Murray’s ego surely not this dysfunctional?


The most interesting thing about news (cough) that David Murray is considering investing in Newco Rangers, is that the club, chaired by Dave King, is in such a dark place that it will countenance doing business with a man King has so publicly vilified.

You can imagine a whole list of people they would rather approach for money before getting to Zsa Zsa himself.  You now know all you need to know about the response they got from those more palatable than Murray.

My principle concern at this story is that Dave King’s enormously important work at Ibrox will soon come to an end.  It is difficult to overstate how important King has been to the corporate health of this football club.  From the club’s inception in June 2012 he campaigned relentlessly to usurp several iterations of owners, invoking internecine strife at the heart of the club.

Now, three years after taking control, the harsh realities of what he has done and what lies ahead – having to compete with Celtic and what will be close to a £100m turnover, with a club that will turnover in the region of £30m this season, will be evident.  Even to King!

Due to his past form, David Murray will not get near an official position at Newco, but things can happen in the shadows.  It is not beyond the possibility that he will find a few million of conscience money, but for all I think of Murray’s ego, it is surely not dysfunctional enough to see him move into this firing line.  Surely?

“Long live the King!”  Oh how we laughed.

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  1. Could he actually, legally do that? Would the tax man not be battering down his door now that he has ‘found’ some cash?



    Whatever else, it’s immoral

  2. Bhoycott The SFA and Asbestox.



    Pack Celtic Park To The Rafters……….and sing so loud even their, as yet unborn, hear how good it feels to be Celtic.



    As for The Busted Flush, nothin’ would surprise me………..crafty, hunned-up, guid-ole boy.

  3. King and Murray supposedly hate each other. The three bears and others, probably ‘no surrender’ Johnston, have problably given up on King and went cap in hand to Murray. He could be their last resort. Could be a case of dipping a story out in the press to see what the reaction is like before moving forward.

  4. Minty can do whatever he wants, he stiffed betty for well over a billion pounds, then her representitives allowed him to cherry pick the best most profitable bits from the liquidated companies for a song, he should be in the jail, yet he will be lauded and many on here are happy to be part of it.

  5. It may not be moral, or even legal, but it is Scotland and the deid team. So, Murray putting hard needed pounds and pence (that he shouldn’t have) into the deid team is not beyond the bounds of possibility.

  6. Just read Phil’s latest update on the tribute acts latest financial woes. I see one of their plans is to sell corporate boxes for up to two years in advance, in order to raise cash now.


    This rang a distant bell in my memory; Does anyone remember this ? Did Octopus lay down and die ? Is this still on going ? Did I miss something ?




  7. I wondered why Sir Minty was not sine died at the same time as Craigy?


    It now makes perfect sense.


    I’m sure the SFA will be quick to correct this ?





  8. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    There was a school of thought that there was to be a planned route to get Them back on top.


    It involved three incarnations.



    Whyte, Greene and King.



    One was to shed the debt.Two was to get Newco launched and the third was to prepare for the return of the prodigal one, untainted in the eyes of the SFA and others.



    Auldheid may have more on this as my ould memory is not as it was.

  9. A Murray comeback would force the Celtic Board to go public with our concerns. It really is the Final straw to the whole phoenix club narrative. Using due process via SFA and SPFL and our refusal to deal with the MSM as they are no friends of ours, will not work with this slap in the face.



    Now I understand that anyone can buy shares in a company and indeed with some existing shareholders like Blue Pitch holdings, who are anonymous, then we cannot stop Murray. However, were he to do so publically that would be a different matter.



    Auldheid had an interesting spin on the situation at the SFA that the departure of Regan could well make a difference to the balance of power and a more enlightened group may get control. Peter Lawwell’s recent interview with Tom English was open and stated that there were good people at the SFA and named those he thought were good. It is this faction who might take over from the MacRae/Petrie axis.



    A Murray comeback might be the very issue to unite around and we could see some muscle flexing with Sevco. FFP would affect their ability to get a license for UEFA next season

  10. If this happens- and it possibly will – then it’s the death knell for the game in Scotland. The only sliver of hope I have is that other clubs may begin to sit up and take notice and say ‘No, enough’s enough’. I won’t hold my breath though.

  11. Hrvatski Jim on

    Owen from end of previous blog.



    Very well said but you know how some posters have very selective amnesia. They represent a not insignificant proportion of posters on CQN but a smaller minority of people who read CQN and a very small selection of the Celtic support.



    Of course, everyone is entitled to express their opinion and everyone is entitled to consider all opinions in the wider context that they have assessed for themselves.



    Still some good stuff on here (if you are a dog lover!)

  12. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Getting a bit confused here.


    I thought everyone from the Strong Rangers Association to Sevco and the MSM have said everything was fine under Murray and it only started going wrong when Craig Whyte came in.


    If Murray is unwelcome then surely the story will have to be re-written. Do any of them actually want that?


    They know fine well that that would invalidate the whole glory years. That ain’t gonna happen.

