Mourinho and pleasures delayed


For those who like their pleasure delayed, there is something wholesome in the wider awakening to the traits and abilities of Jose Mourinho.  The Portuguese inherited a squad at Porto in 2002 that would achieve great things there and elsewhere, notably against Celtic in Seville a year later, then against Monaco in 2004, but Mourinho’s principle contribution to results was his indulgence in the game’s dark arts.

Later in his career he would achieve while out-spending competitors, or by ‘parking the bus’ while still outspending most.  His temperament has always had a question mark over it.  Never has he won a league after his second at a club, by then, the impression of brilliance has always unravelled.

He made a barbed comment aimed broadly in the direction of Brendan Rodgers last week, although the Celtic manager was not mentioned, before picking on his own squad this week.  All will serve to divert attention from the fact that his spending is eye-watering and comparable to anywhere, but he will never get close to Manchester City.

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  1. Nas Na Ri



    I’ve just read back to the previous article. That post you made is the most harrowing I’ve read on here. It is so well written that the pain of your friends father and yourself is tangible.


    Of course there is nothing I or anyone else could say that could ease the pain that remains within you so I won’t even try too. I did want to say thanks though for sharing that. It couldn’t have been easy.



    I would hope that these dreadful acts of evil are becoming fewer and fewer as more and more of them have become exposed.


    My own kids are all grown up now, and I hope the systems are much more robust now, so that their children, my grandchildren, indeed all of our loved ones cannot become victims to these types of awful crimes.



    I’ve had 5 friends commit suicide. One of them was very public, a promising footballer who was a victim of a football “ coach”. It was all over the front pages a year or so ago. Indeed , he was also a friend of Awe Naw, who was a well known CQN’er as he used to post here regularly.



    I know one of the other lads who took his life did so because of a break up with his partner which he struggled to come to terms with.



    The others? I’ve no idea why they took their own lives. They seemed down to earth guys with, on the face of it, decent lives. As I read your story, and that of a few other lads on here over the past few days, I realise that “ on the face of it” doesn’t mean a thing.



    I think the last few days on here have been very valuable. Eye opening. I’ll never take things for granted as easily now. I hope others feel the same and look that little bit deeper if they feel a friend or family member seems a little low.


    Timely intervention, an encouraging word, the offer of help, who knows, it may just make a big difference to someone.



    I truly hope so.

  2. DELANEYS DUNKY on 21ST MARCH 2018 5:12 PM






    I boycott SFA games. Wish more Tims joined me.





    Fair play to you for taking that stand. It seems you’re in a minority though.

  3. DD



    Jeezo mate..heard that duffy was a strange one…when i was at st tams he tried to portray himself as a do gooder.protesting on t.v about a shop selling dodgy videos..


    The other fellas you mentioned were all decent guys and i had the pleasure of kicking 3 of them in the staff v pupils match at the end of the yea…remeber wee gormley didnae stop moaning and whining at ref all day…definite dose of wee man syndrome..sure he got sent of for calling one of his colleagues a prick

  4. thomthethim for Oscar OK on



    The news headlines in Britain







    Declan Donnelly will present Saturday Night Takeaway on his own for the rest of this series, ITV has confirmed.





    Will he still stand on the right, so as we know who he is? #anddec

  5. Always been a scotland supporter. Not went to many games recently and will be goin to none now mcleish is in charge.absolute disgrace

  6. David 17/DD


    The SFA boycott is more common than you think – am wan tae (after 55 years mhan and bhoy). HH

  7. If any of the Fat Bhoys Slim are looking in, been trying to send my weight but in Turkey and canny send emails for some reason,anyway can someone pass on I’m now 16st 3lbs, loss of 7lb since we started

  8. whitedoghunch on




    in place of dessert I like a glass of this if the eatery has it, a monster of a PX


    Gonzalez Byass Noe 30 Year Old

  9. Clogher Celt



    That was an unbelievably moving and special post.


    Nuff said




  10. VFR



    If you are still around, send me an email as many of my addresses were deleted .


    If I don`t receive, I will post again tomorrow.



  11. Friesdorfor,were is the trust holding their metting ,and what time does it start at on Saturday.

  12. OLDBHOY on 21ST MARCH 2018 6:02 PM


    When did the semi final tickets go on sale.






    Around 9 hours ago.

  13. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on




    Oldtim was asking for your email address or contact details earlier this morning

  14. I’m another member of the ole SFA boycott clique, albeit I only joined this year. League and Euro games for me. Not interested in attending cup or international although more often than not I’ll still watch on the TV.

  15. Stairheedrammy on

    It feels a wee bit strange to post this on a football blog but it seems the right time to pass on that Health Scotland are currently reviewing Scotlands suicide intervention strategy and have an online consultation as well as a series of roadshows, one of which I recently attended. It is well worth giving your opinion and experience on this very important topic. Check out their website if you are interested.

  16. Delaneys Dunky on



    I havnae been to Ibrox in 15 years. The last time I was at Hampden was Common’s debut v Aberdeen. I give Celtic my money



  17. Delaney’s Dunky



    You are not alone.


    I have boycotted Hampden since the SFA cheating in 2012.


    Nothing has changed since then to change my mind.



    Rangers cheated with the help of the SFA.



    I wish more of our fans would join the boycott.


    It would only take 1 game at Hampden with our supporters boycotting to really get this out in the open.

  18. I know for a Fact that Steve Clarke was approached about the Celtic job, I believe that he expressed reservations about taking the job due to his family living in hun heartland, I heard this from a trusted person who told me that he probably wouldn’t take the Celtic job because of the crap his family would have to endure.


    Would he take the hun job, I would hope not.


    First day for long enough without any rain :-)

  19. Delaneys Dunky on



    All paedophiles are sleekit bassas. They don’t advertise. The doing I gave Duffy was my favourite doing I have ever given anyone. I was suspended and he kept his job. I knew he would take advantage of some guy weaker than me. He got caught in the swimming pool abusing a weak wee boy, 10 year after I left Saint Tams. That poor wee boy was not his only victim. I know a homosexual in my year who did tricks on Duffy for cash.


    Scumbag bassa

  20. Neustadt-Braw on

    Nas Na Ri….Clogher Celt….



    thank you for posting …..may both of your open hearts be strengthened ….




  21. Please take it as read that many posts that have been posted in the past few days expressing emotion and the like are out of the top drawer, CQN at it’s best, too many to mention.


    Did I say no rain today :-)


    Only seen one building slide away this year, but there is time yet :-)

  22. THE EXILED TIM, hi pal how things with the dogs, what a country, when a man cant take a job because his family might be in danger, jesus wept.

  23. Big Packy


    Dugs are fine thanks.


    Aye how sad is that, even sadder is the polis, the government, the media and the judiciary are on the side of the sectarian racist bigots.



  24. whitedoghunch on

    i’vehadtochangemyname pleasure


    needs a wee chill to get the best from it



    dinner time



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