Murray’s ego surely not this dysfunctional?


The most interesting thing about news (cough) that David Murray is considering investing in Newco Rangers, is that the club, chaired by Dave King, is in such a dark place that it will countenance doing business with a man King has so publicly vilified.

You can imagine a whole list of people they would rather approach for money before getting to Zsa Zsa himself.  You now know all you need to know about the response they got from those more palatable than Murray.

My principle concern at this story is that Dave King’s enormously important work at Ibrox will soon come to an end.  It is difficult to overstate how important King has been to the corporate health of this football club.  From the club’s inception in June 2012 he campaigned relentlessly to usurp several iterations of owners, invoking internecine strife at the heart of the club.

Now, three years after taking control, the harsh realities of what he has done and what lies ahead – having to compete with Celtic and what will be close to a £100m turnover, with a club that will turnover in the region of £30m this season, will be evident.  Even to King!

Due to his past form, David Murray will not get near an official position at Newco, but things can happen in the shadows.  It is not beyond the possibility that he will find a few million of conscience money, but for all I think of Murray’s ego, it is surely not dysfunctional enough to see him move into this firing line.  Surely?

“Long live the King!”  Oh how we laughed.

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  1. Thom the Tim



    There are differing possibilities because there were different options open from 2011 to summer 2012.



    When CW took over in May 2011 he only stopped paying VAT & PAYE in Sept 2011 whilst already playing fast and loose with payment of the wtc bill.



    The club he took over had already had a licence granted and you can take it as a fact that HMRC were prepared to wait for results in Europe before deciding what action to take iro collecting the wtc. The SOs called on 10 Aug 2011 a week after RFC lost to Malmo in CL qualifier and a fortnight before Maribor slammed the UEFA door shut.



    So it is quite possible the idea was to pay the wtc liability from CL geld with the first tranche arriving in Oct 2011.



    There would have been no need in Sept 2011 to stop paying PAYE/ VAT or just wait until October.



    That suggests CW was going to hang in there had Ally not screwed up.



    Then in 2012 you have SFA trying to strong arm RFC into the SPL, a plan that Turnbull Hutton criticised and supporters of other clubs made sure their club rejected.



    So they go down the divisions of the SFL until a place is found and this is what the 5 Way reflects.



    I think because of bottom placement, but have no proof, that Green insisted on transfer of SFA membership to create illusion of continuity,otherwise he was offski and that indemnity he got from Doncaster was part of the deal that SEVCO would not be sanctioned for behaviour of RFC, which makes sense as long as SEVCO don’t then pretend to be RFC.



    I’m not sure SDM planned any of that because if he had such foresight he would simply have bought a winning lottery ticket for a few weeks and paid off the debts.



    No I think SDM wanted out. Cgaf about the mess he was abandoning and left a carcass in the water that attracted a succession of sharks who have been well fed before DK muscled in.



    SDM should be tried for crimes against Scottish football by a Judicial Panel as CW was, but he is a knight of the realm and they don’t do justice.

  2. Least we forget, David Murray did not put 2 brass farthings into the huns he used what ultimately ended up being tax payers money provided by that charlatan Gavin Masterton, so unless he has befriended another crooked bank manager who will supply him with the cash I don’t see him ‘investing’ in sevco. He is known as The OPM man for very good reasons.

  3. Leftbackagain on

    SQU..IRR..EL !!



    Has Glibby appointed anyone yet to draw up the prospectus….

  4. Murray should be barred from football for life but he has too many friends in high places so it will never happen,incidentally I don’t think he ever endorsed Salmond, as Murray is a tory and unionist supporter.

  5. Murray did endorse the SNP Unionist/Tory that he is, someone asked earlier who gave Hearts money and why?

  6. There are some clever people posting on here. My first thought on the Murray story was outrage. However, having thought it through with the help of some of the posters on here, it might work out a good thing.



    I had, some time ago, asked a Celtic director if it would be good for Celtic if King and his concert party were to get control or the Easdales with Ashley. He replied that Celtics opinion that King in control would be better for us.



    This is Machivellian thinking and when applied to Murray comeback then maybe this would work out to Celtics advantage. The appointment of Pedro as their manager, took them up a cul de sac and wasted the little capital that they had.



    A Murray comeback would be such an affront that it might bring the other clubs back into the arena on our side.

