“Mr Flanagan” has his court name reprised


I read Newco’s statement last night with a meme, “She’s turned the SFA Review Panel against me” buzzing around my head.  Jon Flanagan was offered a retrospective two match ban for elbowing Scott Brown in the face.  The panel reviewed video involving Jozo Simunovic and Jermaine Defoe and found there to be no case to answer.

The resulting Newco statement referred to Flanagan as “Mr Flanagan”, his court name (yes, he has form), as the club promised to “vigorously defend” their client, sorry, player.

All of this is calculated to inhibit the SFA Review Panel from curtailing future transgressions by Newco players.  The club have a dreadful disciplinary record this season, and instead of reflective consideration, they clearly have no intentions of curtailing physical assaults on opponents and would prefer to attack those who hold them to account.

All a bit sinister, but when you have nothing but bluster and indignation in your trophy cabinet, it is better to have a jaked up loon leading the charge.

The hospitality auction for Celtic FC Foundation, courtesy of Intelligent Car Leasing, closes shortly after noon today (Wednesday).  You can keep an eye on it here.

On behalf of the many recipients of the work of the Foundation, thank you!

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    Certainly a concern re Edouard. It just seems to me he was better suited to Brendan’s style of play. Majority of chances arrived to him along the deck.


    Over-hit / under-hit crosses… I don’t see Eddy being the type to fling his head at something where he’s likely to get hurt.


    A high calibre coach is essential to keep our better players fulfilling their potential.



    On an aside.. rumours are Lennon didn’t have time for Weah, and the feeling was mutual. So there’s one talented kid who has been chased. As you say… who next ?

  2. WBC, Greenpinata, BB



    apologies for the late reply, PC has been in with IT for some medicine!



    Celtic get the Hampden tickets from SFA and the SFA don’t do re-prints if you lose the ticket in the post, hence the Royal Mail guaranteed delivery method and price. They have a poor view of An Post



    Not guaranteed in Ireland so Celtic’s view is that they don’t want tickets going missing/late and supporters missing out. As such , they demand a UK alternative address.



    As a sentiment, this is understandable but not practical. I still have family and friends around Glasgow but it is not reasonable to expect someone to agree to receive my ticket, hold it and cancel all plans on 25 May to meet me with the ticket.



    For the LC Final, i gave them my parents address in Ayrshire but they ended up on holiday that weekend so had to send me the ticket to Ireland anyway. Only just made it due to poor advice by Post Office counters and a big delay in Heathrow. An Post dealt with it in 12 hours as i primed them it was coming.



    for SC Semi, I refused to give an address(they don’t keep notes). They argued that it was more expensive to send to Ireland so they would need senior clearance. The Team Leader worked out that it was same price so ‘did me a favour’ to send to Ireland if i sent an email relieving Celtic of all responsibility for late or lost post, which i did. Apparantly, ‘everyone else had an alt address in UK’



    Took 2 days to arrive, no problem



    Same again this time, starting the argument from scratch. I C&P’d the Team Leader email to the current person dealing with me so hopefully that gets it in the post.



    I don’t know what other people coming from Ireland do e.g. meeting friends from Glasgow anyway so send to them or send to pub/social club.



    Seems i am a trouble maker !!!

  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    McPhail Bhoy


    That’s certainly possible, although these things usually come out. You would have thought that it would have been good for Cocu’s people to let it slip.


    It just feels like we have been caught flat-footed and it’s all a bit panicky. We seem to get stuck in the same loop of names. It’s almost getting to the point where I want Moyes to get the job just so he doesn’t get mentioned next time!

  4. Ruggy


    I think it was rupture to his hamstring during the last international break, Aitchison also a muscle injury in the recent game against Sevco juniors, Eddie struggling Griffiths not available, what a situation.

  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    I posted about Edouard the other day. We are not getting the best out of him. He isn’t a Dembele-type hold-up player or a “target man”.


    Either have him coming in off the left or go with two up front. For games against the bus-parkers I think we could drop a defender and go 3-2-3-2.

  6. Big wavy, the result was supposed to be in on Monday, I was looking for something to cheer me up! Seems the court made a backside of it and Lionel Persey is not ready to hand down his judgement yet.

  7. RUGGYGMAN on 15TH MAY 2019 2:39 PM


    On an aside.. rumours are Lennon didn’t have time for Weah, and the feeling was mutual. So there’s one talented kid who has been chased. As you say… who next ?




    I seem to remember on Lenny’s last gig he didn’t have much time for CalMac either ………mmmmm!

  8. traditionalist88 on

    RUGGYGMAN on 15TH MAY 2019 2:39 PM



    On an aside.. rumours are Lennon didn’t have time for Weah





    And nor should we, given that an agreement was reached for him to join his national team after the cup final, but he chose to go earlier.




  9. Cheers G-D,



    The banter years continue it seems. I hope Ashley keeps bleeding Dave to death….

  10. CONEYBHOY on 15TH MAY 2019 2:42 PM



    Many thanks for the explanation. Not your fault of course, but i am gob smacked.As the world moves towards a high tech paperless society we seem stuck in the horse and cart era.


