Movement, talent and that old antifascist


Hoary old phrases like, “Trophies are not awarded in February” will be heard today.  While this is technically true, let me add another, last night’s performance was Season Defining.

I worried before the game that our midfield would be too new for the occasion and too lightweight for the ‘robust’ opponents.  As it transpired, anyone in blue who intended to offer a robust and in-your-face derby baptism, were like statues, compared to Reo Hatate, Matt O’Riley and Callum McGregor.  For the majority of the game, Callum played the Masked Virtuoso No. 6 role, before moving to the No. 8 position, then ending at No. 10.  Quite a shift for a man carrying an injury.

Throughout the first half I continually said, “It’s all about the movement”, but then I watched Josip Juranovic and thought, “When did I last see a Celtic right back put in a performance like this?”  Yes, movement was the masterplan, but the reality is, Celtic have far better players.

Metrics detailing the effectiveness of shots from outside the box give you a sniff of what might happen when a player pulls the trigger from distance, nothing more.  Outcomes depend on your survey population.  If I shoot from 20 yards, one outcome will occur.  If Reo Hatate shoots from the same distance, another.  Reo’s conversion ratio from distance will surly drop, but goodness, what an outstanding threat he is.

With Cameron Carter-Vickers in front of you, a goalkeeper should put in a calm performance.   Joe Hart had a relatively easy evening, but with the score at 1-0, he raced from goal to smother a through ball which evaded the Celtic back line.  It was a crucial intervention, within minutes Celtic were 2-0 ahead and there was no way back.  Across a pulsating 90 minutes, this detail could be overlooked.  That would be an error.

The only goal I have seen back on video (so far) is the third.  Before watching, the question was, Where did he come from?  When Reo Hatate crossed from the left, Liel Abada was standing at Springfield Cross – believe me, I’ve watched it repeatedly.

You’ll hear people talk about having a change of pace. Liel started his run at a sprint, then, when it was too late for his defending full back to react, he dropped a gear and exploded forward.  Barisic, the full back in question, dropped to the ground, knowing the horrors he was about to witness.  It was too late to do anything else.  That change of pace brought Liel into the heart of the box unmarked.

The finish looked easy.  I remember Kenny Dalglish, who watched on from the stands, made the same thing look easy at Celtic Park.  It was not easy, it was masterly.  Leil met the ball on the drop volley and allowed the pace of his run to apply the necessary force to tuck it away.

At halftime, one of my sons held up his fingers in a ‘5’ gesture?  Oh, to be brought up in an era when we expect to score so many against the other side of the city.  Ange is too clever for that.  Four days earlier, Matt O’Riley got cramp during a game, Callum McGregor has been out with a serious face injury, Reo Hatate is still going through his preseason regime.  We started the second half intent on maintaining our winning lead, an objective delivered with comfort.

As we discussed, trophies are not handed out in February.  But to paraphrase that old antifascist, this is not the end of the Ange Postecoglou development plan for Celtic. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

Enjoy your day.

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  1. Drambowiecelt,



    I think I started going regularly to Celtic Park about 1958. My Dad sat me up on the wall at the back of the Hayshed, as he always called it. Very near to what passed as a toilet. The first away game I remember was at Starks Park. Can’t remember the year.




    You’re right so he did. Thanks for clearing that up. I blame my recent eye operation 🤣

  3. @parkhead……..seems like yesterday…….been thru the wringer a few times since then lol









  4. ROBERTTRESSELL, RIMTIMTIM, he was many abhorrent things, but also an advocate of open immigration and an antifascist. I like to call him that principally to annoy those modern-day fascists/border erectors who like to claim him as one of their own. He would have locked them up. Even their heroes would despise them.



    As you say, history, and all that.

  5. Paul67 – lovely to see you taking part in the chat. I remember when you had the time to do it every day :) Thanks for keeping the site going all these years.

  6. Good things today.


    Wee Martins brand new Bar in his Hoose.Beautiful.


    Matt O Riley interview.


    Ange saying Hatate not yet fit.Boyd,Mc Cann,Keevins,all looking like clueless FUDS.Looking back at Celtic Park last night before KO.Incredible sight and sound.


    The rest,as we know,is history Glorious,Magnificent,Hun skelping history.