  13. What is the Stars on



    Now more than ever


    Heed my advice



    Carthago Delenda Est



    Then let Murray trundle back over the Alps with his satchels full of ill gotten gains

  14. clogher celt on

    You should always go with your gut feeling.



    When Whte arrived I always believed that he was ‘hired’ to do a job at Oldco. From there we have a procession of spivs, all of whom have helped launder the 54 Titles into Newco.



    Whether this is simply pre ‘Old Firm’ clickbait I doubt.



    Thanks to Mr Lawwell’s favourite tabloid we now have a clarification on the original Daily Express story. With the following insight.




    “However, it is believed that Murray does not intend to put any of his finances back into Rangers.”



    The Scottish Hun




    That happily puts our minds at ease. Yada, yada,yada.



    When will the admirable ‘Happy Clapping Brigade’ Wake Up? The challenge to Celtic is very real and isn’t about a few posts on a Blog. It stems from what is happening in the Boardrooms of Celtic, Sevco and the SFA.



    The PLC are either,



    1) Grossly incompetent.



    2) Desmond knows something and is happy to let Sevco destroy themselves (playing poker).





    3) They (The PLC) are completely compicit in this fraud of and are part of the Black Arts Conspiracy?



    Don’t forget DD’s business interests are much wider than Celtic. He has more on his agenda than the ‘Old Firm’. Especially when it makes money.



    There are many good Celtic men on here and the solution is in the facts. Not the emotions of the issue.



    (EBT Eck as National Team Manager, Murray possibly looking to invest other people’s money in Sevco?



    What next Neil Doncaster at the SFA??)





  15. In relation to the SDM story (which is likely to be prop up ganda before the game) the CO investigation is looking at an application for UEFA Licence in March/April 2011 a month before SDM sold Rangers to Craig Whyte for £1.



    If any ahem deviations from the truth are uncovered then it happened on SDMs watch.



    Just saying.




    Why having worked so hard to get out of there would Murray return his fizzog to the firing line??



    Makes nae sense tae me and Mo is mighty confused!

  17. Clogher Celt



    I’m on 2). It is NOT in Celtic’s best interest to have a rival who is prepared to cheat if they can benefit from it.



    I don’t see DD being prepared to allow that if cheating can be shown.




    His ego was what destroyed the old orcs let’s hope his ego can wreak havoc once more..



    A feel good factor story for the desperados follow following..

  19. corkcelt@10:04am



    thank you, my exact feelings. no one will take my celtic away from me, they have there opiumbernions but to hell with them.


    by the way two years older than you.(hate writing the number)

  20. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Anyone know how Dave King’s plan to take oldco Rangers out of liquidation is going…..

  21. The simplest explanations are usually the right ones.



    DM sold the club because it was rubber ducked and he was bailing out.



    It fell in to the hands of more chancers and people out to make a fast buck. And make it they did.



    I think Auldheid you are right, this is more than likely a pre match boost for ‘the peepul’. When you’ve no future the glory of the past is where you find your comfort.



    Either Murray has the £100 million it will take to get them on an even keel just in order to compete with us, or he’s found another ruse or crowd of mugs who are willing to let him pee their money up a wall again.



    If he puts anything in it’ll be nothing major and it’ll have strings attached. He loves his money not his favourite new club.

  22. What is the Stars on



    Sounds like something old Cato might have said before he gave it both barrells with


    Carthago Delenda Est



    Death to Opium Bearing elephants who might be red herrings

  23. I have made my views clear about my personal stance regarding what I perceive to be the plc’s failure to seriously challenge the continuity myth that gets more embedded with every passing day.



    If you listen to any of the Scottish football phone-ins and listen to the insulting and dismissive treatment meted out to the ever diminishing number of callers who attempt to call out the cheats, you’ll understand what I mean. Every single presenter or pundit either has to go along with the continuity myth or certainly maintain a not so dignified silence about it.



    If you try and mention it, you get sneered at and/or cut off then no doubt put on some sort of banned list. What chance Tom Boyd appearing on Sportsound or Super Scoreboard and being given free reign to say what he really thinks about the Rangers 2012?



    I am certainly not going to criticise any supporter who chooses not follow me in boycotting the all aspects of the professional game in Scotland till the cheats are properly punished. But I am not going to be lectured by those who say it has always happened and we should plough on regardless. Yes, it has always happened but this time we have a shed load of documentary evidence which proves beyond doubt what they were up to.



    Even now the footballing authorities allow them to operate when they are clearly insolvent. Even if no other club in the country is calling them out on this, we, as the biggest and most powerful club in the land should … but we do don’t. Even now, the SPFL website shows Rangers 2012 have 54 league titles when the club the y refer to was only formed six years ago. At the beginning of last season they claimed on their website they were going for 55 titles and there was complete silence from us. I frankly don’t care if some within our club don’t want to get dragged into an Us versus Them war of words but sometimes you just have to when you just have when you are fighting to promote the truth. If the club refuses to challenge these relatively minor misdemenours then can you blame some supporters such as myself as concluding that they will be even more reluctant to tackle them on the bigger lies?



    Staying oot till such times as the club grows a set of heehaws and takes on the cheats head on.

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