Murray’s ego surely not this dysfunctional?


The most interesting thing about news (cough) that David Murray is considering investing in Newco Rangers, is that the club, chaired by Dave King, is in such a dark place that it will countenance doing business with a man King has so publicly vilified.

You can imagine a whole list of people they would rather approach for money before getting to Zsa Zsa himself.  You now know all you need to know about the response they got from those more palatable than Murray.

My principle concern at this story is that Dave King’s enormously important work at Ibrox will soon come to an end.  It is difficult to overstate how important King has been to the corporate health of this football club.  From the club’s inception in June 2012 he campaigned relentlessly to usurp several iterations of owners, invoking internecine strife at the heart of the club.

Now, three years after taking control, the harsh realities of what he has done and what lies ahead – having to compete with Celtic and what will be close to a £100m turnover, with a club that will turnover in the region of £30m this season, will be evident.  Even to King!

Due to his past form, David Murray will not get near an official position at Newco, but things can happen in the shadows.  It is not beyond the possibility that he will find a few million of conscience money, but for all I think of Murray’s ego, it is surely not dysfunctional enough to see him move into this firing line.  Surely?

“Long live the King!”  Oh how we laughed.

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  1. Mahe the Madman on



    The 3 leagues you mention would be upgrade in terms of TV money , refs, exposure and style of play while giving our suffering supporters a clean and fair league which we could all embrace plus the away trips would be a brand new experience that the support could actually plan their vacations around. So yes is my answer.


    If you wish for civiised debate about the pros and cons of leaving or possible destination leagues I’m right here.


    Your suggestions are?


    Hail Hail

  2. Auldheid @ 4.52



    We suspected it but as a support we never knew



    And long long before the police raided Ibrox to find the evidence upon which they were found guilty e.g 50 plus players on EBTS



    We need to go further back in the chain of corruption to find Paul Gascoigne Terry Butcher


    Brian Laudrap etc, etc ,etc.



    How could Glasgow Rainjurz sign a player like Butch Wilkins from Milan and at the peak of his career in Serie A to come and play in the wee diddy league?



    Much bigger than Rubentus it is arguably the worlds biggest soccer scandal and yet here ‘they’ are and here we are.




    So the people and a cause that Celtic should be fighting for should have enough money to travel to Belgium or Holland or plan their holidays round going to see Celtic???



    My idea from the beginning hasn’t changed one iota, Celtic should be at the forefront of cleaning up the game in Scotland and delivering that to the support.



    I’m sorry mate but your idea of these leagues seems unrealistic. Danish and Belgian football get more exposure than Scottish, ’bout the same no??? irrelevant smaller leagues to the Big Wigs in Uefa



    You would be asking guys and gals who may already be on a limited budget to dig even deeper to play in a league where we have no emotional ties to the games we would be attending.




    I live abroad and I never get to see Celtic playing now but I’m sure that the Celtic support would rather be in Scotland than anywhere else except maybe in exceptional circumstances the EPL..




  4. my first game was a 9-0 win against airdrie, now tontine will know exactly how many years ago that was, but frank haffey missed a penalty, i think i was about 12, so 53 years years of cheating. i dont know what the answer is, but corkcelt makes some good points but mahe and the exiled tim do also ,such a shame the bigots have got us arguing amongst ourselves.ktf

  5. I see that Spurs manager, Mauricio Pochettino is now affectionately known as the shortened version, Poch to all the English media types. Following on, does that make the Gunners manager an Arse?



    If so, what does that make the Chelski manager, Conte?








    “More than a club” in the context I was speaking about is in the eyes of our supporters. We were founded 130years ago to provide funds for the poor children and we still do it, support via the Foundation and Green Brigade via Mary’s meals provide kitchens for the children in Malawi as well as the children in Glasgow via the foodbanks.



    Football is important to our Fans but to them Celtic are”more than a club” in many ways


    As Auldheid says it’s about ethics. Do any Celtic fans criticise our Board for not cheating and having EBTS? Brian Quinn when presented with Juninho’s EBT closed it down and paid the Tax. It was the right thing to do.



    The importance of “knowing the history” cannot be underestimated in our support, we don’t have Fans because they like Green. We provide the whole package. Ethical, standing up for the underdog, Refugees welcome, charitable trusts and huge amount of like minded supporters.



