Movement of front 3 sets Celtic loose


Jablonec are not a great team, but we faced a few who fall into that category since our last away win in February without scoring four goals and creating enough chances to easily double that.  Ange Postecoglou continues to learn about his squad and unlike away to Mitjylland a week earlier, we were well prepared.

Yesterday I asked to “see more of [Liel Abada’s] timed runs into the box”.  The evidence continues to arrive; Liel is a player who will score and create goals at a rate we have missed in recent seasons.  This knack of arriving in the box and the right time, in the right place, before a cross arrives is golden.  Think Alan Thompson at his lethal best.

Kyogo Furuhashi made the most of his full debut.  The movement of the front three caused Joblonec problems and it was Kyogo’s movement that created the goal opportunity.  Nir Bitton picked him out with a 30-yard pass, a pristine first touch and the deftest dink did the rest.  As I heard from a teenager at the time, “That goal is a solid 9 out of 10”.

As anyone who watched the game, or caught John Hartson’s remarkable reaction, will know, the defence is still not right.  We lost two dreadful goals.  You will have noticed Carl Starfelt was the closest defender to both goalscorers when the ball went into the net.  He did not start that way when the key forward passes were made.

For the first, Bitton was on his heels, body shape was wrong and Starfelt was left the impossible task of making up ground.  The second goal was more of a structural problem.

Starfelt and Bitton were both marking strikers in the middle of the field and the full backs were in advanced positions when Celtic lost the ball.  Ismaila Soro has covering duties but he was ball watching when the scorer made a run from deep.

We cannot leave two at the back against two attackers or we will see a lot more damage from similar deep runs.  Although we can blame Soro for ball watching, we need to shape the team to accommodate what will inevitably happen during a game.  Ismaila’s starting position was all wrong, he cannot get drawn into the role of supporting the player in possession at the cost of loitering deep.

It was great to see Joe Hart between the sticks and John Hartson was right, if a little hysterical, we still need defenders.  Perhaps a few.

Would we have won so comfortably if Odsonne Edouard started?  I’m not convinced.

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  1. kevinlasvegas on

    100% rolling stone re NL.



    The fallout is still happening.



    Horrendous decision.




  2. Yes clearly Celts in the stadium. What you also hear at the 3rd and 4th goals are wee Czech boys saying,


    ‘muzu sledovat tveho autorehore?’ which we all know is ‘can I watch your motor mister?’

  3. AN DÚN on 6TH AUGUST 2021 3:13 PM


    CONEYBHOY on 6TH AUGUST 2021 12:02 PM


    Sevco will pay their senior staff in shares to avoid the ban on bonuses




    I’d prefer Weimar Republic currency 😂





    that’s a cracker, laughed out loud there😎

  4. the ‘unique angle’ vid of the game on youtube has a handful of Tims celebrating the first goal lustily. Magic



    If that is Eduoard ‘s strategy it’s a dangerous one another season like last season and you are quickly forgotten

  6. BIGBHOY on 6TH AUGUST 2021 3:34 PM


    Eduoard would make much more money on a Bosman. With a transfer of say £20m then he would only get £2m. With a Bosman he would get the bulk of the £20m as a signing on fee.






    Would this be the case after spending a season on our bench ?

  7. A surprise but welcome victory gor Ange and his team last night in an away fixture in Europe. The Czechs finished in third place last season according to the stats man just five points behind the champions in their domestic league and we all knew the football lesson the Hoops got from Sparta Prague last term.



    Well documented here the frailties that still exist in defence but the attack and midfield are looking good although young Turnbull was not at his usual best. Kyogo, the Japanese lad took his goal superbly and although a featherweight in a physical sense, has pace and good movement. One wonders how he will fare in the hurly burly of the Scottish game. Another fine performance by young Abada and great to see James Forrest looking fit again and as usual makes things happen in Europe.



    joe Hart, barely in the door, looks an imposing figure in goals and celebrating his first appearance in a Celtic shirt with an away win in Europe is good for his morale.



    The Czechs were an improved team in the second half and based on this Celtic needn’t take anything for granted in the return leg next week.

