Mulgrew’s magnificent delivery


I watched Scotland play a more accomplished Wales last night.  No one in blue played particularly well but when Charlie Mulgrew prepared to take a corner from the right in first half stoppage time we knew Wales were in danger.

The pace, low trajectory and movement Charlie gets on the ball negates the natural advantage the defending team has.  The goal had little to do with the young lad who got on the end of the cross, just as Celtic’s remarkable success from corners has little to do with their ability to attack the ball.

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  1. Snake Plissken on

    Ernie Lynch



    Have the Labour party ever apologized for the FIRST EVER Labour Cabinet considering repatriation of people of Irish descent who had never set foot in Ireland?



    I think we should be told. Are they waiting for the right moment?



    Given that that Cabinet had not one but TWO members of the Orange Order in its ranks pushing for this actual piece of legislation which was discriminatory in the extreme surely you must agree that decisions and discussions within a Political party taken in the 1930’s must remain exactly the same in the present day.



    It’s funny how the Labour Party actively engaged (whilst in power) with the “Swamp” of bigotry you described which was going on in in the UK (with members of the orange order IN THE CABINET) whilst a joining of two different Parties to avoid splits in the Independence movement was really just a front for anti-Catholic bigots.



    The fact that they didn’t go for repatriation must have been that moderating influence you said UK Governance brought to the table.




    16:16 on


    23 March, 2013


    Apologies if alread pointed out but spirit strength is measures most commonly in % abv (alcohol by volume) or mainly in the past degrees proof.



    40%abv is I believe 70 proof






    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~






    Absolutely correct.



    In fact the bottle is 59.4% which equates to 104 uk proof.



    Got the battered remnants of BOTTLE 151 in front of me,only a quarter full.



    Thought I had more than that.



    Obviously I HAVE had more than that!



    Oh,well. Soon to be consigned to history,I fear….



    Honestly,folks-this is the nectar of drunken kings,whisky as you never knew existed………

  3. “some liquidations are different”. Brilliant. Next we’ll be hearing that some liquidations are more equal than others or some liquidations are more deserving than others. The MSM are bound to get themselves in a total twist trying now to justify their guff about the deady bears. Hell mend them. Let them rot. Mind you, I would be happy to give Dunfermline a helping hand up. Jim Leishman always strikes me as one of the good guys. His team really do deserve better.

  4. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Rm tell it as it is……..



    “The atmosphere is p*** at Ibrox too many moaners, think of what that’s doing to the players mentally, especially the youngsters! Image taking yer son to play fitbaw n constantly moaning at him saying he’s p*** n that, u may as well stop there coz he ain’t gonna mount to nothing with football coz his confidence will be zero. Am mean, fair doo’s a better atmosphere ain’t goin to make them super stars but it would defo help moral of the players. The only bit of atmosphere you get these days is from the union bears, a couple a folk will join in singing way the UB at other parts of the stadium and you get c**** sitting around you looking their nose down at you like shut the f***, stop singing rangers songs. If yer no in the broomloan front next to the UB some parts of the stadium are f***** depressing. Union bears need to start recruiting and get sections all around the stadium to drown out the neighbourhood watch moaners, create a better day for everybody at Ibrox bring back the famous Glasgow Rangers Atmosphere, We Are The People!!! “

  5. Silver City 1888 on

    Just a thought on Dunfermline’s impending liquidation. If there is a 12 team bottom league, will Sevco be bumped up to the second bottom league by the Pars replacement club?

  6. pmsl at the sevco vs stirling score




    the glory years for fat sally



    bbc…. crowd 44608 @ ipox



    how many freebies the day charlie?


    from the tv pictures it looked more like 24608



    every week they run they lose £250,000 ……how long before charles does a runner like Craig?







  7. lionroars67



    16:40 on 23 March, 2013




    Devine’s point is that in Scotland while institutional sectarianism in terms of allocation of jobs and housing has decreased (due to a number of reasons including: anti discrimination legislation, the growth of the state as an employer and the increase in the number of multi nationals) attitudinal sectarianism has stubbornly persisted.



    What’s undeniable is that it’s a Scottish, not an English, issue.



    The question is why.

  8. Celtic Mac



    16:52 on 23 March, 2013



    ‘It is the other who defines you, is that what you are saying?’





    Celtic Mac


    16:52 on


    23 March, 2013


    ernie lynch



    You are going to have to do a whole lot better than that ernie! You do not define yourself as an “Irish Catholic” but that “a substantial proportion of Scots would regard me, and those like me, of being of Irish Catholic extraction”. It is the other who defines you, is that what you are saying?



