Mr Ogilvie, you’re going to need a bigger shredder


Lots of details became available yesterday but if you can drag yourself away from the most gratuitous, concentrate on the dates.

12 December 2012.

One week before the IPO.  Material information disclosed to the nomad?

21 June 2012.

Four weeks after Mr Whyte was banned from participating in Scottish football, enabling Newco to exist.

11 months before one of Mr Whyte’s collaborators is proposed as a director of Newco.

What the spivs have done to that club, assisted by the most stupid people to own keyboards and journos on-the-make, is breath-taking.  How did the idiots manage to take over?  There is a lesson for humanity here.

On a related subject:

“Craig Whyte’s involvement would be hidden from the SFA and SPL”.

Mr Ogilvie, you’re going to need a bigger shredder.

You and your organisation are being openly mocked.  What was patently obvious to anyone remotely interested in following events to their logical conclusion a year ago is now evident to all.

I have no interest in you resigning now.  All the damage which could have been done to our game due to a lack of penetrative oversight, which is your job, has been done.  Your persistence is merely confirmation that the levels of corporate governance at the SFA remain unchanged.

Fans from SPL and SFL clubs found rock among the sand to build foundations on last year.  There remains a love of our game, and our clubs, among the detritus, but we have unquestionably been failed by the custodians of our game at Hampden Park, who I am convinced, will again bury their heads in the sand.

There is no going back, no quick fix, no one can put this right.  Nothing will ever be the same again.  Accept this and move on.

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  1. midfield maestro on



    Thanks for granting me a podium on my wee mammy’s 90th birthday.

  2. Bawsman


    12:45 on


    16 May, 2013




    12:31 on


    16 May, 2013




    Its not over yet :))


    much to their dismay



    Though only in Hunland would CO still be in a job





    Don’t get me wrong mate, I would have loved the ‘nuclear option’ but seeing them bled by daily disasters and the corpse being molested by a succession of grave robbers gives me much pleasure.



    What REALLY stinks to the high heaven though, is the complicit MEDIA. Having said that, nothing has changed in that respect in my lifetime.



    How can Ogilie remain in post?



    How can LNS get away with stating that massive corruption and theft gave “no sporting advantage”?



    When exactly is the SPL’s statement on LNS’s findings due anyway?

  3. swatson Neil Lennon's 6ft skinny twin! on




    12:45 on 16 May, 2013



    How can LNS get away with stating that massive corruption and theft gave “no sporting advantage”?



    It was the SFA not LNS!



    LNS found them guilty then asked the SFA for direction on sentencing, Campbell supplied Sandy Bryson!

  4. Phil is in full flow on Twitter. Says Chuck is moving against Murray to suppress De Loitte report. Not sure which side he is on. Saying Cabal are trying to keep the lights on until Christmas, so they can sell shares & get out. Worthington i.e, Whyte will make big move within 2 weeks

  5. Paul67,



    You have probably been asked this already, but are you satisfied as to the authenticity of the leaked letters and e-mails?

  6. The Boy Jinky on

    Paul 67


    I used to work with a guy who hardly ever opened his mouth .. just nodded in agreement sometimes.


    Everyone assumed he was pretty intelligent … he was just smart …



    Campbell and his cronies keeping silent reminds mebof the guy





    Strong stuff,sir. And every barb finding a target.



    An excellent article which,had they any moral compass,would have each and every one of those targets hanging their heads in shame.

  8. Paul67



    How about this wee bit of madness….


    All the players from Celtic n Hibs – form a wee conspiracy at the SCF


    The players of both sides take their positions on the pitch and the MIB


    blows his whistle for kick-off. But, none of the players move. And when


    the MIB tells them to get on with it…the two captains inform him that


    the SCF will not start until CO resigns ?



    Dramatic actions required – CSC

  9. Bawsman, thanks.



    Rieperman, yes. Absolutely.



    The Boy Jinky, they’re the smartest guys in the game. Or so they thought.






    KevJungle, maybe not.





    SANNABHOY stays near Solihull most weeks.



    Also THE DUBLINER at the bus station has been known to have a fair few Tims in it.



    Best bet may be Cup Final day now.

  11. Paul I’ve gave up with that lot at Hampden tbh.



    They make me laugh, they hand out punishments to everyone else except Sevco.

  12. Kilbowie Kelt on

    First time I have ever congratulated a Podium Chaser.



    Well Done, Midfield Maestro.



    Many Happy Returns, Frances.



  13. 50 shades of green on

    Always had a feeling that CO would only fall on his sword once it proved beyond doubt that he was or is complacent in securing sevcos status to the detriment of other teams.



    However he might just be hung out to dry by the spivs in the vain hope that they can be granted another license for next season.But to do that they would need another brouge wearer in office.



    As the man with the big banana feet once opined “hingin is 2 good fur him”. Perhaps Paul has it right ,but how big a shreader would you need to fit him in.




  14. 'crushed nuts?' 'Naw, Layringitis!' on

    Had a look at RM, need a shower, anyway it appears that Scotland’s finest may have to get the kettle on for some uninvited guests at the EGM who have a difference of opinion about how the dignity’s being flushed down the kharzi!


    Never nice when friends fall out.


    I wonder who’s side the impartial Peace Officers will support?

  15. Hi Paul67,



    Long time no speak (but still follow religiously)



    Loving the latest “stuff” :-)



    Quick question, if you don’t mind…. Phil has in the recent past referred to the possibility of “padlocks”. Do you see this as a realistic possibility?



    I’m REALLY hoping your answer is “yes” :-))




  16. WeefratheTim on




    Let them bury their heads in the sand, they might hit one of those rocks you were on about. :))



    Weefra HH

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