MSPs feeding on distress


“The Club reiterates its sincere sympathy, regret and sorrow for those affected.”  “The Club is very sorry that these events took place.”

So read a statement by Celtic on historic child abuse allegations concerning Celtic Boys Club, issued on 26 February, before two consecutive items on Channel 4 News, in the latter of which, Alex Thomson said, “To date, not a single football club has issued a public apology.”

The broadcast actually carried the Celtic statement a few moments later.  That feels unnecessarily crass, Alex.  Several clubs have failed to issue a public apology for historic child abuse, only one in Scotland that I am aware of, issued an apology.

Celtic are not, as accused by Channel 4, silent on the matter.  They have now issued four public statements.

Celtic have been or are in dialogue with police, lawyers and victims.  As far as I am aware, they are the only Scottish club to have paid compensation to victims – this is all on record, Alex, payments made to victims – on record.  On-going dialogue – on record.  Public apologies – on record.  They are just not speaking to you, which is not actually that important.

What Channel 4 News authorised was vile attempts to reduce child abuse to football banter by Adam Tomkins, Tory MSP, who after Copenhagen’s win Tweeted, “Not the best week for Celtic, then….. #SorryNotSorry”

When it was put to James Dornan, SNP MSP, that Celtic and Celtic Boys Club were not linked, he responded, “It’s a complete nonsense, all the evidence suggests… that the Boys Club and the Football Club were intrinsically linked.”

Where is this complete nonsense coming from Mr Dornan, because here is what Celtic wrote: “although Celtic Football Club is a separate organisation, we take these extremely seriously because of the historic contacts between the two organisations?”

MSPs are feeding on distress.

What happened is vile and caused untold damage to the lives of many victims.  No amount of money will properly compensate for what happened, but sensitivity and diligence is required.  So too is responsible and accurate reporting.

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  1. ST, Apologies I thought you were Dr.Unk and getting personal. Ye urnae Dr.U that is obvious, keep on keeping on.



    Celtic is Precious to so many. 9 and then 10 in a row is more important to MOST Celts (rightly or wrongly) than getting to the latter stages of the 2nd European Competition.

  2. Good morning, friends from a beautiful clear skied soon to be warm Playa Blanca. Hopefully by 5pm today a wee bit of the feel good factor will have been restored. I’ll be hoping to catch the game by squinting at my phone in the bright sunshine. A semi final line up of Celtic, Hibs, Aberdeen and Hearts would be decent. One day we’re probably going to fail to win a domestic trophy. Enjoy these days!

  3. Just watched Liverpool highlights. Watching Lovren puts any criticism of Jozo in perspective.



    On recruitment, we desperately need athleticism in midfield (box to box etc) to compete in Europe. Ryan has it but we need one other



    In our defence , we have rarely had this in my lifetime (McStay and Burns had it). In the recent past we seem to buy more defensive players; bitton, kouassi, Ajer, benyu, ledley, Hartley, Santana).



    Ironically , Brown was brought in to add dynamism and we got one season of it and then he became defensive player

  4. Auto correct took Wanyama to Santana. If he can play guitar, we’ll have him back!

  5. Good morning from a dreich but deeeeeeelighted Garngad



    Bring on St Johnstone, another opportunity to show our class today and hammer home our footballing superiority.


    Win this game today and it will make every Sevco, Masonic feckwits greet even more. They will dread another treble for the taigs. 😂😂😂



    Come on the Bhoys in Green give us another beautiful Sunday and a Carling weekend.



    Reading back was a delight with some great posts but my pick was David17.



    DAVID17 on 29TH FEBRUARY 2020 10:24 PM


    “They will look back in a years time and realise these were their glory days”



    Superb David17






    D. :)

  6. Stevie G looks and sounds like he has had enough. Not sure how a manager comes back from saying what he has essentially said about his entire squad. Morelos was thrown under the bus in particular.



    I wouldn’t be surprised if he did walking away very soon. If he waits and gets tanked by celtic it’ll look much worse than leaving now. If he goes now he can cite still being in Europe and having beaten celtic the last time he played. Leaves some scope for a championship side to show some interest.



    Gubbings from leverkusen and us would end his material career.

  7. St Johnstone today and Livingston ( Wed) are both tricky away games. Our lack of physicality is always a concern for me. But I’m probably a glass half empty guy football wise so hopefully Lawell’s decision not to bring in first team ready , battle hardened, types won’t come back to haunt us.

  8. Game today is tricky. Big pressure on the players. Bigger than Thursday in my opinion. Very much looking forward to it. We appear to have a group of players for whom the occasional defeat re focuses minds. Our players are never given the credit they deserve while the zombies are over hyped continually. Psychologically for a footballer or any sports person it’s surely preferable to not be made to think you’re up there with the stars of Barcelona or juventus when you are in fact a wee bit better than most of the stars of Dundee or worse than most of the liverpool under aged teams.

  9. Just watched Slippy’s post match interview.



    Hie sense of entitlement is appalling.



