Mr Green and his invidious meetings


Information leaked from Charles Green that he is due to meet Celtic chief executive, Peter Lawwell today.  I’ve no idea if it’s true (sooo many wrong steers from over there) but, if accurate, it puts our man in an invidious position.  Mr Green appears generous when reviewing the success of meetings.

At his infamous ‘Blood on their hands’ press conference, would-be-pope-of-Ibrox, Brian Kennedy, told us “HMRC will not agree to a CVA until the very last minute”.  Why would they?  We believe Green has offered £8.5m but he has spoken about having raised £20m.  If HMRC are negotiating at all (and I have my doubts) they will want as much of that £20m as possible, and I’m sure they will, as Mr Kennedy suggested, wait until the very last minute before agreeing to anything (they won’t, b.t.w.).

None of this matters to Mr Green, he can say HMRC told him they’ll scrub the debt if he paints the Blue Room pink and no one can contradict him.  He is likely to be looking for some comfort from Mr Lawwell but I am sure he will be told that Celtic are unable to support any measure to parachute a Newco into the SPL (after his CVA fails, which it will).  Mr Green, who is also trying to maintain the support of the backers needed to commit cash by Friday, will almost certainly emerge from the meeting uttering words like “constructive”, “helpful” or maybe even “very positive”.

He is wasting his time.  Words like “sobering”, “alarming” and “downright obstinate” might be closer to the truth.

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  1. It’s astonishing that, on a blog full of media sceptics such as this, people continue to get their knickers in a twist over the drivel and nonsense they spout.



    That’s about as much as I can be bothered to say on that matter.



    The abuse of BontyBhoy is pathetic. While I didn’t necessarily agree with everything he wrote, he did raise some valid questions. Some may question his motives (wrongly IMO), but the question is no less valid for that. If you care about disadvantaged children as much as you claim to, you would recognise that.



    For the more cerebrally challenged among us, no, this does not mean I think Tam Cowan’s comments are OK.

  2. scotlands shame on

    going to be a lot of naked folk on here if only going to wear clothes that havent ben made via cheap labour.


    I blame peter lawell!

  3. celtic heritage on

    Don’t know if it is the hot weather, or the patience running out about the impending end of them, but there seems a lot of tetchy people about today. The extension deadline is interesting IMO. This might be SFA once again trying to put the SPL in place after Blair’s comments. We all know they won’t be able to meet it – so that publicly gives the SFA licence to raise the stakes and clarify next steps and possible licence withdrawl or whatever sanctions it will bring. I have never been a fan of SFA and I still am deeply suspicious of them,particularly with not dealing with CO yet, but I don’t think they are seeing things quite like Doncaster and the SPL. Remember Topping resigned from SFA but not the SPL recently. Actually, asthe ongoing debate continues about our club’s silence, the SFA haven’t actually said that much either.There is still more waiting ahead but surely the reward will be worth it ( remember patience is a virtue).HH

  4. Talking of Pope. Was reading yesterday that Pope Benedict was apparently second choice at the last election to replace Pope JP II.



    The original vote went to a Cardinal Sekolla from Venezuala, but could not progress because Pepsi claimed it infringed their naming rights :))))

  5. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. Jist… James.



    Hiya.. Palomine?



    And ye ur..



    Fur.. We nevah hiv bin in the “OOTS”



    This Forum stuff..is jist a Loata Role Playin’ .. “Kiddie Oan”!



    Ah dinnae tak anything that is Directed at Me..in a Personal Manner.



    Na.. Life is Too SHOART…fur that!






    If Ah needed any convincin’ aboot . THAT..






    Ah jist hiv hid a wee Incident.that has thoroughly.. well.. Convinced me…. that nevah a truer woid wiz spoken!






    Yer pal. .who thinks ye are swellegant.



    Still, Laughin’





    Little more than a gentle dig at your passion. No harm intended,simply a method of getting you to look at alternative opinions from your own.



    That’s all anyone who disagrees with you does-suggests looking at an alternative viewpoint.