    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~






    IMO,ERNIE LYNCH is perfectly capable of answering this on his own,and this is meant ONLY as a response to your post.



    The point I believe is being made,is that no matter how hard we try to integrate into Scottish society,there are still those who will PERPETUALLY decry us as taigs,tarriers,fenians,and any other coupla epithets they can pronounce.



    Clearly,this is not the situation in the majority of minds,but it is there in such a significant number that it matters.



    It matters to anyone who has been turned down for a job because of such ingrained hatred,it matters to anyone who has fallen foul of the law because of it,it matters to anyone who has been on the wrong end of a kicking because of it.



    Or worse,ended up like REAMONN GORMLEY,bless him,and many others.



    It is still there,and if anything,getting worse where it still exists. Because that hatred is becoming concentrated.

  10. Just in and catching up on today’s Zombie ApocaLOLypse at Mordor.



    Hun quote of the day on the FollowFollow match thread:





    DALRSC’s Avatar


    DALRSC DALRSC is offline


    Follow Follow Moderator



    Join Date: 29-07-2006


    Location: Loyalist Dumbarton East


    Posts: 9,537


    Default Re: Rangers v Stirling Albion MATCH THREAD – do not discuss illegal tv links




    Originally Posted by Gaizka Mendieta View Post



    Internet porn is certainly the way ahead



    I was watching ESPN but the wife walked in and I quickly turned it onto porn to save any embarrassment to me!



  11. ROW Z - Let Celtic Flourish By The Cleansing Of The 'Den! on

    Ernie Lynch



    You think discrimination in employment doesn’t happen in England and is never based on religion or ethnicity? Please……. Remind me again where the majority of MPs have been educated? Remind me about the ‘ethnicity’ of successive PMs? Remind me about the religious orientation of those in power?



    RBS, I’m no banking expert but it looked like their demise was because they took on the US weighted loan book of ABN AMBRO in Holland, which was scooped?



    BoS decline occurred well after their take over by Halifax and again related to poor American loan books.



    Banks across the globe have been destabilised and in many western countries would have gone under except for state support. This was not a particularly Scottish or British issue. It was to do with the poor operating of the entire market feeding off itself.



    My point was that neither RBS nor BoS were ‘Scottish’ banks any more than HSBC was a ‘Hong Kong’ or ‘Shanghai’ bank. Banks had become multinationals.



    BP portrayed in US as a ‘British’ company? 80% owned by ‘US’ interests.



    Whilst D Murray undoubtedly benefited from a masonic relationship with staff at BoS and that that was appalling, it had virtually zilch to do with the whole edifice coming down.








    It’s when it evaporates gently to the roof of your mouth,through your sinuses,filling them with aromas and flavours that you previously didnae associate with bloody whisky,ffs,what are these strange flavours?



    Sure as hell ain’t Bells………

  13. Celtic Mac



    Prejudices are based on who/what the person thinks you are, ie how they define you. How you define yourself, or who/what you actually are, doesn’t even enter the mind of the bigot.




  14. ROW Z – Let Celtic Flourish By The Cleansing Of The ‘Den!



    17:45 on 23 March, 2013





    ‘You think discrimination in employment doesn’t happen in England and is never based on religion or ethnicity?’







    You don’t appear to have understood what I said.



    I was putting forward my understanding of Devine’s view namely that while institutional sectarianism in Scotland has decreased attitudinal sectarianism persists.



    There isn’t an issue of anti Catholic/anti Irish bigotry in England like there is in Scotland.



    If you can’t accept that is the case then there’s no point me discussing the matter with you any further.



    If you can accept it then you should ask yourself why it is the case.

  15. If the SNP are such an anti catholic and bigoted party how come the zombies hate them and would rather hack their manhood off with a rusty knife than vote for independence.

  16. silver city 1888,



    There are so many if, buts and maybes, that nobody can tell what will happen.



    In the absence of an adhered to rule book, whatever the outcome, it will be fashioned in the interests of Sevco.



    With the Masterson factor, there will always be suspicion aroundvthe timing od the Pars demise?


    ROW Z



    Again with respect,while you are correct that the ABN AMRO takeover was a disaster at £47bn,it only leveraged the bank that bit more.



    RBS and HBOS were already highly leveraged and dependent on interbank lending-nothing wrong with that,it was the business model for virtually all banks at the time.



    For about fifteen years previously,it had become clear to banks that there was going to be access to cheap money,as interest rates would have to fall. In addition,pension funds were awash with money.



