Mouyokolo and the Perrier-Doumbe path to immortality


Steven Mouyokolo’s last two permanent contracts were for clubs playing Premier League football in England but after joining Hull City as a 22-year-old and making 21 appearances in their relegation season, his move to Wolves bombed amid a multitude of injuries.  The player has made four appearances for Wolves and four for Sochaux in the last three years.

He no longer has the profile which would be considered in the English Premier League; which is why he’s pitched up in Scotland.  If his knee passes a medical this week, he’ll become the latest 6’3” defender on the Celtic books, competition for Kelvin, Virgil, Charlie, Efe and the rest.

Competition is good but Steven’s chances of edging out the competition to become a first team regular must be considered slight with his injury record, whether he passes the medical or not.  It’s more likely he’ll follow the path of Jean-Joel Perrier-Doumbe, although Champions League football and a Cup Final winner is not a bad return.
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  1. It’s a great template we are operating to.



    Strangely, in recent times the guys we’ve spent decent money on have had the least impact.

  2. I hear the new sevco bus is a cut n shut job…the front is from a new company that ran themselves into the ground and the back from a long, deid scrapped vehicle.



    You canny be too careful…where’s Sammy the mechanic when you need him?

  3. The bhoy Steven couldn’t be more injury prone than the man who has just left us..

  4. good afternoon awe



    welcome steven..



    “day of reckoning”



    what a load of pish you talk traynor



    in your scripted interview with pie boy mcmoist



    like i said to many huns and they know it



    poor rankers had to start all over again



    anyways heres a how a club with history done it



    excellent in splendid colour a documentary



    about 25th may 1967



    with Mr Stein narrating throughout the highlights



    an education indeed




  5. ND getting the new post-so many scandals and secrets to hide – they shoe in a man who knows some of the shit-keeping it inhouse -disgusting-Alex Thomson dosent want to dedicate his life to wading thru the shit-there isnt much hope really-whilst i love Celtic and the rich culture it stands for-its getting harder to watch a bent sport-even worse-a nakedly bent sport-every year we have to rise above so much crap-very wearying-i need a drink

  6. The beauty of being domiciled in Corcaigh………..?



    ………………..no Oranj Ordure to befoul the streets…………………….



    …..altho’ the coos do their bit!







  7. .






    What happened to the Lazy Journalism Header..?



    And What happened to The New Article Posted..Quick News..?



    Summa of TheOleBlogHasChangedCSC

  8. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    If Lenny & the scouts decide you are good enough for the hoops. That’s fine by me!



    Though Mo Bangura, Rafael Scheidt & Wayne Biggins still serve as a warning. With respect to said individuals… You did not ” settle in” …




  9. Morning bhoys and ghirls. Haven’t checked in for a while, hope all is still well in CQN land. Still celebrating the news that Mrs Dixiebhoy gave birth to our very healthy twin bhoys at the weekend!



    HH times two

  10. lunchtime catch up on the Lamb Traynor and Steak Bake McCoist interview.



    what a shambles, and McMoist let him release it, he comes across as a total idiot.

  11. .



    Watching the Footy Show..(Aussie Rules)..



    A Little Girl 5Yrs. has Wee Oscars Disease..



    Panellist just mentioned Leukaemia rates have went from 20% 20Years ago to 96% Now..Amazing what we can do Now..



    Sir Ian Botham has raised $30 Million for Leukaemia..




  12. Celtic_First on




    Many congratulations to you and your good lady.



    God bless those wee bhoys with long life, good health and happiness.



    Deo gratias.

  13. fat sallys take on it



    “minimal difference between part time and full time training”.



    what a crock of poo poo.



    hundreds of excuses, see when he doesnt get them out the 3rd tier, what will the excuses be.

  14. I picked up Mark Daly the other night. What a really nice guy. Very professional in the sense he wouldn’t tell me anything but did say he was intrigued by Charlotte’s stuff.


    I just wish Charlotte would do something similar as to what happened with the MP’s expenses information. I believe there were 8 people working flat out trying to decipher all the shenanigans that the MP’s were up to. I seriously think Charlotte needs help to do everything in chronological order.