  7. Drambowie,



    My earliest memory of Celtic Park was being lifted from Dad to uncle to uncle while looking for a wee barra that everybody was shouting about. I must have been about 4! The first players I remember seeing were Bertie Peacock and Bobby Evans. I only remember seeing Charlie Tully playing at Celtic Park for the League of Ireland.

  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Will need to be doing more than beating piddling little domestic teams before we can make real judgements on where we are, but definitely going in the right direction, and at a pretty decent rate.


    Seeing the benefits of the 4-3-3 with the three-man combinations in the wide areas. Abada’s goal was an Abada goal.


    Need to keep winning games. No let up. No point in beating the teams around you if you slip up elsewhere. Dropped a lot of points (understandably) in the first half of the season – can’t drop as many in the second half.


    The best thing was hearing Ange talking about the need for improvement. As it was under Rodgers. Just a pity we had to have the regression years in between.

  9. Paul67,



    Great to see you posting after such a long time. Hope everything is well with you and the family. Long time no see. Thanks for keeping CQN going, in spite of the regular attacks on you.

  10. Impressed, better believe it. Every player last night was 100% , yes, not often I say that.


    all the doubters re Greg Taylor, think again, the guy was brilliant.


    It’s along tome since I was so utterly delighted with the team I love, wow!!!!


    As a believer of staying in “The Now” , I am a wee bit concerned that if we continue in this way, and I’m sure we will, it won’t be long before Ange and his talented players become the object of attention further afield.


    For the meantime, get Cameron and Jota fixed up full time NOW please.



    Great night, great to be a Celtic supporter




  11. Greg Taylor made more tackles (8), made more interceptions (5), won more total duels (12/13) and suffered more fouls (3) than any other player in the Celtic vs Rangers game.

  12. PAUL67 on 3RD FEBRUARY 2022 1:07 PM


    ROBERTTRESSELL, RIMTIMTIM, he was many abhorrent things, but also an advocate of open immigration and an antifascist.







    Please stick to the fitba.



    In January 1955 Churchill tried to persuade his cabinet to fight the general election under the slogan ‘Keep England White’.



    His opposition to fascism began and ended with the threat it posed to the British Empire.

  13. DENIABHOY on 3RD FEBRUARY 2022 1:14 PM


    Ball boy winding up McGregor:










    the kid ran from the front stand at the start of the 2bd hald and made a beeline for mcgregor, he gave him some cmon then gestures then took off for the north stand , the stewards then chased him he gave them the slip vaulted into the jock stein stand, and a big brave hunter took a tumble over the barrier to try grab him, it should be added to the highlights package

  14. Abada has scored 4 or 5 goals like that,coming in from the wing and beating the defender to it

  15. Tim Malone Will Tell @12.53 – Has to be.



    !966 game – 11 scots , although the great Charlie Gallagher played for Ireland.

  16. SAINT STIVS on 3RD FEBRUARY 2022 1:27 PM


    oh oh.







    nae answers is on, here comes the politics,







    I’m sure that post isn’t aimed at me as I didn’t introduce the politics.



    So who is it aimed at?

  17. I was thinking during the game that it’s time we put the Taylor debate to bed.



    Maybe not our long term target but unarguably the best LB we have now and last night cemented that believe for me, and apparently others.



    Also echo the appreciation for P67’s persistence. Have lurked on this site for 15 years before opening an account** and have always enjoyed it; read every entry from the 5 countries we lived in during that time.



    ** was thinking about buying that Apple iPhone thing next week….I hear good things.

  18. We all know who the stars were last night but lads like Gregg Taylor and Giaco who have come in for some harsh criticsm in the past I thought were exceptional and James McCarthy also had one of his best games coming off the bench.

  19. Paul67 – thanks for the reply. Pretty sure we will not agree on Churchill but like all good history, it’s there to be interpreted, analysed and so on. Unlike me of 5 or 10 years ago on here I’m not going to get into it all. I’m not long after finishing reading a book about the British in India. Inglorious Empire. Worth a read.

  20. ParkheadcumSalford/DrambowieCelt



    Magical listening to your chat and the joy you have taken in seeing Celtic and Celtic legends from the history books(I b.1962).it enriches us all,as Ange says,more than a club,passed down the generations.



