Mulgrew’s magnificent delivery


I watched Scotland play a more accomplished Wales last night.  No one in blue played particularly well but when Charlie Mulgrew prepared to take a corner from the right in first half stoppage time we knew Wales were in danger.

The pace, low trajectory and movement Charlie gets on the ball negates the natural advantage the defending team has.  The goal had little to do with the young lad who got on the end of the cross, just as Celtic’s remarkable success from corners has little to do with their ability to attack the ball.

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  1. The Pars situation is awkward for the media. They want to portray liquidation as a disaster but their treatment of Sevco suggests it is little more than a bump in the road, with no serious consequences.



    Makes you wonder why everyone with denvts doesn’t do it.





    THINEDIMEBHOY.stonewaller for me but ball not in play.so the BINOS no 5 up before the beaks next week.ps i’ve heard of MASONIC HANDSHAKE but not a MASONIC HUG????





    They have the crucial video evidence Elbows holds his face and there was no contact



    If he had fooled the ref the player would have wrongly been sent off Sevco would have got a penalty and if they had scored Stirling would have been robbed of a point



    Now in my book thats cheating of the highest order in football



    But of course in Scotland that can be overlooked depending on who does the cheating

  3. Elbows Mc Culloch The Shameless Cheat



    I hope they are talking about this on the radio, I haven’t heard it mentioned yet, I am sure that it has just been overlooked and they will mention it any second now.




    I will just wait patiently…………

  4. Remarkable change in standing of Catholics


    tom devine


    Wednesday 9 January 2013


    Until the 1990s sectarianism in Scotland was treated like the way a bad smell might be ignored at a polite dinner party.



    Love that opening line.



    For all those decades prior to 1990 It must have been all the snp’s fault, when they had a maximum of about 7 seats in westminster and for most of the time it was much fewer



    For some people it is far better to blame a minority party than the parties (i.e both the Tories & Labour) that actually took the decisions that led to such behaviour.



    Hence why I would never vote Labour or Tory.



    Ernie is far too intellectually-challenged to understand such a simple point.



    It’s unbelievably amusing to me that Ernie and large proportion of people on here blame the SNP for the recent bill and they are at fault for that, but unable to accept that Labour might be in some way responsible for what happened when decisions that polarised sectarian division were taken in the previous 100 years.



    Ernie, keep up your billy wolff fantasy rather than discuss every bill created by the party in government that polarised sectarian divisions at the time



    e.g. labour & the tories during the northern irish troubles



    billy wolff was much more fundamental to scotland’s affairs



    so he wis

  5. labour and tories



    two sides of the same coin, in fact their both the same side of the same coin

  6. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    “Once again this group (union bears) have cringeworthy banners at game. The Independence vote no banner was just daft, we are all old enough to make up our own minds. The “less tweeting…..” banner was more that stupid. This is the mob who shout the praises of Ally at every game, don’t they see the contradiction? Anyway tweeting is the least of our worries player wise. “

  7. Pggtips2,


    Don’t know if you seen my earlier post re politics, is it reasonable that there hasn’t been a catholic in a cabinet position in an Snp government?, mnot looking for an argument, I don’t know enough about it

  8. It is not all bad news for the new Sevco mob, at least the stadium was nearly deserted when they got boooed off at full time, at half time it was nearly half full.

  9. gordybhoy64



    i couldn’t give two hoots what colour or creed are in the cabinet



    as i look at it



    do they give me 1p extra in my pocket?


    do they give me 1p less in my pocket?



    they’re the only two questions i would ask myself

  10. lionroars67



    Tom Devine may be the Senior Research Professor in History at Edinburgh University but he is talking out of his hat with regard to the non-existence of discrimination in the labour market.



    I know for a fact that a senior HR manager in Fife Council advised her friend that when applying for a job her son should not include the fact that he was at St Columba’s High School but instead put down a non-denom school.



    The HR manager stated that she had no prejudice against RCs but that many of the works department staff did and would bin RC applicants.

  11. I never vote, as someone said the other day “If voting changed anything they would have banned it years ago”.

  12. djbee



    voting has sometimes changed things



    you’re mostly right, it usually doesn’t but there’s the odd occasion

  13. Pggtips2,


    Makes no odds to me either, places should be given on merit, just that reading ernies posts he uses this to suggest anti catholic feeling in ths Snp, it seems strange that given the population mix there aint a catholic in the present government

  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    ToffeeTim 14:58 on 23 March, 2013


    Gutted for Jim Leishman and Pars fans Liquidation a certainty …. Only a matter of time …. Not good !




    It’s actually great news – the protocol for liquidated teams is that they get invited to join the SPL.