  15. If he’s another JJPD, and we are acknowledging that in advance, then why bother with him? In the hope he might play 7 times and score a goal with a tackle in a Scottish Cup final? JJPD made practically no contribution to Celtic.



    Post Naka, Boruc and Zurawski, Strachan bought by and large an SPL dream team and churned out-the right phrase-some truly dreadful football. I don’t look back on that Strachan period of transfer activity with any fondness whatsoever. I wouldn’t want it repeated!



    Winning the double in 2007 was great (it always is) however I can’t see that team being remembered particularly fondly, given how, well, rubbish they were compared with what we had before under O’Neill, and what we have now under Lennon.



    We’ve got Efe, Charlie, Kelvin and Virgil for centre back positions. Why sign somebody else who will only get in the road of the development of players like Marcus Fraser?

  16. From the Evening Times……




    Rangers in stadium WiFi deal


    Every Rangers fan will have stadium access to WiFi as part of a groundbreaking seven-figure deal.


    Every Rangers fan will have stadium access to WiFi as part of a groundbreaking seven- figure deal.



    The club has forged a partnership with leadingIT firm Huawei to give supporters faster access to post-match discussions, the latest news and competitions.



    Starting in Augustnext month on a stand-by-stand basis, Rangers said the deal would give fans a “world-class” matchday experience.



    The new set-up will remove connectivity problems in high-density areas.



    Rangers said stadium WiFi had been under discussion at Rangers for a number of years due to demand from fans.



    RangersChief executive Craig Mather said: “Rangers FootballThe club is rightlyproud of its tremendous fan base, which has stood by the team through thick and thinand we aim to provide our supporters with a world-class WiFi service to enhance their matchday experience.



    “We have teamed up with Huawei, a technology market leader and in doing so we will be setting new standards in terms of interactive communication with our fans.



    “More and more people are using smart devices (phones and computer tablets) as a primary means of communication and we look forward to revolutionising the way in which Rangersfans can engage with the club before, during and after the match.”





    Victor Zhang, chief execuitve of Huawei UK, said: “Our company is at the forefront of innovation in communications technology and we are very proud to have been chosen to deliver a new channel of communication between Rangers and their supporters.”



    “The high data capacity that WiFi delivers will allow Rangers fans to use social networks to share their experiences, as well as allowing the club to enhance its ‘digital dialogue’ with its supporters.”The news comes a week after Celtic announced new WiFi technology would be installed



    Bosses at Celtic are to provide football fans with what the club claims is one of the most technologically advanced WiFi networks ever seen.



    The technology to be installed at Parkhead in the East End of Glasgow willto deliver high speed web access to thousands of mobile phones and tablets at the 60,832 capacity ground, amid predictions it will change the face of match-days.



    It will also be in place for the start of the new season, allowing



    It will kick-off in time for the new season starting this summer and is similar to those already in place at Real Madrid and Manchester City club grounds. A similar system set up at the English club’s Etihad stadium paved the way to providing a service that will let fans to watch live video and replays of the action.



    Celtic said the network would allow fans access “to a range of content and the ability to instantly share content from memorable Celtic Park experiences with friends, family and fellow Celtic fans across the world”.



    Digital marketing agency Sports Revolution is working with Celtic to developing a phone app called CelticLive that fans will be able to download to their smartphones, allowing



    It will kick-off in time for the new season starting this summer and is similar to those already in place at Real Madrid and Manchester City club grounds. A similar system set up at the English club’s Etihad stadium paved the way to providing a service that will let fansthem to watch live video and replays of the action.



    The club said the app, built on Sports Revolution’s StadiumLive platform, would “enhance the matchday experience.”

  17. dixiebhoy69



    12:39 on 4 July, 2013


    ……………,,… ……………………….


    Congratulations to you and yours



    Ps say good bye to sleep, money, social life etc for a good while :-)

  18. unionbearBhind on




    Doubly blessed, and still a lifetime of joy for all your family, to treasure God willing, enough to make your heart go!!!




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