  8. BIGBHOY on 6TH AUGUST 2021 3:34 PM


    ‘Eduoard would make much more money on a Bosman.’







    He can’t be sold without his agreement.



    Barcelona offer 100m and he refuses personal terms he’s not sold.



    So I don’t see that being the reason for his loss of form.



    The problem for everyone is that other clubs might just assume that Covid has taken the edge off his game and he’s just not the player he was.



    Which might be the case. If so, it can’t be easy to deal with for him, particularly if fans are assuming he’s put the tools away when he’s actually doing his best.

  9. Its French sources making the claim on Eduord to Brighton. then the Brit press followed.



    It is happening.

  10. Tom McLaughlin on




    The home leg v Midtjylland was on the season ticket. Those who got a ticket didn’t have to pay. Those who missed out got the game free on CelticTV.

  11. Yip St Stivs


    Being reported Odsonne in discussions with Brighton


    Wonder when Southampton will join in 🤔

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Tom McLaughlin on 6th August 2021 4:23 pm










    The home leg v Midtjylland was on the season ticket. Those who got a ticket didn’t have to pay. Those who missed out got the game free on CelticTV.



    Not any consolation……..or equivalent…

  13. I have been relocated from my seat for the Jablonec game next Thursday



    However, I cannot bid for an alternative seat until Monday 9th at 6pm. I have until 12 noon the next day to secure my ticket or I will have not get one.



    Why are other people getting earlier windows within to secure alterntive seats? Will there be any left for me?



    ‘If Ernie ‘the bigot’ Lynch is riled, then I know I’m on the right track!’







    That’s just pathetic. Seriously. Grow up.

  15. 41 of our 62 competitors on the Superbru comp have submitted their entries for the next round of SPFL matches.



    This is a wee reminder to the other 21 to get their forecasts in before the first match, United vs Sevco, kicks off at 12.30 pm tomorrow. Ian Harkes will score a hat-trick

  16. Edouard can sign pre contract with a good French team like Nice or Monaco in 20 weeks time.


    He’ll get £5m Euro in his hand.


    That’s why I think he’ll run his contract down.



    Rolling Stone… There’s no hatred for Edouard from Celtic fans- just a realisation that we as a club made a complete arse of it and it cost us dearly on and off the park.





    Why call someone you disagree with a “bigot”? You make strong points and receive strong ones back – why can’t you live with that?



    There are a few ‘sweetie wives’ on here who use that term to label others who have different political views and deflect attention from themselves. By using that word as a weapon they only label themselves and show up the paucity of their contributions.

  18. Bustos looks like a Celtic RB,Tigerish in the tackle,very quick.Looks great going forward.


    We will see.

  19. St Stivs,




    The front 3 wont be allowed to be that mobile in scottish games, the Japanese guy is in for a rude awakening.



    Don’t know about that.On that pitch,I thought they were very “Agricultural”in their tackling.

  20. BADA BING!! on 6TH AUGUST 2021 3:40 PM


    Turnbull had Covid as well…



    Love it.What is the matter with him.

  21. RC on 6TH AUGUST 2021 2:05 PM


    would we have been any worse off last night defensively had Welsh and Murray been centre backs , naw don’t think so.



    Would either have taken that’ll 40 yards,then picked out our striker with a perfect pass,



    Naw,don’t think so.



    “Pipe down and dry your eyes Lynch”



    Lovely comment,to the shitstirrer Supreme.

  23. A good victory away to a team with a half decent pedigree,the best result from all scotland euro games, a couple of lapses that can be sorted on the training ground and much much better movement from our front line, whats not to like? unless you are a kinda half empty glass sort of person. me, always look on the bright side of life



    Hail Hail.💚💚💚🍀

  24. LAXALT on 6TH AUGUST 2021 4:47 PM


    Edouard can sign pre contract .



    Please tell me how We made an arse of it”.



    Contrary to some thinking!Brighton would be a great place for Eddy to go.With a decent striker last year,they would have won a lot more games.Good manager,good attacking team,only missing a striker.Not just me saying it,every punter on MOTD,every week.

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