  7. I couldn’t give 2 Hoots about Murray,putting money into Sevco,What I would like to see is Desmondo,build a New Main Stand,am I living in hope,

  8. Neustadt-Braw on

    A hoopy womans day to all the beautiful lassies that have helped our Celtic Football Club grow to what we have today……



    I dread to think what we would have become with their hard work and suffering…



    smiley hand that rocks the cradle thing




  9. Neustadt-Braw on

    “Aul’ Nature swears, the lovely dears


    Her noblest work she classes, O


    Her ‘prentice hand she tried on Man,


    And then she made the lassies, O”



    smiley burnie thing




  10. Last night CH4 news digging to find out why a £450 k donation of dark money from Glasgow, found its way into the DUP’s coffers, for the brexit campaign in 2014, the vote at yesterday’s Parliament session, saw the Tory’s blocking a move to reveal, who donated this dark money from Glasgow ?


    I wonder who’s tainted paw prints would be on that dark money ?





  11. One for the CQN legal team. What would be the legal consequences of Celtic or indeed any other team coming out and publicly stating that the Sevco Group was trading while insolvent?? HH

  12. clogher celt on




    Glad to see that you are with the second possibility.



    ‘My irritation with journalists is about how inaccurate they are. I found year on year people write about you and it’s inaccurate, other journalists take that on and it then becomes de facto. A lie is still a lie, it’s a falsehood. I find journalists lazy and they don’t do their homework.’




    ‘I’m not a seller, nor am I a buyer in the sense that if I believe something is right for the business and right for me as a shareholder, then I will take that course of action.’




    Dermot Desmond 2004





    Let’s hope Dermot is fully committed to Celtic. My concern is primarily that he is so removed from the ‘Old Firm’. That he doesn’t really get it. I’ve lived in the ROI for twenty years and very few folk ‘get it’. It’s alright for folk here (in Ireland) to have a bit of craic and get behind the team but few really understand the implications of a Celtic PLC possibly colluding with the SFA and selling out the support.



    Dermot doesn’t live in Glasgow. He doesn’t work there nor did he raise his kids there. He hasn’t seen a relative refused a job purely because of the school he or she attended. For the most part Irish Society has moved on. My kids have never seen an Orange Walk here, they don’t know what a Freemason is . I know Freemasonry exists here but the sectarianism and racism in the West of Scotland is acute. I don’t know if many people here have any real awareness of the extent of bitterness in Glasgow.



    The information vacuum from the PLC is a source of uncertainty. That uncertainty is exacerbated by the onfield improvements at Sevco and their apparent ability to defy any accepted legal or business norms.



    Celtic were an ’emotional purchase’ for Dermot, but he’ll have an eye for the performance of the Share Price.



    It’s at a Year High of 134p (Year Low of 94p)…So long if we gain access to the CL jackpot, Dermot can concentrate on the poker schools at Cheltenham and laugh at the insanity of Scottish Football.



    I remember Desmond being criticised for the timing of his sale of his stock in Baltimore Technologies. That didn’t end too badly for him. Let’s hope we are all singing of the same hymn sheet. Desmond is usually on the winning side.



    He has so many interests however, I just don’t know if we are his priority. Or where we fit into his thinking, especially if we are stuck in Scottish Football (Is it worth causing uncertainty for any other of his business interests for the sake of a public brawl with Scottish Freemasons.)



    We also perhaps don’t know the half of it and the extent of the aggression directed at Celtic by the ‘peepul’.



    In time the truth will become apparent and we’ll be able to put the crystal balls away:)













    (Sorry no Q Mark)




    n.b. Bigbhoy, Your posts are very enjoyable and I agree with much of what you say.

  13. There has been a lot of talk and “outrage” about 7,000 or so Celtic fans attending Snake Mountain on Sunday; there has been a lot of talk about boycotting away games and cup games; there has been a lot of talk about Celtic fans not going to Celtic Park when “The Rainjurs are coming.”



    There has also been considerable criticism of Peter Lawwell, Dermot Desmond and the PLC Board. There has been much criticism of the SFA, SPFL, Regan, Doncaster and the MIBS.



    It is an undisputable fact that Rangers (IL) were financially doped and cheated their way to multiple titles and cups; that they lied to secure a UEFA licence in 2011 and have been trading in an insolvent state since the new club started.



    There have been cries that “we now have documentary evidence” to prove the cheating and corruption.



    So where am I going with this?



    1. The Scottish Football establishment has been functioning to further the aims of the clubs from Govan for over 100 years.


    2. Referees have had it in for Celtic for over 100 years.


    3. Celtic have been cheated multiple times for over 100 years.


    4. The Celtic Board have cheated the fans on numerous occasions and the worst were the custodians who were in place before the Bunnet came along.



