Mulgrew’s magnificent delivery


I watched Scotland play a more accomplished Wales last night.  No one in blue played particularly well but when Charlie Mulgrew prepared to take a corner from the right in first half stoppage time we knew Wales were in danger.

The pace, low trajectory and movement Charlie gets on the ball negates the natural advantage the defending team has.  The goal had little to do with the young lad who got on the end of the cross, just as Celtic’s remarkable success from corners has little to do with their ability to attack the ball.

The Wee Oscar 4 Life team have asked me to pass on this message:

Wee Oscar 4 Life are delighted to be offering you the chance to win a fantastic and very unique auction prize.

We have been donated a very special bottle of 8 year old Bowmore, which has come straight from the cask. The Whisky is 59.4%, unlike a normal malt whisky which is cut to 40% proof.

The whisky was distilled on 13 March 2001, and bottled on 26 June 2009.  It has been donated by a very kind CQNer. However, not content with already donating 3 bottles from his share of the cask to raise funds for Wee Oscar , we now have his prized possession:

Bottle no 1 of 251.  A very special prize in aid of a very special wee bhoy.
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Go on take a peek of what you could have in your possession very soon!

Place you auction bids from 1pm to us @ weeoscar4life@gmail.com

Auction closes: 7pm tomorrow (Sunday) night


WO4L team
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    If you can make it out on the 27th April with a few of the moonhowlers-including 16 ROADS- there’s a very small chance that one of our merry band of halfwits may have a hipflask on him.



    16 ROADS is one of the fellas who has been sent a bottle-his plan was to come over and join us,show us how to drink whiskEy.



    Aye,ACGR showed him the goodies,Jimbo.



    his is frankly amazing.



    BTW,kudos for good taste wi Glenfarclas.



    My mate and I liberated a bottle of it from the Leslie Arms,Morningside(?) about thirty years ago for a tenner.



    Barman didnae have a clue,been there for years,it’s yours.



    Coupla hours later,we didnae have a clue either,wasted. worth a fiver each,but.

  2. Bobby Murdoch



    The problem with seeing everything through the lens of religion, of Catholicism, is that you are likely to have very skewed view of anything. Scotland has had, rightly or wrongly, 1500 years of continuous Christianity, Celtic, Catholic and Reformed, the Parish of Luss has recently recognised as one such site. I happen to believe that all have helped shape the Scottish nation, but none have a monopoly on it. If you, or anybody else on here, define yourself solely by your version of Christianity, and simultaneously ignore the class to which you belong, or are part of, then you will see your own family history through that prism. You are poor because you are an Irish Catholic, not because you are a member of the working classes at a time of Industrial Revolution. Think there were never poor Protestants in Scotland, start reading the Parish records.

  3. BMCW- gonnae stoap it?



    Ah’m salivating like a dog wi’ a bone.



    Had way too much falling down juice last nite, literally falling down, and you are tempting me to rush to Londis for a fine single malt!



    In fact, off oot………..

  4. kikinthenakas on




    If its soaking and that’s all put it in a bag of uncooked rice and leave it for a day or two.




  5. thomthethim


    Take the phone apart and put in a bag of white/uncooked rice. Cover completely with rice – overnight. Worth a try.





    You’d thank me for this.



    Ooooooooooooooops too late.




  7. BMCUW



    Leslies is on Causewayside. Used to somtimes drink in it when I lived in Edinburgh.



    27th – where are you going?





  8. Evening folks, tonight I am on Strawberry flavoured Absolute and bottles of San Miguel.


    Looking out the patio doors at wintery conditions here in fife and listening to drivel on Radio shortbread.

  9. Kikinthenakas – sage advice. Thomthetim- it works, honest. Final bit tho is to stick it on a radiator with the battery out, but also on said radiator.








    Sadly I can only recommend insuring it tomorrow and claiming on Friday.




    just nosey ha! snow up to my shuck where i am!



    sounds nice tho!

  12. ttt



    If the phone was switched on when it got wet, throw it in the bucket.



    If it was switched off, try what has been suggested, the radiator has always worked for me.

  13. G64



    Corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrect that Bowmore was beyond


    the sick pail .Forfar F*nny

  14. BMCUW



    Was it not your good self who was at pains to point out that young Raemon(god bless) was the victim of nothing more than a robbery gone wrong?



    Apologies if I’m mistaken.

