MSPs feeding on distress


“The Club reiterates its sincere sympathy, regret and sorrow for those affected.”  “The Club is very sorry that these events took place.”

So read a statement by Celtic on historic child abuse allegations concerning Celtic Boys Club, issued on 26 February, before two consecutive items on Channel 4 News, in the latter of which, Alex Thomson said, “To date, not a single football club has issued a public apology.”

The broadcast actually carried the Celtic statement a few moments later.  That feels unnecessarily crass, Alex.  Several clubs have failed to issue a public apology for historic child abuse, only one in Scotland that I am aware of, issued an apology.

Celtic are not, as accused by Channel 4, silent on the matter.  They have now issued four public statements.

Celtic have been or are in dialogue with police, lawyers and victims.  As far as I am aware, they are the only Scottish club to have paid compensation to victims – this is all on record, Alex, payments made to victims – on record.  On-going dialogue – on record.  Public apologies – on record.  They are just not speaking to you, which is not actually that important.

What Channel 4 News authorised was vile attempts to reduce child abuse to football banter by Adam Tomkins, Tory MSP, who after Copenhagen’s win Tweeted, “Not the best week for Celtic, then….. #SorryNotSorry”

When it was put to James Dornan, SNP MSP, that Celtic and Celtic Boys Club were not linked, he responded, “It’s a complete nonsense, all the evidence suggests… that the Boys Club and the Football Club were intrinsically linked.”

Where is this complete nonsense coming from Mr Dornan, because here is what Celtic wrote: “although Celtic Football Club is a separate organisation, we take these extremely seriously because of the historic contacts between the two organisations?”

MSPs are feeding on distress.

What happened is vile and caused untold damage to the lives of many victims.  No amount of money will properly compensate for what happened, but sensitivity and diligence is required.  So too is responsible and accurate reporting.

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  1. !!Bada Bing!! on 29th February 2020 11:59 pm



    Gerrard interview, he was very honest IMO,looks a broken man






    I aint seen any interview, I know Neil and SG respect each other Big time. That is great.



    Warnock oh my days.

  2. “I need to think. The plan was to have a day off tomorrow [Sunday] but I need to think hard about where we are at as a group. I need to do some real serious thinking in the next 24-48 hours.”



    Asked if that included his own future at the club, he said: “I just need to think, I am feeling pain right now because I want to win here. I am desperate to win here, but looking from the side today I didn’t get the impression that the feeling among my players was the same.



    “Me and my staff have given these players absolutely everything for 20 months and held their hand on and off the pitch and improved everything but it is tough when with every other performance you feel the way I feel

  3. Anyone got a view of viewing figures on Premier Sports for Scottish Cup games? I remember there was a poster on here who had access to viewer & subscription levels but cannot recall who…

  4. Greenpinata is as annoyed as me about us not getting through that tie.



    I reckon we would have played against the Turkish team – massive opportunity to progress, it didnae happen.



    If only Neil got his January wish list.



    no excuses




  5. Very strange to hear those types of comments coming from a manager unless Gerrard has already made his mind up to go?



    Maybe he’s trying to gauge the response of his players



    Anyway, win tomorrow Celts and hammer a final nail in his coffin for good luck







  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Petec- Warnock’s record in getting teams from the Championship to the Epl,on low budgets is brilliant

  7. Jozo to score the opening goal Today.



    Something inside so Strong.






    4 first half goals Celtic.



    Sign a left footed Monster and stop playing dudes oot of position.



    Gonnae pump it up now

  8. Sydneytim



    Like yourself I have been missing from this blog since January.



    Your reappearance however is driven by a bad result for Celtic which enables you to once again tell everyone how bad Peter Lawwell is for Celtic.



    Have you ever at any time in the last 15 years once taken any joy in Celtic’s achievements or have you just bided your time waiting and salivating on the prospect of a Celtic defeat so that finally you can say I told you so and it’s all Peter Lawwell’s fault.



    I don’t post much anymore on here because I believed that this blog has been overrun by people like you who take more pleasure in a Celtic defeat than a victory. Thanks for confirming my theory.

  9. !!Bada Bing!! on 1st March 2020 12:34 am



    Petec- Warnock’s record in getting teams from the Championship to the Epl,on low budgets is brilliant






    Big Chap, he is getting on a bit now. Respect Always.