    On game days I meet my friend,the ‘young fella’ 😊Miles who is still going to Parkhead at 85,going to see our team since the early 50s,class pedigree like yourselves and always a pick me up after points are dropped in a learned way.Glad you both enjoyed last night and that breathtaking first half.👍





  21. Given the original fixture was supposed to be at noon on a Sunday, I’m surprised that Sevco agreed to have it played in the evening under lights and a noisy crowd of fans, some of whom may have been ‘refreshed’.



    This weekend’s fixtures and the midweek could have been swapped.



    Certainly, a big difference to a lunchtime KO.



    Plus, you think the police might have been against it but AFAIK, no serious trouble, thankfully.



    We still would have won anyway :-)

  22. PETETHEBEAT on 3RD FEBRUARY 2022 1:44 PM



    Maybe they thought players being absent because of international commitments would be to their advantage.

  23. We could be 4 points clear before they kick off on Sunday 🤞,if Hearts score first, you will hear why the huns wanted to play behind closed doors

  24. The more I think about last nights game the more it dawns that a serious psychological blow was dealt. Yes, sevco steadied their ship at half time but now live with the knowledge that this celtic team can and will choose a time in a game to absolutely steamroller them. They tried to contain us and failed. If they come out and go toe to toe from the start they will be even more exposed to our attacking play.



    They now have a first choice full back with shattered confidence, a young loanee the same and relying on an injury prone 31 year old who supposedly limits his training, is effectively in pre season mode, is going to spark sone life into them. Playing alongside another injury prone player returning from long term absence? Really

  25. Bada,



    If Neilson gets it right,he has the players to give them a hard time.If they can get the 1st goal,that mob will be on their back.Not a certainty,but a fair chance of a couple of points.

  26. boondock saint on

    So here is my rundown of events for McBride, yesterday before the game. I was getting things set up for me to watch in my classroom later on as I had practice with my girl’s high school team and wanted everything to be ready to watch, without knowing the score. Went into my phone and blocked everyone who knew that there was an important game on. My Generation of Domination, Celticquicknews mug, that one of my students had made for me years ago, slipped off my desk and smashed. My paranoia kicked in and I thought oh please don’t let this be a message. I got down on my knees, hot glue gun out, and put it back together. Went to practice, finished at 3:45 Alabama time, 9:45 for Wishy folk. About to get in my car and head back to my classroom, when my phone dinged and it was an email from a good friend inScotland that said, “you might want to skip practice:))), that was it. My excitement was reaching def con 5 and I sped through the school, (no kids there) and ran into my room, scarf around the neck, gave my keys to my teenage daughters and told them they could drive home and leave me here. OH WHAT A NIGHT!!!!!


    Thanks Ange, Thanks Celtic, Thanks fans that made me homesick, Thanks wee Myles up in heaven witrh his Wishy Emerald pals for bringing me up the Celtic Way.


    Sorry for the long post.


    Hail Hail from a cold and rainy, yet beautiful Alabama.



  27. Recruitment that is hit hit rather than miss miss. What a difference it makes. Hatate, O’Riley, first three games against the three H’s, no problem at all. No quiet bedding in period required, no stage fright when stepping out in front of a 60,000 right-up-for-it crowd. No Rogic, Turnbull, or Bitton. No problem.



    George Galloway, Boris Johnson, and Winston Churchill could all have been have a drink and drugs fuelled orgy in my house at 8.30 last night. Wouldn’t have bothered me in the slightest.

  28. An identifiable way of playing. A system that matches that way. Players that have the athleticism, technique and intelligence to play it. They all came together last night against a team adapting to a new way of playing with players, some of which are thinking of leaving, but many looked clueless and blown away by our speed and movement.



    Excited to see further iterations of Ange’s team when the above gets further refined into the 2nd half of games and even better players emerge into the mix. Be interesting to see how David Turnbull reacts to the new demands of those around him as well as the possibility of Kyogo in that mix.



    We’re on the up, they are on the down. They and their fans can feel that shift in momentum. Let’s pile on the pressure Sunday and I believe we could be 4 points clear by late afternoon.




  29. I’m hearing the Huns want sanctions for the young Tim running on the park last night , they say they will accept all their games behind closed doors till the end of the season ..😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😜😜😜😜