    So to this Celtic fan nothing much has really changed; no-one really believes that this corruption is new, do they? We have been playing against a stacked deck as long as I have been attending Celtic games (over 50 years); we didn’t need documentary evidence to know it was going on.



    Despite this, we have been hugely successful both at home and abroad. I watched the good times (9 in a row for us) and the bad times (the other 9 in a row); I’ve watched Lisbon and Seville and countless fantastic games in Europe. Why should it change now?



    My dad and my brothers took me along to Celtic games as a small child and I grew to love Celtic and all that they have stood for over the 130 years of existence. They still stand for those same principles – not despite what cheating and corruption has gone on BUT BECAUSE OF THAT CHEATING AND CORRUPTION.



    No-one on CQN or any other blog or forum knows at this stage what the end-game is because the wheels are still spinning; there are many different possible outcomes. What is absolutely certain is that Celtic Football Club will still be in existence; whether or not a team playing out of Govan is still in existence is still in doubt; that ba’ could still burst at any time.



    What else is absolutely certain is that I will continue to support Celtic as long as I have breath in my body and will continue to go along and watch them as long as I am physically able. There are many thousands more who will do the same; and many thousands more who will come after us and do the same.



    No-one has the right to tell me I shouldn’t support Celtic, nor criticise me for doing so. Similarly, I have no right to tell anyone else they are wrong to take the stance that their morals or ethics guide them to take. So talk of “green huns” or those “sitting at the back of the bus” etc. is, in my humble opinion, unacceptable and not, in my view, the talk I wuld expect of true Celtic minded people.



    Disagree by all means, but don’t think you have the right to abuse others because they continue to support Celtic in the way that they do.





  14. It’s difficult to say where the most negative Celtic comment is coming from this week, SMSM or CQN!!


    Probably best ignoring both.

  15. VFR



    Excellent post.



    As I said earlier on today the ‘green huns’ reference was more about our recent attitude to winning trophies whilst ignoring fair play and integrity . Now to further explain, this for me was always the Rangers way of doing things, knowing that you won it was more imortant that how you won it.



    Personally, I would happily have Celtic playing in a completely fair football association and losing than have them in play under the current crooked regime and rack up trophies . To what extent Celtic are complicit in this no one knows, but their silence is deafening.



    No one was under any illusion from 1888-2012 that we were cheated and let down by many, including our own, but what has unfolded since 2012 at least gives us the option to weigh up how we feel about the scale and extent of that fraud.

  16. Read the rags in the barbers…



    If Murty was in charge earlier newhuns would be top of the league


    Pressure on Dembele


    Sinclair having a poor season


    Strachan waxing lyrical about ‘ old firm ‘—- bet ye any money he never used that term


    Wallace fit, John fit– bollocks Halliday will be left back


    Murphy is actually Cristiano Ronaldo.



    But the best one is the return of Minty…. this shows that Traynor knows how thick Sevco fans are.



    Murray, compared to years ago is skint


    Murray killed RFC trying to keep up with Celtic.



    My new hairstyle is really really nice




  17. SAN LUIS on 8TH MARCH 2018 3:51 PM



    Thank you; I understand your explanation on the green huns reference. However, we have been winning trophies but that doesn’t mean we are ignoring fair play and integrity.



    We can (and do) concern ourselves with fair play and integrity, but not all around us do the same; and we do not yet know what Celtic’s stance and viewpoint on fair play, integrity and cheating is. The wheel will stop at some point and until then I don’t think, personally, we can damn the PLC board until we see what the final outcome is.



    Until then, it’s all guesswork. In the meantime, let’s put der hun back in their box on Sunday!




  18. ‘ I don’t think, personally, we can damn the PLC board until we see what the final outcome is’






    What kind of timescale are we looking at here?



    Will we still be in the Anthropocene Epoch?

  19. ERNIE LYNCH on 8TH MARCH 2018 4:28 PM



    As the start date for the Anthropocene Epoch is still to be defined, that’s a moot question.





  20. VFR



    Good posts. I agree with your view and also I find interesting those who express alternative views which are well thought out and argued.



    This difference of emphasis has made me rethink what my views are and to me this is very healthy.

  21. Mahe the Madman on

    Corkcelt 10.04


    Please don’t leave he blog,,it’s richer for your contribution and we young ones need older wiser heads to speak sense sometimes.


    However, I couldn’t disagree with your post more.


    If you would not walk away from Celtic under any circumstances then we are of very very different opinion.


    Without a moment’s hestitation I will walk away from anyone or anything that is not in my best interest whether I previously had an attachment to them or not.



    These are the best times for you since 67,,complete opposite for me. Most dissatisfied I’ve ever been. Never have I felt soo apart from the club.