    Lenny wisnae for throwing ANY wan under the Bus.



    Under Pressure – Stevie G is crumbling. Imagine having Bombs and Bullets sent to you.

  10. Owen. Thank you for your kind comments


    And I do hope you don’t have sand in your ears and eyes after your head been in the sand



    Read the article from the journalist closest to NL



    Why is our CEO bringing in players we don’t need why ignoring our coach ( br was a manger )



    Why have we under Peter lawwell watch only won one knockout tie against mostly inferior teams


    Why can’t we be run our rivals in Europe


    Mostly by football people

  11. Owen


    Come down from your lofty perch. If everyone on here sang from the same hymn sheet there’d be no one posting. Syd is a negatron but I must say I agree with his comments 50% of the time.

  12. Neil is totally different from Brendan. A totally different animal.



    Stevie might have seen flaws in Brendan, he might have even saw flaws in Neil.



    Neil is STRONGER than most, mentally.



  13. Sydneytim



    So 10 trophys in a row. 9 in a row all but secured and still the chance of a quadruple treble is failure?



    Going by your logic only 2 teams in Europe have an acceptable season.



    It must have been great crack in your house when the school report cards arrived.



    I don’t have sand in my ears I have hope in my heart.

  14. Owen.



    Report card would say


    Art and sports. Lots of medals



    But failure in Europe where a large % of our income Comes from



    We talk about PLC and run as a business


    We are run as a poor football business



    You ate back to the “ we will never win CL” tosh



    Our European rivals earn far more money than we do due our CEO managing all transfers and thinking he knows more about football than our mangers

  15. 31003



    I am not on any high horse.



    Sydneytim has been conspicuously absent from this blog since we went on our unbeaten run in January. I also believe you will find his fellow antipodean Macjay also called him out too.



    I make no apologies for being a “forelock tugging, back of the bus, board apologising, old firmist sheep”.

  16. I’m kinda sure Hugh Keevins is willing bad results befalling on the Newco Domestically. :))



    QT …. bad language in this tube be ware.

  17. I wrestled and thought long and carefully at mass tonight.


    We are in Lent of course


    But I finally decided it would be




    if I didn’t celebrate the demise of Sevco with a beer.



  18. Owen. Once again tosh



    I was on stating that the change of tactics to go with two up Front was a joy to watch


    I stated the it allowed Eddie to be freed up


    And not surrounded by 3 Opposition players all the time


    ( note we started up to go up front. Not for a tactically reason but purely because PL would not pay the going rate for goal scores )



    I also was concerned about 3 at the back


    We were only found that due to injury of our only right back



    So once again tosh mate

  19. ‘GG,



    The bad wan is getting to full pelt noo. Njoi that Good Beer.



    Imagine a second 9 in a row…. along with a Quadruple Treble.



    Wow oh Wow, Wow oH Wow.



    God Bless ye ‘GG,

  20. Come off it Sydneytim you used to complain about Gordon Strachan’s team not playing “the Celtic way” and beating domestic rivals with aplomb, by the way did your wife, who was a better coach than him according to you, ever get her FIFA badges?, now it’s about dominating in Europe. The one constant throughout all these years has been your hatred of Peter Lawwell.



    There’s a lot wrong in the world but Celtic is my bright spot.

  21. Tontine Tim. Glad you on



    You are a liar. You stated that I said I so Neil Lennon in tennents before a game Early last year



    You are a liar. I was in Glasgow At a time when Neil Lennon was not the manger of Celtic and was at the bar in tennents. I know the dates I was there



    Tosh I also never stayed in kirkie

  22. Owen. Once again made up tosh I never ever said that about Gordon Strachan



    What I did say was in his last season he tinkered away From home by playing 5 in midfield and dropping a striker , leading to draw after draw away from home



    I don’t have a personal hatred for PL


    But I see his autocratic style of management is holding us back

  23. Aw well. We are all Celtic fans



    Of course we are all happy beating the likes of Aberdeen , Kilmarnock Etc



    But some of think we should be beating the snakier teams in Europe due to our clout



    Our failure is amplified when we look at cash sitting in bank doing nothing

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