    Is it too easy to E Mail you the ticket with a barcode that Hampdump can decipher?



    Anyway talking managers : I yearn for the times when we were the most entertaining team to watch in these Islands. BR’s first season was an incredible journey and I specifically remember the posts on here reflecting that.


    Maybe we were spoiled, however once the standards have been set they should be maintained.



    My two outstanding seasons watching the hoops :-


    The Seville season where we won ziltch, but for beachball sales and sheer enjoyment, it was a blast.


    And BR’s first season.



    Apologies for going off on a tangent but hey ho.



    HH to all the journey continues.

  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Hebcelt- what about the £1.50 charge for the pleasure of using my own internet….

  12. Dead Rubber



    Its origin is however probably from the card games, rubber bridge. For example, in Davis Cup series’, each pair of competing countries play five matches (rubbers) where the winner is decided on a best-of-five basis. Where the result is known before the completion of the five matches (if one side wins three matches), the remaining match or matches are said to be dead-rubbers.




  13. ruggygman on 15th May 2019 2:39 pm




    ‘rumours are Lennon didn’t have time for Weah, and the feeling was mutual. So there’s one talented kid who has been chased.’







    Are all your opinions based on idle and tendentious tittle tattle, or is only those concerning NFL?

  14. Ernie Lynch



    Quick English lesson on how to understand words… if a sentence starts with “rumours are…” then that doesn’t equate necessarily to my opinion.



    Rumours tend to be what you see and hear : forums, bloggs, social media etc.



    Hope this clears that one up for you.

  15. Go tell the Spartim on

    Trad 88



    Was it not Lennon who told Weah just to pack his bags, i fear that is my recollection of the situation.

  16. ruggygman on 15th May 2019 4:32 pm



    Thanks for the lesson.



    Here’s one for you.



    If the next sentence reads ‘So there’s one talented kid who has been chased’ it’s reasonable to infer that you have accepted said rumours as fact and have formed your opinion based on them.

  17. bournesouprecipe on 15th May 2019 4:24 pm






    Did you hear tendentious one about BR sleeping naked in an oxygen tent, to give him special power?’







    Well I have now.



    And if I read something on the internet I know it must be true.

  18. Matt Stewart on

    Well got my reply from JPT re my ‘bus request’.





    From: John Paul Taylor


    Sent: Wednesday, May 15, 2019 4:34:41 PM


    To: Matt Stewart


    Subject: RE: Post Cup Final – open top bus



    Hi Matt



    Thanks for getting in touch, hopefully we’ll be successful at Hampden and that will allow the possibility of a bus parade.



    Unfortunately I don’t think your bus pass is going to be enough to get you on board as I think the bus will be full when it sets off but I’m sure you’ll get a chance to cheer the team if indeed they are successful against Hearts.



    All the best






    John Paul Taylor


    Supporter Liaison Officer


    Celtic FC


    Celtic Park, Glasgow, G40 3RE


    Direct Tel: +44 (0)141 551 4209


    Direct Fax: +44 (0)141 550 2356





    But of course I haven’t completely given up…..my reply…..



    John Paul…






    I am thinking of returning my bus pass and telling them to stick their free travel!??



    BTW I also have a PSV licence so if by some mischance the driver has a mishap??, I’ll be happy to drive the vehicle.



    Failing that, I did once during the school holidays have a temporary job as a clippie….mind you the fares were all Pounds, Shillings and Pence.



    Regards and Hail Hail









    It’s looking like Shanks’s pony then..



    Hail Hail




  19. says the man sat commenting on an internet blog.



    Hilarious double standards.



    Its been a cracking day too. You not best oot pruning the hedges.

  20. BB certainly not defending the internet charges just explaining the postal charges. H H Hebcelt

  21. Matt Stewart on

    Where there’s life there’s hope…….



    Brilliant Matt, if they decide that the players need to pay their fare I’m putting you forward as the conductor ?



    Hail Hail






    John Paul Taylor


    Supporter Liaison Officer


    Celtic FC


    Celtic Park, Glasgow, G40 3RE


    Direct Tel: +44 (0)141 551 4209


    Direct Fax: +44 (0)141 550 2356





    I could be in….practising my clippy calls now…..”Standing room only, Bell the bus ah’m oan, git yer feet aff the seats”



    Hail Hail




  22. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Hebcelt- appreciated mate, excessive charges for tickets for any event these days,you would hope Celtic wouldn’t add to them….HH

  23. BB could’nt agree more have they been asked to explain/justify these charges? H H Hebcelt

  24. weebobbycollins on

    Matt…you can dress up as an inspector, stop the bus, get on and check the tickets…


    You can even shove somebody aff the bus…except yer granny…

  25. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Hebcelt- a guy on here contacted Hampden last year,said charges were nothing to do with them,take it up with the club…….

  26. Matt Stewart on




    WBC…Blakey’s day out in Glasgow…..??



    Hail Hail




  27. Matt Stewart on

    POG….Ah how I loved that hairstyle…nostalgia (or maybe neuralgia) at it’s best??



    I’d be happy now just with hair!!?



    Hail Hail




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