    I know people who talk about nothing but Celtic, every day in work and at home. Celtic are more than a club to them.



    How would you describe the anomaly that on here there are several posters who feel so much about their club that they don’t attend games and boycott all merchandise and give the club not a penny. But they feel still involved and motivated enough to come on here and argue their case every day. Is this Ironic? Not really they still are Celtic Fans



    We might not be the only club that fits the description of “more than a club” but we certainly do feel like one to our support

  7. Mahe the Madman on



    So basically nah that option sucks because we can’t go to the away games?


    Sorry big disagree from me.


    Let’s say we join the Belgian league tonight.


    This weekend we are at home ( still in Glasgow, I never mentioned moving) ,


    a better standard of away player shows up at our ground


    The standard of footie increases


    An unbiased referee takes charge,


    There’s a couple thousand more home fans in the ground because playing in a different league means less away fans visiting


    The away fans that do come don’t sing about wallowing in me and my families blood


    The increased TV money and the fact we are in a bigger league in Scotland leads to us signing a better players


    We meet new clubs for the first time.


    Those that do book an away trip get to visit a new city and stadium.



    What problem would you have with any of the above?


    Now in that scenario would the fans not be happy?


    Or is losing away trips within Scotland a deal breaker?



    If the above would not prove satisfactory to you then please state what would a new league have to offer before you would actually happy to join it?



    Hail Hail

  8. GreeninbingleyinOslo on 8th March 2018 6:12 pm




    AULDHEID on 8TH MARCH 2018 6:03 PM







    or check Ecclesiastes. :)














    Three points off the relegation zone in the Greek Second Division, they are :)




    Ecclesiastes 99.



    there is a time for promotion and a time for relegation



    Ecclesiastes 100



    there is a time for administration and a time for liquidation.

  9. Mahe the Madman on



    Then more than just fans is a much more adequate statement than more than a club.


    Hail Hal

  10. PARKHEADCUMSALFORD. over in sunny glenboig we didnt need gaslights. hail hail to you pal, hope you are well. ktf.

  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Is EBThompson trying to break MacIntyre’s record for mentions of “old firm”?

  12. TET




    HH fella, was away watching the Arsenal there, sorry for delay.


    Yeah, I should have been more specific, the PLC did the right thing in terms of, managerial recruitment, when they were greeted with 30,000 empty seats, that was my point.



  13. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    minty’s hanging around like an old smell or a dodgy rené and renato single you bought years ago beautifully unaware he fupped rangers over through incompetence

  14. KEVJUNGLE. kev dont watch the arsenal, i live down in englandshire, i would not watch an english team if they were playing in my back garden, keep it lit. aff oot.




    What you mean like in the Cl and EL:)) Visit a new city meet new friends:))



    You sound like a football tourist sorry mate.



    There could well be a Euro type league coming down the pipe, did PL not mention something about that??? I’m sure we’ll be invited but that for me is a whole different evolutionary path.



    Either we fight to clean up the game here and lead by example or it doesn’t really matter anymore where we play, that coupled with the idea that if by some magic fairy dust we joined another league would seem like to me anyway that we had shat it from the huns and their cohorts, took our baw and went off to play somewhere else!!!



    I doubt many in our active support would be up for that idea.




  16. BIG PACKY,



    Oh you are obviously a sophisticated lot out in the boondocks that is Glenboig. Lol.



    KTF. Hope you are still smiling on Sunday evening.




  17. Starry Plough


    Aye it’s no the best but a few more bob and it would get better :-)


    Listen, I would do virtually anything to get the ef out of the corrupt shithole we presently play in, more specific, I would rather we stayed but unless there is a level playing field…you know the rest, so Ireland for me is a far, far better option that we presently have, they would welcome us with open arms, I know it’s never gonna happen, but I am allowed to dream :-)








    I knew what you meant, we both know it’s no gonna happen, they have seen to that for the time being, aye if we start losing leagues to thems it will hasten it, but that’s a ways away from what I can see, back to my point, what is the point.



  18. PARKHEADCUMSALFORD, maybe a couple of hail marys, might help on sunday, but on paper we should be allright.ktf.

  19. Mahe the Madman on




    Either we fight to clean up the game here and lead by example or it doesn’t really matter anymore where we play, that coupled with the idea that if by some magic fairy dust we joined another league would seem like to me anyway that we had shat it from the huns and their cohorts, took our baw and went off to play somewhere else!!