    No sympathy here.

  10. Slippy will see out the season. He won’t walk before the Euro games. Whether he starts net season is the question. We can but hope.


    I said last week, if someone else were to win the Cup, I would get over it quick enough as long as it wasn’t Sevco.


    The fact they are out takes a lot of pressure off,


    Having said all that I just want Celtic to win today.

  11. When the artist formerly known as ” Stevengerrardsrainjuurz” says he’s goat to dae some thinkin’………. abooot his …..”exekutive” position…….so publicly, in an emotional oootburst… that last night…then proper management should already have done the thinkin’ on rollin’ in a new stooge / franchise frontman / rainjurzitis sufferer………




    The spin today will be brilliant.

  12. I watched the Hertz v Huns game.


    Its reported today that Slippy “Snubbed” his players after the game ?


    NO mention of him also snubbing the Hertz manager and his staff, as Slippy had walked away up the tunnel BEFORE the final whistle.


    No Sportsmanship whatsoever.


    Slippy PRAISES the Hun support DESPITE their appalling song book yet again.



    I havent read much back so the following may have been posted already on here but….


    Hun goalie McGregor going Tonto at the Ref at half time, and pulling his Orange shit jersey over his head…for some reason ?


    If it was because the Ref failed to send off the Hertz player for deliberate hand ball when he slapped the ball into the Hun net with two hands, you could understand any anger at the Ref etc BUT…..



    What McGregor and the Hun “Pundits” on TV NEGLECTED to mention was that the Hertz player was probably ALSO very angry with the Ref etc, as moments before HIS Hand Ball from a Hertz corner, the Hun dud Edmundson had deliberately used his arm to clear the ball out of the Hun penalty area which led to the Hertz corner in the first instance !



    If the Ref had did his job properly, it was a Penalty for Hertz and a Yellow Card at least for Edmundson, so the Hertz corner would NOT have been awarded, and obviously the Hertz player would NOT have been guilty of hand ball as there would have been a different pattern of play as Hertz should have had a Penalty.



    In the 1st Half, the same Hun Dud Edmundson pulled away at a Hertz players jersey in the Huns penalty area. The Hertz player fell to the floor. Expert Hun Pundits on TV said…Alex Rae…..never a penalty as the pull of the shirt wasnt enough for the Hertz player to do down ???


    McCraigan ( another tosser) tried his best to agree, but did say that Edmundson “Got Lucky” !


    Obviously the Hun commentator had little to say.



    Someone should remind these Hun pundits that any player does NOT have to fall on the ground to be awarded a penalty…to suggest otherwise just to suit your Hun agenda doesnt wash.


    No doubt many Huns would agree with Alex Rae ( The Quark)…but where does it say in the Rule Book that a player when being fouled MUST fall to the ground in order for a penalty to be awarded ??



    Going by Raes “Expert Punditry”, player A….could walk up to player B in players A penalty area, and PUNCH Player B….and just because player B stays on his feet after being Hit/Fouled/Punched…the Ref shouldnt award a penalty ?


    I wonder how many of the Hun support will turn up at Ipox on Wednesday v Hamilton Accies ?






  13. Lazio are top of Serie A and now have the longest unbeaten run in Europe



    After Thursday night it’s easy to forget how good we were in the group stages

  14. I was disappointed after getting put out of Europe, but not too unhappy as for me for the Celtic to do NINE in a Row was ALWAYS the priority.


    Lets get this League wrapped up asap…and of course beat St Johnstone Today also !



    The Huns now know that the QUADruple Treble is very much on for Celtic, and not only have the lost out on winning the Scottish Cup, but also the extra cash that a Semi Final and Final would have brought….and they will not have any Hampden day out to look forward to…what a shame LOL !






    He must know that domestically it’s just going to get worse. He’s lost twice to the team sitting bottom of the league, we show no sign of faltering.



    He can say he’s moved them forwards to this point, if it unravels further it doesn’t look good at all

  16. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I’m sure BBC Scotland will show a longer and more comprehensive set of highlights from Tyncastle than the 2 minutes they currently have up on their web page.



    For instance I’d like to see Jack’s tackle that should have been a red card and Heart’s’ stonewall penalty claim that was denied.



    Whilst they managed to squeeze in the Hearts hand-ball goal, these seem to be missing.

  17. Big Jimmy: Happy to meet you next Saturday around the Carlton area for a jar if you are up for it and if the coronavirus doesn’t stop my flight over.

  18. Go tell the Spartim on

    Slippys rant is all about Slippy it’s so they plead with him to stay and then they portray him as a true ‘the Rangers ‘ man and a stand up guy.



    The only other reason I can think of (much says more about me) is he knows they’re Donald Ducked financially




  19. Slippy will likely be pissed of at having to do Jabba’s bidding.



    How could anyone work with him?

  20. Just back from Mass. The old shake hands as a sign of peace is gone from the menu & The Holy Water fonts have been emptied.


    As Bob Dylan sang, The times they are a changin

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