    Jee-zoh,man. Cool yer jets. Even my Mum isnae right all the time,so the possibility must exist that you can be wrong now and then too?



    It’s really quite easy to take on board a contrary poinion from your own-if it happens to be correct!



    Just say,Jings,yer right,and move on. Done it plenty of times,from yourself amongst others. Life’s too short to have entrenched opinions.Unless it’s Bontyboy,he’s a choob,but otherwise I’m always open to opposing opinions……

  7. Paul,



    Wish I could share your sentiments about Celtic, newcos and parachutes.


    Would be happier if, at this stage of the game, PL declined to meet with Mr. Green.

  8. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    Good to see Stv Grant Russell following up his earlier verification from the SFA (about 2 months ago on Twitter) that a licence was not a given.


    The issues behind ignoring a licence failure go right to the heart of football governance and regardless of how this pans out for Rangers must be the subject of an independent review of the SFA and SPL and the relationship between both.

  9. estorilbhoy on 28 May, 2012 at 15:14 said:



    The auld wans are the best. No heard that for at least 5 mins ! :)

  10. I hear from a reliable source than no one from Celtic met with Charles Green today.




    Kojo, aye, I hear you. It’s Old Mother Hubbard time if, if, Green gets his hands on them.



    Good to hear you are in much better health than some football clubs I can think about.

  11. Kojo,


    Glad to see you are back. Keep up the good work and look after yourself. Guid folks are awfy hard tae find these days :<)

  12. James Forrest is Neil Lennon! We are ALL Neil Lennon! on




    Hehe I know it well mate.



    As I say, every time I think I have some corner of this figured out, something new happens. Blair last night says a license isn’t needed, now suddenly a license is a big issue and there is yet another deadline.



    Farcical is no longer an appropriate word for it. We are beyond farce now.

  13. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    dont you know a flounce when you see one :o)

  14. Paul67 on 28 May, 2012 at 15:19 said:


    I hear from a reliable source than no one



    Hope that you heard correctly.

  15. I think I’ll just have to trust Peter Lawell to be courteous and civil and meet with this man. And I’ll trust and respect that Mr Lawell will act with the interests of Celtic at heart. Let the press spin it as they may – when have you ever really been surprised at their shenanigans anyway?



    And if Mr Green thinks meeting with the original sharp suited man is going to curry favour with the Govanites then he is massively misreading the ‘social’ geography of the fans of the club he’s about to whack millions into…



    It is millions isn’t it?




  16. pintaguinness on




    Good to see you are back, and, I hope,healthy











    Only after midnight….






    Watch the blood pressure.You’re in a good place.Big breaths-cue punchline-and take care,bud.



    Cot for me…….

  18. FC Taxdodgers extention to meet the SPL rules. Why 15th June?? Is that the day the fixtures come out?

  19. traditionalist88 on

    Whilst a proposal is being considered by the creditors, and given that no proposal has been forthcoming so far, who is funding the huns in the interim?

  20. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    ‘Stv Grant Russell’ ? It’s mainstreammedium wee Russell Grant we need to get the gen from, see if there’s any comfort in his Great Balls of Crystal for the ole Billies of the Hill.

  21. Paul67 on 28 May, 2012 at 15:19 said:


    I hear from a reliable source than no one from Celtic met with Charles Green today.




    Thanks Paul…

  22. My dear,dear,dear,dear,dear,dear,dear,dear, dear.. FRIENDS.. GerryGuk,Westy1888,Raymac..



    Thanks fur the Welcome.. “Welcomes Backs”


    .or ….



    should that No be.. Welcome Backs???



    Ah am feelin’ stroanger by the Hoor..



    Thanks again, Guys..



    Your kind Remarks,mak me Happy.





    yer pal.. who likes ye awe .. aloater.



    Still.. Laughin’

  23. Kojo,


    Someone said “There’s no point in taking life serious, as nobody gets out alive anyway.”


    Welcome back



  24. stephenpollock on

    James Forrest / Bobby Murdoch



    The point I make is that the club should seek to recoup money owed and if there is a chance of gaining some understanding then I think we should meet Rangers. It would be immature not to.