    Sorry can’t agree,,,walking into a better clean league smiling while having our integrity intact would my dream come true. The Scottish game would soon go to crap while we move onwards and upwards.


    Now that would revenge our children would laugh at.



    Hail Hail

  20. fairhill bhoy on

    VFR-Articulate Your Own Arguments?well done you on those big smart arse sentences:-)))

  21. eddieinkirkmichael on




    I remember prior to the CVA being rejectedMark Hateley in his column in the Record stated, in defence of Minty, without the use of off shore trusts Rangers fans would never have seen the likes of Gascoign, Stevens, Wilkins etc. In the online comments section ppl began to point out that these players weren’t part of DOS/EBT scheme. The online version was then pulled, not sure if that article ever made it to print.

  22. Just a bit of curiosity,will flicking through the 3 Europa Games,in Hd,the only one that looks completely H D,is the E S P N BT Sport’s Channel,the other 3 look more of a S D pictures,has anybody ever noticed that before,me personally think it’s another con




    A clean league in football, I admire yer optimism man:))



    It’s not that long ago that squeaky clean Switzerland was rocked by a betting and bribing scandal, some of the top league clubs were involved if I remember rightly! Many rumours here about the Albanian mafia running things behind the scenes, owning players etc etc…



    “The Spanish football federation said Wednesday it is investigating match-fixing claims involving seven lower-tier players, and Swiss prosecutors say they are investigating five clubs in their country as part of European soccer’s biggest corruption scandal.



    The RFEF in Spain said it was investigating after being alerted by UEFA authorities.



    The league will also look into Las Palmas’s 0-0 draw with Rayo Vallecano in the Segunda Division last season.



    Of the seven players, only goalkeeper Javier Lopez is playing top-flight football, with Real Zaragoza.



    The other players are: Francisco Suarez (Gramenet), Mario Gomez (Alcorcon), Juan Carlos Ceballos (Cordoba), Raul Lucha Hurtado (Amposta), Francisco Medina Luna (Rayo) and Javier Monteys (Gramenet).



    Players could be banned for life or fined if guilty. Clubs could have points deducted, face relegation or also be fined up to the equivalent of $47,366 Cdn.



    Jeannette Balmer, a spokeswoman for the federal prosecutor’s office in Switzerland, says Swiss second-tier clubs FC Thun, Gossau, Wil 1900 and Schaffhausen, along with third-tier Fribourg, are under investigation.



    She said Wednesday that authorities are examining the second leg of the 2008-09 season and the first leg of the 2009-2010 season, she said.



    The Swiss football federation says a total of 17 league games and two test games were affected.



    Switzerland is one of nine countries named in European soccer’s biggest corruption scandal uncovered in a German-led betting scam probe.”



    We agree to differ my friend!

  24. I would like to see my club Celtic,play in another league,but I think it would never happen,too many clubs depend on Celtic ,for the revenue that it provides,and if it ever happened,that Celtic vSevco,were banned from playing one another,then ,I’m afraid wee could shut up shop,which would be a disastar.

  25. What is the Stars on

    Forget about all the infighting.


    Its pointless.


    Its only football after all and Celtic is a business. The People who run the business will operate it in what they deem to be the best possible way. Mainly to maximise income (which isn’t necessarily a bad idea as successful football clubs generate more income than unsuccessful ones).


    However whether we like to accept it or not Celtic are not a charitable organisation (although in fairness they do make some effort) and neither are they The Peoples Front of Judea or any of its splinter groups. So they (The Board/PLC/Celtic ) will not share the broadly left wing views of supporters.


    Some supporters make their own idealistic gestures (not going to away grounds or cup games etc) and good luck to them for sticking to their principles but ultimately only one thing matters. Success on the pitch.


    Anyway enough rambling from me


    Carthago Delenda Est

  26. fairhill bhoy on

    Kevjungle-your constant slagging off Celtic makes it hard to side with you:-))say something nice ya mady:-)))

  27. TET




    ; HH



    Hoops are on, Arena Sports 3.


    for emdy that’s interested.



  28. Some fantastic posts on here today, Bigman, couldn’t agree more, you make some salient points to have us pondering over, as do KevJungle and Exiled Tim

  29. Just watching the useless refs behind the goal at the Marseille game.



    That’s the first time I have seen it so close that they clearly decide SFA.