    12:52 on


    23 March, 2013


    BBBBBBOOOOOO ! ht 0-0 ! BINOS Miss a sitter on stroke of ht ! A cancelled sky in espn last month still waiting for it being cut off !



    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~






    Contact me at






    as there is a means of retaining your viewing.

  16. Pggtips2 agree on the reason for independence. As I said earlier I don’t believe anyone will invest in a small country in Europe ( as opposed to tax havens like cayman islands or BRIC associated countries such as HK , SGP etc )



    Scotland independent would fail financially and would need a bail out within 2 years



    My advice to folks would be to have your excess cash out of the country …preferably England. And for those over a certain income consider a move.



    Independence will see the money leave the country.

  17. Seen this just after game last night and smiled :))



    Gene’s a Bhoys name


    22:01 on 22 March, 2013


    Maybe we should get chuck and the msm to tell fifa that the world cup finals need a strong scotland despite the league position



  18. gordybhoy



    most likely because historically catholics voted labour, only now younger catholics view labour as the problem not the solution and so now they’re switching allegience to the snp, in the near future when catholics swell the snp membership in ever larger numbers will catholics at the head of the snp come to the fore

  19. Pggtips2,


    Cheers for the reply, am sure ernie will be along shortly to give a different view :-))




    14:48 on


    23 March, 2013


    Elbows Mc Culloch The Shameless Cheat



    That was truly shocking.



    Only watched them once v Dundee Utd,which was hilarious.



    Might watch them more often-just getting bored with Only Fools and Horses repeats…….

  21. Alistair for Manager of the Year. Shoestring budget, average age of team 17, intimidating arenas like Annan Athletics ( who don’t play in Borussia Dortmund colours ) for nothing.



    Alistair is new to the Managerial game and this seasons title success could see a full blown assault on the Ramsden Cup next season. I fully expect this young ibrox squad to make up the bulk of the Scotland Team in years to come.



    In fact I would award Alistair Manager of the Year for the next 10 years and I would hope the appropriately named Mr Green would award Alistair a 10 year contract.



    Arise Sir Alistair you are doing a grand job.

  22. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Has Wiggy Smith commented yet on Elbows ‘simulation’?



    Ball not even in play – I almost wish he had awarded a penalty…

  23. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    southside 15:47 on 23 March, 2013


    Anyone else get the feeling planet sevco is about to implode………..again



    They’ve certainly been pushing VERY hard to jump into division one after reconstruction……

  24. Lucky Cody. Agree. If independence looks likely none of my familys cash will be in a Scottish bank.



    Think we should all be watching the Cyprus situation very very carefully…



    If it happens I will certainly have to move abroad (ie to London) to find work.

  25. pggtips2



    15:27 on 23 March, 2013




    You’re missing the point.



    Scotland has a problem with sectarianism.



    At one time Scotland was the most anti Catholic country in the world.



    There’s historical reasons for that state of affairs which go back as far as the Reformation, and possibly beyond.




    It’s not as bad as it used to be, but it’s still there.




    That historical baggage isn’t the fault of any political party.



    No one is saying that the SNP caused sectarianism. What I’m saying is that the SNP crawled out of a swamp of anti Irish Catholic sentiment which pervaded Scotland in the 1930s and that strain of thinking still finds a place in the party.



    Moreover, given that Scotland has an issue with anti Irish Catholic sectarianism it is reasonable to suppose that in a separate Scotland, no longer influenced by the more moderate views of the UK, such sectarianism would be more pronounced and given freer rein.



    There’s nothing the SNP have said or done in office that would serve to alleviate such concerns. Quite the reverse.

  26. Glassywothirdsfull.



    With the current team and manager I believe they will struggle to win the division above them next season. Jumping up two leagues and expecting to win it, is, in my opinion, sheer fantasy.

  27. pggtips2




    You are Ernie’s Bitch mate.



    How can you seriously imagine Scotland will vote for separation, against all the evidence and precedent?

  28. Thindimebhoy




    15:12 on 23 March, 2013




    agree big time and everything to do with that new club


    sorry about the late reply was off oot for a bottle of malt


    for laters anyway back to my usual lurking



  29. Tim Malone Will Tell on




    Remember though that under reconstruction, they would only need a top 4 finish in SPL2 to have a tilt at SPL entry.



    I suspect that reconstruction will be delayed a year in any case. Just a pity that Queen of the South aren’t waiting for them in Div 2…

  30. Wee Oscar 4 Life on

    The current bid for the unique bottle of 8 year old Bowmore 59.4% (No 1 of 251) is sitting at an amazing



    £200 (two hundred)



    Thanks and HH




  31. bawsman



    did you ever think you’d see a black president of the usa in your lifetime?

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