    You say you are outraged but If you are outraged and are doing nothing about it then again we completely different,,,I will fight until my dying breath for what I believe is right and would never suffer outrage and do nothing about it .



    You wrote “to me Celtic representative a people and a cause”. To me Celtic repesentED a people and a cause but no longer do. This breaks my heart more than you’ll ever know. Right now we dont fight against Injustice and make rich people richer,,the antithesis of my core beliefs. I will give them this,,they do help the foundation so in that way we align but I believe that is he extent of my alignment with the current custodians.



    I would like you to answer one question please,,


    When you look at yourself in the mirror tomorrow morning which of the following phrases do you believe sums you up best,,,


    1,,,I went along with a rigged game


    2,,,, my integrity is intact.



    One cancels the other out so you can’t have both.



    I hope you take this post in the spirit I was intended and debate further.



    Vfr,,well wrote and eloquent but again I totally disagree. Thats against everything I stand for to just show up no matter what. What are we sheep to be herded on demand?


    Celtic won’t die,,,they are dead to me right now. The end game will let me know if they are permanently dead to me.


    Basically to summarise,,we’ve always been cheated but we shall always turn up because it’s what do.


    Go ahead and turn up to the farce by all means but can I ask you respectfully to answer the question I post above to Corkcelt?


    Why should I turn for people who won’t turn up for me,,,they let me down by not providing a clean sport to enjoy.



    To all season ticket holders and those going to the game this weekend I would respectfully ask that you,,,,,



    Don’t come on here and complain about the songs of hate that would have you, me and our kin slashed and dead,,,because you endorsed it.



    Don’t complain about the “big” daily record story on friday or Saturday that will be anti Celtic and pro hun ( and we all know it’s coming) ,,,because you endorsed it.



    Don’t complaint about the Mason in the blacks inevitable “honest” mistakes ,,,,because you endorsed it.



    When KT gets flattened several times,,,,again you edorsed it



    Etc etc



    Hail Hail

  22. tucobenedito on

    A new for word for y’all. KAKISTOCRACY Which is a system of rule or Government by the least qualified and least principled citizens. Remind ye of somewhere in particular?


    The word and definition is from Foyles Philavery, which is a dictionary of unusual words.


    Hail Hail

  23. Neustadt-Braw on

    Follow THE CELTIC, follow right


    To the bottom of the night,


    With your unconstraining voice


    Still persuade us to rejoice;



    With the farming of a verse


    Make a vineyard of the curse,


    Sing of human unsuccess


    In a rapture of distress;



    In the deserts of the heart


    Let the healing fountain start,


    In the prison of his days


    Teach the free man how to praise.



    smiley interpretation of Auden thing




  24. BIGBHOY on 8TH MARCH 2018 4:42 PM



    That’s what debate is about; differing viewpoints and opinions that lead to each of us questioning our responses and attitudes.



    I’ve lived with the cheating and scamming for my whole Celtic life; that’s what makes us the good guys!





  25. HOT SMOKED on 8TH MARCH 2018 4:43 PM


    VFR @3:25



    A very good post ( Who wrote it for you ? :-))) ).





    Well, it certainly wisane you! 





  26. VFR



    We never KNEW Rangers cheated. We suspected it but as a support we never knew.



    Maybe we never wanted to know because it has created the dilemma you and many now face.



    However it’s not just that supporters (or some supporters) now know for sure that cheating occured based on documentary evidence and a good understanding of the rules, it’s that Celtic know and have a duty to act. If they do not and if the majority of supporters are ok with that then we (as in Celtic and the support) are enabling cheating.



    It matters little when the team is good enough so that the cheating is nullified, but what if/when it isnt nullified and we find ourselves on the end of another ill gotten 9 iar or deprived of a CL place on goal difference when for every 4 we put past a Kilmarnock they put one more past a Dunfermline.



    Celtic have a responsibility to protect themselves from that happening and a responsibility to you as a supporter to ensure that as far as is in their power the game is honest.



    Much of Celtic’s power is nullified by the voting arrangement but hard evidence of cheating cannot be ignored because it affects all clubs, not just Celtic so there is leverage.



    If handled right there should be no question of having to face a dilemma and handling it right should mean supporter pressure to do so isn’t required.



    It should just be a matter of Celtic doing the right thing.

  27. STARRY PLOUGH on 8TH MARCH 2018 4:44 PM





    Good post and it encouraged good replies, some quality gear on here today:))






    Cheers. Funnily enough, I do imagine you would recognise “quality gear”. ;>))