“Mr Flanagan” has his court name reprised


I read Newco’s statement last night with a meme, “She’s turned the SFA Review Panel against me” buzzing around my head.  Jon Flanagan was offered a retrospective two match ban for elbowing Scott Brown in the face.  The panel reviewed video involving Jozo Simunovic and Jermaine Defoe and found there to be no case to answer.

The resulting Newco statement referred to Flanagan as “Mr Flanagan”, his court name (yes, he has form), as the club promised to “vigorously defend” their client, sorry, player.

All of this is calculated to inhibit the SFA Review Panel from curtailing future transgressions by Newco players.  The club have a dreadful disciplinary record this season, and instead of reflective consideration, they clearly have no intentions of curtailing physical assaults on opponents and would prefer to attack those who hold them to account.

All a bit sinister, but when you have nothing but bluster and indignation in your trophy cabinet, it is better to have a jaked up loon leading the charge.

The hospitality auction for Celtic FC Foundation, courtesy of Intelligent Car Leasing, closes shortly after noon today (Wednesday).  You can keep an eye on it here.

On behalf of the many recipients of the work of the Foundation, thank you!

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Monaghan1900 – thank you for last night’s insight (incite?) from FF re compliance officer.



    My friends – I think Sevco followers have a valid complaint.



    Too often, one club is being dealt with arbitrarily.



    So, Celtic should rise above any parochial considerations and table the following.



    “That all Celtic supporters and all Rangers supporters be removed from any position of influence within the SFA”.



    Surely our noisy neighbours would support this?



    Hail hail

  2. The hatred and bigotry on display on FF is indicative of what they are and what they represent.

  3. “jaked-up loon”…………







    Coffee Keyboard moment!




  4. quadrophenian on



    Not a solution; too many ‘hundercover’ agents (like St Mirren stalwart Chico Young). I suspect (based on pro-rata guesstimates) there are far fewer Celtic leaning other club executives, than there are Sevconians.


    Also, mind that the teds external media advisers also handle league sponsor PR – a massive conflict of PR ethics


    Jabba’s PR model has a lot of Goebbels and Bannon about it.


    Philmac speculated PL was euro-jetting on the manager hunt yesterday – any intel?

  5. Mmm.



    Court decision expected imminently.



    Rallying cry, No Surrender statement issued.



    Is there a connection?

  6. What the huns fail to acknowledge is that these instances are just not foul play. If you, me or anybody else carried out these acts in the street we would, presumably, soon be banged to rights by plod (especially if you were wearing Green and White).

  7. bhoywithseethrougheyes on

    Michael Stewart and Tom English both commented on the illegal and racist songs belted out by The rangers supporters.


    Do we know if this featured in the observers match report and if it did what do the authorities propose to do about it?


    Standard response I suppose would be “nothing”.



    If you are having problems financially get yourself to Citizens Advice as soon as possible ,they will point you in the right direction with free advice. Be brutally honest and also stay away from the bottle ,the problems will still be there so does not help. You are in my prayers stay safe.HH

  9. weebobbycollins on

    These jaked-up loons are intimidating some referees…Clancy looked so nervous on Sunday…always looks as though he is about to burst out greetin’…

  10. The Jaked-up loon is intimidating all of scoddish foodbaw………………………


    or at least the bits of of it on his Level ( which will be the majority).



    How we nullify that malignant factor is a toughie, an on-going bug-bear………….



    Sometimes doin’ nothin’ is the least worst tactic.



    When do they go Boom (again) ?



    Tic, toc CSC

  11. While it’s quiet ( and I have a day off…:) Has anyone seen PJBhoy around?????

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Quad – Joke. My tongue firmly in my cheek.



    Unlike Chick Young’s tongue?




  13. Bada Bing



    good to hear the tickets went out as promised on 14th.



    I got the usual email yesterday saying they won’t send to Ireland and i have to give an alternate UK address.



    Hopefully they got the message from my reply last night as they have not come back to me yet



    Still living in the dark ages at the ticket office



    Hail Hail

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Today is the anniversary of both Tommy Burns and Bobby Murdoch passing. Two Great Celts.

  15. weebobbycollins on

    Fed up going on bbc website and seeing women’s fitba as the headline…s’no right so it isnae…

  16. CONEYBHOY on 15TH MAY 2019 11:49 AM



    “I got the usual email yesterday saying they won’t send to Ireland and i have to give an alternate UK address.”





    Am I reading that correctly, surely not.

  17. Ranieri? The tinkerman?



    Expect a period of home defeats with Hendry and Comperr at CH days before a ECL game…



    However he is 67, which is clearly a plus point….

  18. quadrophenian on



    Engrossing analysis ta. Coupla follow-ons…


    1) Were we mostly outcoached, outplayed or outfought (endeavour)


    2) How do you give JH MOTM (on a sweat basis), when you document his passing wastefulness?


    3) In your opinion, did they win it, or did we throw it away due to 2) ?


    Again MT

  19. weebobbycollins on

    Coneybhoy…what’s their reason for that ’cause it makes no sense to me?

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