Want proof ask Not-Jacinda and the Tartan Tories in Holyrood who are finding out every day how difficult it is to organise a swally session in a brewery — starting with there are no pint glasses in said brewery.

  4. Since the two storms, my TV is not receiving a signal. I am going to go up and have a look at the aerial. Anyone know what I should be looking for?



    PS I know what the aerial looks like, I mean what fault should I be looking for :-)))

  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Quadrophenian & Hot Smoked – cheers.



    Quad – your summation (incl references to “star turn” and “Warhol 15”) nailed it far more succinctly than mine.



    Here’s hoping for some improvement moving forward.



    Thing is though – most of them aren’t actually there for a dialogue.



    They just want a takeaway for their next headline or piece of click bait.



    HS – to your point, I think Ange provided that yesterday !




  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Ernie – apologies. Scrolling back through yesterday’s contributions I belatedly came across your Henry VIII comment.



    Yes, the old jousting accident of 1536.



    One of the events suggested to explain away the psychopath’s behaviour.



    On such tiny outcomes doth history pivot




  7. prestonpans bhoys on

    HOT SMOKED on 9TH DECEMBER 2021 10:22 AM


    Since the two storms, my TV is not receiving a signal



    The direct connection cable into your aerial or if it’s a long cable any supporting connection unit. I trust you’ve checked the back of your telly😂😀

  8. KDS rumour mongering — New bloke incoming from the J League.



    YI — sounds a bit Geordie to me — not quite a project more like an ongoing redemption (song).


    If his arrival encourages DT to get more physical / JMcC to try a leg in training then job done.



    He seems to be all in regarding effort and energy — just what we need.


    We have no lack of talent just issues with intelligence / effort / nous / physicality.


    Hopefully more on the way.



    Can you change the sun from red to green on a Japanese flag without causing offense to anyone?


    Would make a good addition to the roster of club flags.

  9. Back to Basics – I think some in the ‘fan media’ try too hard to show deeper insight but that can be indulgent; mainstream meeja’s mostly about trite memes and trick questions.



    Hot Smoked on 9th December 2021 10:22 am



    Since the two storms, my TV is not receiving a signal…Anyone know what I should be looking for?





    From recent word about shite weather in the UK, look for…black ice and ensuring yer ladder’s stable ?

  10. Hoping AP is looking to trawl the Iranian market for talent.


    They have green in their flag plus we would be doing our bit for ME / West Asian political tolerance + engagement.



    If we buy an Iranian CB then NB would never have to be emergency CL qualifier defensive cover ever again — win / win / win.



    Plus if they got to see the mess we have made of Dounreay they would have second thoughts about nuclear anything. The sight of a radioactive fire engine would surely have them asking questions.

  11. Not wanting to upset people — but a TV aerial discussion is surely CQN’s jumping the shark moment.


    What next — crochet corner / allotment news / fly fishing tips?



    It is like the time when Lidl sold unicycles on a special — true but on reflection unbelievable.

  12. Madmitch 10.52.


    What an unfair post.


    I felt the post summed up what is good about the blog.


    That a poster feels comfortable in asking for assistance and even better that a kind and helpful post was received about the matter.

  13. JNP @ 11.05



    Please don’t let facts / common sense / positivity get in the way of a good rant.


    A shark has been jumped and I will leave things at that.

  14. Teflon uteruses — you have to hand it to the English upper class bints.


    They don’t hang about when it comes to sprogs.


    Less than 18 months — that is high productivity.



    She probably knows that BoJo isn’t in it for the long haul — so needs must.


    Looking very transactional to me.

  15. JIMMYNOTPAUL, 100% agree with you. Can’t be doing with political arguments on here, but don’t like to comment about it. It is an ideal place to ask advice about most things.

  16. MADMITCH on 9TH DECEMBER 2021 10:52 AM



    Useful information and knowledge being exchanged among posters has always been a regular feature of this forum.

  17. Madmitch,



    CQN has always been a diverse blog . We have discussed Cheese on Toast and ” Moonlandings ” amongst many others.


    Why not TV aerials? After all if you intend to watch the Celtic game tonight, you may need one.

  18. Mitchy.


    Come along tonight.youll get your spare.


    Sftb covered your vacuous and infantile abuse yesterday.your reeking of classless envy.will be at pools office around 7.15.





  19. Interesting interview early this morning on Radio Scotland. Seemingly, there was a star added to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Radio Scotland were suggesting that there was opposition from locals for the ongoing development of the Cathedral. They were interviewing someone from Spain about the matter. He mentioned that the Star was lit yesterday as it was the Immaculate Conception, without further explanation. Either Radio Scotland presumed that listeners would understand or they did not want to show their ignorance but they failed to ask him to explain.

  20. Timbhoy163 on 9th December 2021 11:14 am



    McInness wouldn’t be welcome at Easter Rd



    Based on?

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    HOT SMOKED @ 10:22 AM


    Since the two storms, my TV is not receiving a signal. I am going to go up and have a look at the aerial. Anyone know what I should be looking for?





    HS – a good book?




  22. Hot smoked – you can only do a visual inspection – check the Ariel is undamaged and that it’s pointing in the same direction as everyone else’s and the cable is secure.

  23. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Interesting take by some in Celtic cyberspace this morning re our financial incentive for tonight’s game.



    Personally I hope to see a Celtic team compete and try to perform.



    Dare I say, anything other than a spanking I can live with?



    December league results will go a long way to determining our season.



    A win tonight will pay out €630k.



    Highly probable automatic CL qualification next season (for winning this season’s league) ….



    .. will pay out $15.64m straight away ….



    … with another large chunk to follow later from the Market Pool and Coefficient Ranking.



    Hhmm. Tough one.



    What we should prioritise?







    I know you like to use initials of players rather than the full name and to be honest, I’ve kinda got used to it. However, what chance have we got when you describe a potential new signing from Japan as YI?




  25. TMcL @ 12.00



    New player from the J League — three were mentioned earlier in the week.


    Seemingly the guy who didn’t make it at LU in 2018/19.