    Money was available and had to go somewhere. RBS used this to buy NATWEST and let it pay for itself. They repeated this with declining success in the States. They then got involved in pass-the-parcel with dodgy deals where,strangely,EVERYONE made money.






    RBS and HBOS were the only banks which needed help. Spin it how you will. Apart from Northern Rock,a regional building society with ideas above it’s station…….

  18. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    ernie lynch



    17:53 on


    23 March, 2013



    In my vast experience of working / dealing with the English, I would say you’re absolutely correct…….some of Scotland, having close links with the north of Ireland, are still lingering in the 17th Century ……. and these peepul really are so sad…

  19. hpgall



    17:54 on 23 March, 2013



    ‘If the SNP are such an anti catholic and bigoted party’




    I wouldn’t say the SNP are anti Catholic.



    Historically they had a problem with Irish Catholic immigration in Scotland. They felt it was undermining the Scottish race. They didn’t object to indigenous Scottish Catholics or Protestant Irish immigrants as they were regarded as racially Scottish.



    As for the Orangies, you seem to expect them to act rationally and logically and coherently. I can’t imagine why.

  20. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    17:54 on 23 March, 2013



    Because they are loyalists ?…….defenders (LOL) of the union?

  21. BMCUW



    Got my sister and bro in law coming round this evening. Should I phone them up and asking them to pop into the offie and get a bottle of what you are drinking?





  22. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    ernie lynch



    18:03 on 23 March, 2013





    17:54 on 23 March, 2013




    Quite simply, orangies are hate-filled religious and racial bigots…..that’s why they join ……. Strange, strange organisation…





    I’s a limited edition of 251 bottles.



    Nearest commercially available-though a poor imitation-would be Glenfarclas 105



    Not bad stuff.



    A smooth feeling on the way down,as it burns off all the rough bits.

  24. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Shortbread desparately ‘arranging’ sevco’s team for next season………LOL

  25. Regarding this conversation between Gordybhoy, PGTips and Ernie Lynch, it shouldn’t be about what the SNP is, or is not. Its should be about whether independence good for Scotland.



    Should the people in this country make their own decisions or rely on the people at Westminster to look after Scotland’s interests. Ian Bell in the Herald clarified the situation in his excellent article today.



    If and when we are independent then the country chooses who is to rule. There will be an election to decide this. As Bell pointed out the party leader who led Slovakia to independence has subsequently been voted out of power. The same could happen to Salmond, it will be up to the people of Scotland.



    By the way talk from Italiabhoy and others about getting their money out of the country and citing Cyprus is absolute nonsense, as though Scotland was some economic basket case. Scotland is a diverse economy with successful businesses and more natural resources than most countries of its size. It may or may not flourish as an independent country but the difference is likely to be marginal.



    All the small independent european countries of a similar size to us are doing better than us. The latest example being Slovakia with few natural resources or established industries.

  26. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Shortbread have called sally a galvanising force………..talk about ‘head in sand’ ….LOL

  27. BMCUW



    I suspected that the Liquor Barn on Maryhill Road wouldn’t stock it. Or indeed Glenfarclas ( which I drank many moons ago with my dad).

  28. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    18:12 on 23 March, 2013



    Like in any Country, political policy / strategy is dictated by the majority ……..!!??





    Of course,you could always bid for a bottle-I’m currently quaffing that ambrosia of the prone and pulchritudinous angels,stolen for me by ACGR before they got “their” share.






    Worth every penny. And the joy of it all is that I can drink it and anything else without fear of a hangover.



    When I sober up in twenty years,I’m a dead man!

  30. Snake Plissken on




    Well said.



    BTW Slovakia has a few resources –



    Water, Kofola, beer, Supermodels and Bryndzove Halusky.



    Now aff oot to quote another CQNer for water beer, Supermodels and possibly Bryndzove Halusky.

  31. I would not thank you for a bottle of Bowmore.


    Still have the shakes thinking of a trip back from Aberdeen


    a few years ago when we necked a bottle of the stuff.

  32. Evening bhoys, cool tonight in the hun free mountain valley.



    Disgusted with Brother Thompshun tonight, as clear a stonewall pen at the end of the game as I have ever seen, does he not understand that thousands of Brothers, and Tims, would have lost a fortune at the bookies today !!!!

  33. SOS



    Any advice for resurrecting a mobile phone that has just been through the washing achine?

  34. BMCW – I love the 105:) where in Glasgow would you suggest for picking up some good whisky???? What would you recommend in the high voltage range???





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