Mulgrew’s magnificent delivery


I watched Scotland play a more accomplished Wales last night.  No one in blue played particularly well but when Charlie Mulgrew prepared to take a corner from the right in first half stoppage time we knew Wales were in danger.

The pace, low trajectory and movement Charlie gets on the ball negates the natural advantage the defending team has.  The goal had little to do with the young lad who got on the end of the cross, just as Celtic’s remarkable success from corners has little to do with their ability to attack the ball.

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  1. ROW Z - Let Celtic Flourish By The Cleansing Of The 'Den! on




    If you believe that across the globe only 2 banks were in trouble then you need to take the Financial Times more often.








    Fair enough,I withdraw that one.



    I live 400 miles away,and thought the tragedy,well,I was wrong,no excuses.



    He was clearly a fine young lad,and I apologise for getting the exact circumstances wrong.

  3. Bobby Murdoch



    No, I salute the efforts of others, of all backgrounds, who sought or seek to change the lives of others for the better. Nobody had a monopoly on poverty in Scotland, or on the struggle to alleviate it.

  4. Having just watched the link posted earlier you have to laugh or possibly cry.



    Laugh, cause big McCulloch in an instant sums up the fact they have no shame and will stoop to any depths.Cheating, bigotry, avoidance if tax, illegal contracts .



    Cry. Cause they get away with it all.



    They are all that is bad.

  5. Art of War



    18:32 on 23 March, 2013



    ‘Kikinthenakas – sage advice. Thomthetim- it works, honest. Final bit tho is to stick it on a radiator with the battery out, but also on said radiator.’




    I wouldn’t do that, it will get too hot.


    ROW Z



    On the contrary,I had been pointing out for ages that not all businesses in the same market can make money from selling the same products to each other.



    The point I was making was that only RBS,HBOS,and to a much lesser extent,NR,were screwed.



    The other British banks were fine,and I certainly did not say those were the only ones across the globe



    In the UK,yes. Across the globe,no.



    Point me to the bet where I said they were the only banks in the whole wide world which were in trouble,and then try to get a bittabetter alliteration than that one………

  7. Self Determination


    Staying in the union as eloquently put by Ernie


    or trying to make a better future for all our children.


    The great debate is on.

  8. ROW Z - Let Celtic Flourish By The Cleansing Of The 'Den! on







    They didn’t go cap in hand to the Government, but they went cap in hand to?




  9. Art of War



    Aye, the accent is magic.



    I was saying the other week, that maybes a proper publication, with proper jurnos, a paper that told the truth, warts n all, predominantly a sports paper, would do rather well in scotland.



    Enjoy your evening, I will, a quality bottle is nearly done in, swithering what to open next.



    Big fiesta here just now, but saving ourselfs for tomorrow night, we have a choice of 4 different band playing in the village, then it’s easter, more festivities,


    tis a hard life mi amigo >}

  10. Thom the Tim.


    The damage is done by the water/liquid conducting electricity from the battery. The longer the battery was in the phone, the less chance you have. The rice works, but only if the battery has been removed in time.


    Good luck.

  11. BMCUW,


    No problem at all.


    I really do hope to meet you at some time, as I genuinely enjoy your contributions.


    At Paradise, a CQN event, a GB support march, or even just in the ole Gazebo.


    I’m pretty sure it will happen.







  12. Regards the Independence debate, I have a quite simplistic view.


    The Orcs are dead against it so for me that is the most compelling argument for seperation !

  13. prestonpans bhoys on

    The MSM advice to Dunfermline is simple, liquidate then join the 4th tier as “The Dunfermline”. You get to keep your history and jump the queue of other clubs willing to join.



    In fact Killie and Aberdeen will follow shortly……..

  14. I might not know much about Scotland economy but think that comparisions with Cyprus are very false.


    Enough to say that Cyprus GDP is 16 billion euros, Cyprus investments in Russia 160 billion euros. Dirty money come in to be put as clear money in Russia. Nobody knows what would be cash flow?

  15. I found this gem on FF (forum of the Royal Div 3 club)lone_ranger


    Five Star Poster Join Date: 30-07-2006


    Posts: 5,829



    Re: McCoist should be given at least another 2 years






    If Ally truly loves the club he will hand the reigns over at the end of the season.





    No. Not me.



    Apols not needed. Very easy to get posters mixed up on here,so many Celtic type names.

  17. Mike in Toronto on

    Torontony, do you lot need a minder for when you are over there?Should I call my aunite? She’ll keep you on the straight and narrow.



    Who mentioned creamed rice? I could go some of that now… love the stuff!



    For some reason, after several years of not being able to log into CQN from the home, I now can… I will now be able to pester you lot 7 days a week, instead of 5!



    That is, starting right after I get back from holiday… only two more days, and I’ll be on a beach! Yeah!

  18. ROW Z – Let Celtic Flourish By The Cleansing Of The ‘Den!



    19:00 on 23 March, 2013




    Misrepresenting your opponent’s argument and then arguing against the misrepresentation is numero uno on the list of logical fallacies.



    You seem to do it repeatedly.



    Is it intentional?

  19. Burghbhoy



    Generally the huns aren’t very bright so don’t determine how you should vote on the basis of how they view things.



    Occasionally and entirely accidentally they’ll take the right path.





    A window but a slight one……….



    Contact me on






    I’ll do my best.I have a feeling you would rather meet my acquaintances than me,but either way,should you make it,it will be time well spent.

  21. prestonpans bhoys



    Yes he did



    looked at the”positives” of another clean sheet!



    No kiddin

  22. Thanks to all for the advice.



    I am trying the rice method,at least there may be a Risotto at the end of it.



    Not holding out much hope though, as it was in the washing machine for the full cycle.



    On the upside, I didn’t realise so many of you read my posts.



    It was almostworth it! :>)


    GORDON64 1856



    IIRC,Ian Woosnam lost The Open a few years back when his caddie whispered to him-gottanextraclub.



    The Open!



    The Holy Grail of golf!



    Nae argument from a man who had spent his entire life chasing this,and was on the cusp.



    ADMITTED the penalty,lost the tournament.



    Never blamed anyone else.

  24. Somesaythedevilisdead on

    The hunt for Celtics next star ESPN classic 425 right now a must see. Mon the young hoops!

  25. prestonpans bhoys on



    19:27 on


    23 March, 2013


    prestonpans bhoys



    Yes he did



    looked at the”positives” of another clean sheet!



    No kiddin



    14 games this year and 4 clean sheets, brill……….

  26. McCulloch’s attempt to gain a penalty


    late on today was beyond embarrassing.


    Nearly as cringeworthy as BDJs ‘impartial’




    Good riddens to ESPN.

  27. thomthetim



    Once dried out put it in the Microwave. Do not switch m/w on. Phone mobile.


    If it rings you have learned two things.


    One, the mobile is working.


    Two, your microwave oven has a radiation leak.

  28. Ally McCoist will be absholutely ashamed of the way his captain went down today it was an absolute disgrace, Ally showed everyone how to dive like a true professional, I think it was against the sheep at Hunpden, in fact I am going to go and try find it will post later.

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