Mulgrew’s magnificent delivery


I watched Scotland play a more accomplished Wales last night.  No one in blue played particularly well but when Charlie Mulgrew prepared to take a corner from the right in first half stoppage time we knew Wales were in danger.

The pace, low trajectory and movement Charlie gets on the ball negates the natural advantage the defending team has.  The goal had little to do with the young lad who got on the end of the cross, just as Celtic’s remarkable success from corners has little to do with their ability to attack the ball.

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  1. JHJ



    Pointless Mate he didn’t even realize what he had said! When I mentioned their continuing use of a broken financial model he looked at me like I was speaking Japanese!¨



    They have no concept except the MSM spoon fed crap they have been fed for years and for the Record he is a Highlander and dead set against Independence…



    Figure that one out..


    LIVIBHOY 1154



    I always wondered what that was about.



    Friends falling out,who knows…



    Been there,cringe then laugh in the morning!



    And buy the eejit on the receiving end a pint then apologise




    These things happen on the training ground everyday. Saw them at the fives a few times. Just caught up in the moment.


    We have all been there chasing a baw around!




  4. starry plough



    broken financial model?



    £10 million loss per year under murray



    £10 million loss per year under whyte



    £7 million loss in 7 months with £5 million in next 5 months



    another world record for charles;-)))))))))




  5. LiviBhoy…



    For all I dislike the man Sounness was a very good footballer. He didn’t come off second best to many people in his career. He had a mix of guile and hardness that you don’t see much of in the modern game. I doubt he would have lasted 90 mins on a pitch with that Celtic seide as he would have lost the head far too early and been sent from the field for a stupid challenge.



    There no debate he was very talented footballer. You’re right. I was just meaning that I reckon he’d have come off second best in the hard man stakes. Souness preferred the cowardly method when inflicting injury, as evidenced by his attack on Paul Kane. I doubt he’d have got that far with some of teh guys we had – Bobo and Henke especially.



    Henrik was not only a fine footballer but a very hard man. Much like Jimmy Johnstone he could be kicked all over the pitch and keep coming back. Very rarely did he even seem annoyed by it. He didn’t moan about it much.



    Larsson was, in my estimation, the complete player.



    I just wish there was a job for him at Paradise. He trained with the strikers before one match and one match only and we won it 9-0. There must be a job for him at Celtic Park.



    Possibly – but it’s what he could offer too? Is there something that he could contribute? He’s far too important a man to simply be given a job almost as an old pals act.



    The question on everyones mind regarding Henke was what happened at Feyenoord???


    That was pay back time for the 1970 final!







  6. jungle jam67



    Looking forward to Charles comparing his books with ours at the end of the season..



    Whit a dobber canny open his mooth withoot mentioning us!

  7. tictaewin


    12:10 on


    25 March, 2013


    Jings, nearly 1300 comments on Charlie’s coarner. Must have been some baw.






    well its a charlie thing, people are still commenting about others by Tully and Gallagher.

  8. starry plough



    that will be a day for PL to stand up to the msm myth that we need sevco in any league



    roll on the audited accounts



    when will charles make his move?




  9. eddieinkirkmichael on

    I asked Grant Russle(STVsports) what his thoughts were re Charlotte 18 this morn on twitter, I asked him as he’s a livinston fan. He repied that someone else in STV news was following up on that story. Wonder when that story will be on the STV website?

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Palacio67 08:23 on 25 March, 2013


    Chuckles latest in the Mirror this morning…



    Just read it. Are you sure it wasn’t mirror with a small “m”?

  11. starry plough



    but you can never refute legal documents from accountants



    and when chuckles investors see the audited accounts stand by for fireworks




  12. p8ddy



    I think Larsson would be a great ambassador for the club and also be used to coach the forwards.


    I think we would certainly hold more sway at the UEFA table with Mr Larsson in our posse of delegates.




  13. eddieinkirkmichael on

    jungle jam67




    12:35 on



    Will the stadia and Murry park be listed in the accounts as assets?





    I reckon that bearing in mind the money that needs spent on it,the stadium will be listed under liabilities….

  15. Am i correct believing that the English football league system is basically a private members club and one has to be invited to join. Can the European courts force the aforementioned private members club to admit all and sundry! Is Chuckles barking mad or as crazy as a fox!!

  16. A wee bit of nostalgic reminiscing if nobody minds. I was reminded by the references to Glenconner park earlier. I spent my formative years in the timland enclave that was the Garngad.



    We lived at 30 Rosemount St., the old building and not the later “high flats”. I remember playing football on the ‘brickfield’ behind Murphy’s pub (used to collect beer bottles and return them there for a penny a time) playing on the ‘black rocks’ beside the Molendinar (spelling??). Does anybody else remember McAfferty’s paper and sweetie shop on Millburn St.? Went to the wee Roch on Royston Rd across from the chapel. We were then uprooted to Ruchazie when I was about 9 or 10, I would still come back every Sunday to get the papers from McAfferty’s and spend the rest of the afternoon in the snooker hall attached to the chapel……..ah memories.



    Sorry for the ramblings, had to remove it from my chest.




  17. 31003




    You are closer to the truth than you may think.



    James Edward McGrory, s granda and my dads granda were brothers.



    Are you from the Garngad.