  15. notthebus



    I live in a cave, in the mountains, which are cover in snow just now, south of Spain, well away from the coast.



    As hun free as it gets.

  16. At Ibrox today on the Govan stand


    Sevco proclaimed to have won 54 titles.


    Can the HMRC not politely ask them to


    give us our £50 million ?

  17. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    celtic mac



    18:27 on


    23 March, 2013



    I would suggest it may be slightly more straightforward than that ………. They don’t like us and want us to ‘go home’….!?

  18. BMCW – April 17 to April 28, booking the flights tomorrow, so will confirm later but that is the plan; two other Torontotims coming with me:0)





  19. Art of War



    Doing good thanks, the sun is getting hotter each day, so that helps, and she is really busy just now, keeps her mind off things, she is writing for a couple of publications just now, and doing a bit of investigative jurno stuff, she is loving that.


    CELTIC MAC 1827



    I don’t actually consider myself a Catholic,though I never deny my 50-50 background.



    I consider myself to be a Christian,of working class background.



    I am proud of both strands of my background,neither had a hope in hell two hundred,a hundred years ago. Both strands have fought against discrimination,some had to fight more than others.



    I think you are demeaning the struggle which far too many had to face.

  21. 67Heaven



    No that is where you are wrong. Nothing is straight forward. There are no easy answers. Only paradoxes and contradictions. Why else would many on here wave the Union flag? What do they have in common with those in East Belfast? A shared view?

  22. ET- whit’s ‘investigative journalism’?



    I live in Scottish-land and we’re not familiar with that. :-)



    Glad to hear your news. Fair cheered me up. I take it she’s got the brains and the looks….



    Off to meet my cousin from Castlederg. Love her accent. Very sing-song if you know what I mean.



    Enjoy your evening ol’ friend. HH

  23. BMCUW at 17.34,



    I really respect your posts but you are IMO, way off the mark to mention Reamonn Gormley in your post with regard to sectarianism.



    The tragedy of Reamonn was nothing to do with sectarianism.



    His killers did not target him for sectarian reasons.


    They were part of an underclass, taking an ” opportunity” to assault and rob a vulnerable young man walking home.



    Sorry to be pedantic but there are many examples of sectarian violence perpetrated against Celtic supporters, but the tragedy of Reamonn was not one.







  24. Gaining an unfair advantage.


    In golf if you have an extra club in your bag


    you are deemed as having gained an unfair advantage


    and as such you are disqualified.


    Gaining an unfair advantage thereby results in you


    being disqualified from any competition you were in.


    If Jack Nicklaus had payed with an extra club in his bag


    (not that he did) at the 1970 Open his title would be removed.





    A few of us getting together for a 2-10 shift with beer and food,or 12-11 if football gets in the way,haha!



    Usual rules-no falling down,throwing up,or spilling yer pint.



    Too often.



    Be delighted to welcome you into the crew of death-contact me on






    and I’ll make sure you are kept up to date wi the finer details.



    Be a pleasure to meetcha,dunno if you’ll still say the same afterwards,mind!

  26. ROW Z - Let Celtic Flourish By The Cleansing Of The 'Den! on

    Ernie Lynch



    I do absolutely accept the thesis that anti-Catholic sentiments are stronger in Scotland than England. The cause of that is also clear. Calvinist presbyterian protestantism was much more anti-catholic than the ‘reformed’ C of E.



    The undelying conditions are absolutely different. But No Dogs, No Blacks, No Irish signs were in England. Lampooning the Irish as a race was pretty strong in England too, but that was far more racial than religious.



    Scotland has absolutely a way to go and there is still anti-Catholism in Scotland. But, it is not as was in the 20s and 30s, it moved significantly post 70s and has been changing since.



    You seem to want us to believe that this is somehow massively disproportionately gravitated towards the SNP. That any Scot who believes in their own nationality, as do the Irish, Iraquis, Lybians or the French for that matter, is motivated always by a view predicated on anti-Catholicism and/or anti-Irishism.



    Yet it is clear that a solid rump of the extreme is not pro-independence but pro-Union.



    Your belief that the SNP membership is populated by racist bigots similar to the 1930s seems extreme beyond reality?




  27. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    celtic mac



    18:54 on


    23 March, 2013



    Many on here wave the union flag because they know what it would be like in an independent Scotland …..politicians pander to the majority….

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