    On another note I am saddened and ashamed to read the immature outburst on Bontybhoy who merely asked valid questions. name calling makes them an embarresment to themselves and CQN. Id rather read Bonty’s posta

  25. ulysses mcghee on 28 May, 2012 at 15:22 said:



    It’s the old problem of not what you say as how you sy it.



    What PL may see as the best interests of Celtic, might no necessarily coincide with what the fans see as the best interests of the club.

  26. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The SFA/SPL shown up again as having no ba££$ to deal with the huns.Deadline after deadline laughed at,the owner refusing to turn up at least twice ,then wishing them good luck in getting any fines off him.They are indeed the peepil.A laughing stock.

  27. Auld Neil Lennon heid on



    Well blow me down. No meeting eh?



    James Forrest


    Club licensing is a big issue because it goes right to the heart of governance of football.


    UEFA were pressurised by EU Govt to get footballs house in order.


    Club licensing is the instrument UEFA endanger themselves if they let a national association arbitrarily put it aside.


    Hence the CST letter to the SFA not the SPL, after the CST met the SPL.


    If the SPL were able to ignore the SFA’s stance on not granting Newco a license, the SFA would at the very least seek indemnity against the consequences of problems a newco might cause the SPL.


    But in view of the damage to their governing power any abdication would cause I’m betting they would tell the SPL Newco are ineligible.

  28. The Ghood will prevail on

    It would appear my earlier comment about licensing was based on my misapprehension that iain blair is sfa, rather than spl. Sorry. Obviously I already knew that the spl would sell their granny to let newhun into top division.

  29. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    stephen pollock,


    there was no meeting with “Rangers”,


    the publicised meeting was with a prospective buyer


    But, I expect no more from you and your meeja friends insisting he is the owner, even when you know its a lie.


    Its just a wee bit of detail I enjoy reminding huns when they are in full obfuscation mode.


    What will yoube doing next season :oD)))))

  30. stephenpollock on 28 May, 2012 at 15:30 said:


    I think the point is that Green cannot represent ra bears as he does not own/manage/hold shares in them at this point.


    As for BB, did you read his views on fellow Celtic fans? My carer was most offended.

  31. An Fear Dearg on

    So just to summarise where we are after RFA(IA) have been IA for over three months now:



    – the administrators still haven’t issued a CVA proposal, and have missed their original promised deadline for doing so;


    – by the time the Administrators get their fees and the secured creditors are satisfied in full, the actual CVA pot remaining for unsecured creditors will consist of approximately £3.48 and a packet of Chewits;


    – agreement to a CVA by HMRC would required them to write off millions of pounds of PAYE, NIC and VAT that had been deliberately withheld from them to fund cashflow for an otherwise insolvent business;


    – RFC(IA) have been exposed as having paid contractual payments to players which they did not disclose to the SFA. For a period spanning up to a decade. And the SPL have already launched an investigation into this.


    – Having failed to meet the initial licensing deadline, RFC(IA) have virtually no chance of meeting the latest SPL deadline in this regard, which will leave the SPL with an interesting decision to make: do a D&P impersonation and extend it further…or act in the spirit and the letter of the UEFA licensing rules…


    – Oh, and they’ve taken their national association to the civil courts. I saw that film once. In Switzerland. I’ll not spoil the ending…ah feck it, basically it’s not going to end well for them.



    Masonic influences, SFA old boys networks, and pro-Rangers MSM cheerleading aside, this is only going to go in one direction. Not today, and not tomorrow, but soon enough. Not as quickly as some might prefer but it’ll get there. And be worth the wait.

  32. so are people still on here defending Tam Cowan?


    he knew exactly what he was saying, as i said earlier, this particular joke has been doing the rounds in Norn iron the last few weeks – enough said



    as for Banty Bhoy – i replied to him, his vile post about the Thai Tims



    yet my post was deleted, his vile post is still up?

  33. Auld Neil Lennon heid on



    I was beginning to think they had switched off your life support :)



    Good to see you are well.

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