MSPs feeding on distress


“The Club reiterates its sincere sympathy, regret and sorrow for those affected.”  “The Club is very sorry that these events took place.”

So read a statement by Celtic on historic child abuse allegations concerning Celtic Boys Club, issued on 26 February, before two consecutive items on Channel 4 News, in the latter of which, Alex Thomson said, “To date, not a single football club has issued a public apology.”

The broadcast actually carried the Celtic statement a few moments later.  That feels unnecessarily crass, Alex.  Several clubs have failed to issue a public apology for historic child abuse, only one in Scotland that I am aware of, issued an apology.

Celtic are not, as accused by Channel 4, silent on the matter.  They have now issued four public statements.

Celtic have been or are in dialogue with police, lawyers and victims.  As far as I am aware, they are the only Scottish club to have paid compensation to victims – this is all on record, Alex, payments made to victims – on record.  On-going dialogue – on record.  Public apologies – on record.  They are just not speaking to you, which is not actually that important.

What Channel 4 News authorised was vile attempts to reduce child abuse to football banter by Adam Tomkins, Tory MSP, who after Copenhagen’s win Tweeted, “Not the best week for Celtic, then….. #SorryNotSorry”

When it was put to James Dornan, SNP MSP, that Celtic and Celtic Boys Club were not linked, he responded, “It’s a complete nonsense, all the evidence suggests… that the Boys Club and the Football Club were intrinsically linked.”

Where is this complete nonsense coming from Mr Dornan, because here is what Celtic wrote: “although Celtic Football Club is a separate organisation, we take these extremely seriously because of the historic contacts between the two organisations?”

MSPs are feeding on distress.

What happened is vile and caused untold damage to the lives of many victims.  No amount of money will properly compensate for what happened, but sensitivity and diligence is required.  So too is responsible and accurate reporting.

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  1. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    AT’s either felt he was compromised by reporting the truth on wangers intl or his contrary bassa Gene needs to get some Twitter hits. Poor reporting.

  2. PAUL67



    Read your article.



    Do we just suck this up as well?



    Or do we defend our honour and dignity………………………….

  3. From last thread,



    A very good post CCB certainly food for thought there.


    I’m not arguing the point but with a few minutes left surely the players themselves should have had the common sense to see out ordinary time.


    It was the first thing I thought about, 2 all & they win. See out the draw and it’s a new game and if it goes to penalties we have Forster.


    We also had unused substitutes, but the attitude seemed to be we need to score again,


    Maybe it’s because of the players mindset in playing in the SPL. In any SPL game if we were behind and got an equalizer with 10 minutes left everyone’s attitude would be tally ho let’s get the winner.


    It all started to unravel with CalMac rushing to take a free kick, It was definitely the time to slow things down.

  4. We will all have thoughts on this – here’s mine..



    We are the only football club to have won anything in Scotland since Hibs beat sevco in the SC final all those years ago, and we don’t look like collapsing any time soon,



    so given the anti Celtic feeling in Scotland, how on earth can they put us back in our place – because we show no signs of going there voluntarily,



    historic child abuse allegations – thats how.

  5. I had thought of voting regularly for the SNP but I may not anymore. I’m sure Dornan has been put up to this by them because he is from a Celtic supporting family. How we are hated in Scotland.



    As for Thomson, as I said before, I reckon he has been got at when he was covering the demise of the deid team.

  6. Hardly surprisin’ the boorish attitude of some of the “tourists”…………….



    Last orders?

  7. Morelos 24 hours late back from his trip to Colombia and dropped from the game today.



    The other shocking news (not shocking) from swinecastle is Steven Presley’s faded Jean with shirt, tie jacket and waistcoat combo

  8. Common sense and proper behaviour on a sensitive and terrible subject Paul67?



    It won’t happen. Baiting our club on this will be popular when appealing to the base readership, voter base and court of popular opinion amongst the ibrox klanbase.



    Surprised by Thomson. I thought he was a better journalist than that but maybe wants this so he can look ‘even-handed’ against the corruption story at SFA.



    Feel for anybody who suffered. They will get lost amongst the football chants and oneupmanship the subject brings.

  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    The victims must come first.



    Terrible things happened to young people.



    I am reasonably satisfied our club is trying to do the right thing.



    As for other “stakeholders”?



    All IMHO of course …..



    A certain club(s) will never take responsibility for anything



    Journalists, if hassled enough, will happily do whataboutery



    Politicians, irrespective of their background, will whore themselves shamelessly to the demographic most likely to get them re-elected.



    I largely ignore Tomkins, the Sevco fan. If I were to think of him at all I’d hold him in low regard.



    Dornan? Lower.



    And, BTW – the victims must come first.

  10. Big wavy – that’s exactly it. The victims are paramount. Whether it was crewe or celtic boys club, Chelsea, man city, hibs or rangers it matters little to the people whose lives were devastated by predators.



    Facts don’t seem to mean anything these days. My job requires me to write a lot of letters and papers and if I produced the kind of half truths and unchecked statements that Thompson has with celtic in this matter I’d be sacked – bottom line is I don’t do that, I check my facts, I go over them and of I’m in any doubt I chevk again and get second opinions before committing anything to paper. O thought those were also the basics of journalism but it seems not to be the case anymore

  11. “The Club reiterates its sincere sympathy, regret and sorrow for those affected.” “The Club is very sorry that these events took place.”








    Neither of those statements constitute an apology.



    An apology requires acknowledging responsibility.



    Celtic are denying responsibility so can’t apologise.

  12. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    With the plethora of lawyers advertising and begging for business you can be absolutely sure that they would be on the case if they thought they had a snowballs chance.


    Well have they ?

  13. Go tell the Spartim on

    Politicians are interested in one thing and one thing only and that is themselves does the behaviour of politicians or sevconians surprise anyone NO that’s who they are.

  14. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Hun refereeing .


    Hearts player in the clear.


    Pulled back for a free kick to Hearts.

  15. Back from Vale throwing away 2 points – and don’t get me started on refs and throw-ins.


    So not a good end to the week – think yourself lucky if you only follow 1 team.

  16. Gene on 29th February 2020 5:47 pm





    Apologies only necessary if one’s at fault






    My point stands. Neither statement constitutes an apology.

  17. Tynecastle.Where is the crowd.


    Anyone believing this Morelos story,the zip is down on the back of your head.


    Hearts getting into this game.

  18. lets all do the huddle on

    Tynecastle.Where is the crowd.




    heard the ticket prices were ridiculous so hearts fans dingyed it



    32 quid. fkin shockin. dont blame them



    30 quid for us tomorow at perth



    again shockin



    bur when it comes to ticket prices we are terrible as well. maybe the worst



    scottish football is stupidly over priced for whats on offer

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